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  1. Point 9 and 13 contradict,,, idk what your want. but im agree point 16
  2. Ok...can you remove close window by tapping background when at arena shop, cc shop (guild marchant) or other npc..
  3. because here is to exchange ideas.
  4. For more fun. and here places a new item with new set bonus.
  5. For get ticket you need party going heroic or mythic dungeon. Im sure this will encourage players to have better character.
  6. Every event have special item like hellowen with item steal healt and stun bonus, snow with rage dmg and resistance bonus and spring with attack strenght.
  7. Ticket solo dungeon is like ticket arena, when you use ticket solo dungeon you will enter other dimension solo dungeon anytime. so we don't have to wait for the spring event to play solo dungeon. 1. where to get ticket solo dungeon ? You can get drop from heroic or mythic dungeon like tower, garden, tarmitary, tree, techno or nadir dungeon. Not sold at miracle coin shop. 2. Ticket solo dungeon with parameters: Receiving 3. Solo dungeon depends on the level player (like arena) 4. Possible drop: Heroic equipment with new set bunus, weapon, relic, craft resources, comsumable item, precious ingots, minion and costume. (Depend on GM) 5. Drop with parameters: equipping i hope many spamer heroic or mythic dungeon for find ticket solo dungeon because solo dungeon have powerfull equipment and more fun. Thank.
  8. What happens if costume exceeds 34-45 x 24 pixels?
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