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  1. (Reservas secretas rework) Quando a vida do cavaleiro da morte é reduzida a um nível crítico a regeneração de vida almenta por alguns instantes. Quando essa habilidade passiva ativar a regeneração de vida NÃO MUDA MESMO estando em BATALHA ! Ficando assim *o mesmo parâmetro* de REGENERAÇÃO dentro ou fora de combate apenas por alguns segundos! Exemplo: o parâmetro regenerar não abaixa por alguns segundos mesmo estando em batalha, depois que o efeito passar o parâmetro abaixa se ainda estiver em batalha. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 (Esfera sombria remake [Warlock] ) O bruxo d
  2. I would like to suggest a rework on either of the 2 skills mentioned below: 1. Saturation: It would be better to reduce it's health consumption rate. Basically, Dark Knight players without a good amount of steal health can't gain enough health to tackle it's side effects. Imagine a player with bare amount of gold uses this skill as a hope to farm and earn some gold. Not only them, all dark Knights will become much more reliable without having them to have +10 equips. I mean, why not? If a medium amped warden can do it, why can't we? On to the next one, as I
  3. Hello guys,as a pally player,i had study banner 4/4 and call1/4,and going to study third expert skill and level up one. I found illuminate's dmg higher than call by comparing to other pally,and it shorter CD.It seems its pretty good dmg skill for mdmg pally but it describe it would taunt surround mobs,for what i think i may killed in dg and lab. So pls tell me your feeling when use illuminate,should i level it up?i dont want level a skill couldn't use in some major situation. And which suggested for fourth expert skill? Thanks everyone!
  4. as lv 32 came i tougth that would be good that each class will be able to learn at lv30 new expert skills with outstanding power and able to totaly change the way we imagine pvp and pve, these books would be avaible at the usual trainers for 60k gold each Mountain clans barbarian: unstoppable rage the skill is a passive wich is focused on buffing the "rage" effect, it will increase its duration and give extra effects on it while developing the skill time increase: 2-3-4-5 seconds increase on attack: 1-1.5-2-2.5% extra (it means if the skill is developed at 4/4
  5. whatson


    Alguem ai sabe me dizer o que são as habilidades do lacaio rato branco ??
  6. The half of ranger skills is really useless comparing it by another classes such as hunter or any class have a look please 1-"scatter shot" : it is really useless.if the enemy stay near the wall it wont work ! . why not to make it like the"fear" skill or shaman skill .Also the range of this skill is really sick ! Its range must be 5 like any long-range class! (Useless skill) 2-"Ranger Blessing" : if this skill is 5/5 it is rarelly to double your shot (every 10 shot u can double once) i think you need to make it 100/5 to work well , it is useless to waste your ski
  7. Warspear is a very good game but aigrind is taking the issue of Well (Sentinels / Elves) and Evil (Legion / Mcs) to be a balanced game, but it seems that the balance is thought more for the Elf side and believe this weight just helps them! I do not believe I'm going to give you 10 reasons why this topic 1 ° if you ask in the servers what class nerfada the answer is only one ROGUES. 2 - Do you know the best heal of the game? Good is an Elf, DRUIDA has a skill that in mine is in the opinion of many is the best cure of the game The "secret link" Heals in a matter of seconds and heals pr
  8. As we all know today we can say that it is one, but the weakest skill of the druids, since comparing with the current power levels of the game the damage it causes (600 to +4) and the little resistance and durability that it presents to the not even exceeding 2 thousand HP we can not even consider it as a distraction for the PVE because instead of helping us, the summon, due we can not control it at all the minion can end up attacking and attracting more than we can handle and for the PVP since most characters can eliminate it in just 1 sec. This was just a small analysis of why you s
  9. Good day to y'all, I like crafting but i hate it that it is so bad organized. Here are some tips to make crafter funner and user friendlier: - When crafting resources let people choose the item they want to craft and How many times they want to craft it. This way the player doesnt have to scroll everytime down to craft the same thing (for example) 5 times. So something like this: When you click on the item u want to craft a button appears that says: "How many times u want to craft this X" - And u choose how many u want to craft of X item.
  10. Hey master, I'm apologize to say but I think the new expert skill (Blood Protection) for Death Knight need an improvement. I'm a DK for almost 8 years, I never feel enough tanky to tank with our skills. Let's say Exhalation of Darkness or Threads of Darkness, what's the function of those skill exactly? People could avoid Exhalation of Darkness because it takes long time to cast, and bosses could resist Exha and Threads of Darkness. Meanwhile, our expert skills are also weak. Death Call need high magic damage to deal some decent damage. Steel Hurricane works if enemies are ne
  11. 😃😃😃😃I have a question about the poisonous shield skill, my question is why in the skill description does it affect a maximum of 3 allies (6 if 4/4) when in fact it only heals the person to which the shield is applied?
  12. Não sei se pode me responder isso kk más mesmo assim vou perguntar qual skill de especialista amplificada no 4/4 ambas "iluminação" e "golpe repelente" usada com o selo do sol da mais cura
  13. Hello everyone, welcome to my topic. Here is a small list of suggestions I have in mind and hope they would make this game more colourful and easier to play. So lets get started!! I think we all remember that during festive events, the range attacks of casters change colour and animation. I think this should be permanent with an mcoin item that adds a specific animation on the basic hits and colour. It could be two items if needed (one for colour and one for animation) Also, I think it will be a good idea for all range attacks to be able to be "edited" in our liking. Not onl
  14. I want to build PVE pala that is good for lab, dg, all that good stuff. I want some advice on what experts to choose and which ones to lvl up to 4/4. I would like to have a full life steal Pala with [Magic Dmg] One Handed Mace + Shield and probably a lot of def. (Wanna hv as much M Power as i can get) https://ws-db.ru/calculator#23524 Consider the following build
  15. Hi all, I started to play seeker and i find this class very interesting to play. Nevertheless there are some issues i would like to discuss. I have the feeling like there are really more wardens than seekers, and i somehow understand that ppl don't lvl it up. 1) The mechanisms of this class are great. Very fun to have a class relying on auto-attacks. 2) But there's something quite annoying. Pene buff, critical buff, shield are good (i love shield cuz ofc it's very strong, but also tricky since u need to take dmg to deal more), but wtf u did with
  16. Я — заклинатель. И как всем известно существа, которых заклинатели призывают, имеют фиолетовые оттенки. Мне хотелось бы иметь костюм и оболочки на оружие аналогичных цветов, однако пока я таковых не имею... Но речь сейчас не об этом. Я подумал: «Как было бы прекрасно, если бы ув.разработчики добавили возможность сменить внешний облик моих питомцев на другой. К примеру сделать пса огненым, или ворона поменять на орла». И тут мне в голову пришла идея, которая возможно приходила и к другим пользователям, однако я всё таки её выражу. Вся идея состоит в том, чтобы добав
  17. Hello, i have a problem concerning add skills. If i click + window with shop will open and it want for me to buy relics. I can not upgrade skills without buying these relics. What could I do, if i want to upgrade skills?
  18. Tenho essa duvida a um tempo e ninguém dentro do jogo soube me responder..e agora preciso mudar a build pvp pro pve e preciso mudar alguns skills.. Será se da de substituir uma skill por outra?
  19. cuanto % da la habilidad de elusion de bd a lv 5 ? es la misma q la del ranger o es diferente?
  20. The half of ranger skills is really useless comparing it by another classes such as hunter or any class have a look please 1-"scatter shot" : it is really useless.if the enemy stay near the wall it wont work ! . why not to make it like the"fear" skill or shaman skill .Also the range of this skill is really sick ! Its range must be 5 like any long-range class! (Useless skill) 2-"Ranger Blessing" : if this skill is 5/5 it is rarelly to double your shot (every 10 shot u can double once) i think you need to make it 100/5 to work well , it is useless to
  21. ~Point shooting, Ranger gains damage and accuracy while sacrificing ability to move. Make this an energy draining skill, and removing the movement limit. How can rangers use this if they have no tanking skills? ~Bitterness, something has to be done with skill. Either remove the fact that getting hit removes a stack, or give better buffs like crit and dmg aside from attack speed. ~Explosive trap, let this also stop enemy movement and rooting him on the spot, also disabling movement skills. The damage this skill deals also needs a buff. ~Hunters trap
  22. Seeing how far the game has gone with the PvP and PvE system where the developers have added unique stats for each category which affects performance dramatically if you were to use certain equipment with these stats for PvP or PvE (Ferocit & Resilience) and with all the experts skills in the game which are both good and bad on certain categories if you were to study them. I think it's about time that you allow players to have multiple sets of skill builds, most likely 2 possible skill builds, which you can switch between any time you want. This would vastly increase the limitati
  23. Hey there! So I've been playing Warden since the release and now I'm at lvl22, and I think it was enough to figure out what it needed as the two remaining expert skills from my own point of view, might as well brainstorm some ideas, maybe it'd help to inspire devs in a way or another to create the new skills (If not done yet). First I'm gonna start with giving a general opinion about the class and its possible roles and aspects in the game. First of all, Warden is tanky af. According to the green bar that appears at the beginning of the process of making a new character, it
  24. Hey guys, today I want to discuss the improvement of some base skills. Some skills effects are not very useful and this is less common in the newly added characters. I have come up with an improvment of one skill for each character (some did not have any skills which needed improvement so I just suggested an upgrade to one of them). Paladin Light aura has a small shielding effect on the paladin, increasing physical and magical defense by a small amount (10-20 units) Mage Sun armour has a 2% chance of rebounding attacks to the opponent Priest
  25. why this ability increases the damage dealt against the character.. 2/4 25% ????
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