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  1. For everyone that understand this. Do you know how to teamwork as much as possible. There will be a whole army running with you and as soon as you get to the area. Only 5% out of the army is actively working there asses off to pass the event. Whether war or just time trial event. These players aren't afk, they aee sitting back watching becuase they feel as though enough of us are handling it. But we aren't cuz 40 out of 50 players are sitting back while the rest cant even hold off a full force of whatever the event is. Need a number requirement of participation for these events. I
  2. Tex


    Cam someone give statistical analysis if for each skill up on ricochet. Does the dmg increase? Does the range increase? Does the number of targets increase?
  3. I agree. Rogue is least playable nowadays. You got ppl saying rogues are tough, but shit on us everyday. Rogues under lvl 24 are badass, But above.....sucks. I wanted a stun skill like bd hamstring except the stun length wont increase during skill up, only the stun chance (since yall stay whinin rogues are strong with any buff). That frenzy skill is horrible, its almost like the skill doesnt work. At least make frenzy like excerbation or combat stance. Rogue is a nice pve class. But pass lvl 24 there is no rise. Yeah we can hit 1k dmg but whats the good if almost all classes have like 2 extra
  4. Tex

    Sinister Strike

    2/4 is 25% defense debuff and lasts about 10 seconds. 3/4 sinister strike 30% defrnse debuff and lasts about 15 seconds. 4/4 sinister strike is 35% defense debuff on target and lasts about 18- 20 seconds
  5. Tex

    Rogue Nation

    The stun skill wouldnt be OP and stealth is not OP either. Thats how you see it. The skill would be one of those skills that won't have a length change in skill progression. Only a chance rate of it being able to stun, like sharp shadow. That won't be op becuase stealth skill already have a good cool down that all rogues have to wait for.
  6. Tex

    Rogue Nation

    Rogues is the most unbroken class in this game, that is OP if used right. There was a time every one cried saying "absolute reflexes is useless". I proved it was still the best skill, maxed, after the AR nerf a few years back. I love the rogue concept. But something isn't right. After lvl 24, they become useless. The defense of rogues are a tad bit low. For all rogues raise your hand to this and agree. Can rogues have a second stun skill. Hear me (us) out. An idea came by from MC rogues from US sapphire server: Can stealth have a chanced stun affect. I mean treat it like deathknights exhaled
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