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Found 18 results

  1. Over the years, the inefficiency of the Death Knight's damage-increasing abilities has become clear. Compared to its analogue the Paladin which has the Tank/Support role, the Death Knight has increasingly been played for the Tank/DMG parameter. The first skill has the same functionality as a basic paladin skill, and the Paladin skill is even more effective as it completely immobilizes the enemy without even the need to use another skill in conjunction or self-attack. The second ability, the damage increase, becomes an obstacle rather than a support, as it further increases the waiting time for applying what really matters, the damage. Furthermore, it is much less effective than the Paladin's ability Banner, which increases the damage received by enemies in the area. The objective is to actually provide parameters that add to the Death Knight's kit and needs. The game in End Game became completely focused on group battles. However, it is very difficult to be able to use any skill with different abilities to control the enemy faction. Furthermore, DK's magic damage has been extremely nerfed over the last few updates, beyond what is necessary, as the class's main damage ability cannot be used on objectives such as thrones, pylons and flags. Blow of the Silence: Deals the "Power of silence" buff to the character for T sec. The effect increases the resistence parameter of the character by P%. An attack under the effect will also deal the "Mute" effect for R sec. to target and all opponents within a radius of 1 yards. Maximum number of player targets is Y, there is no limit on the number of monster targets. Skill level 1 2 3 4 T 5 6 7 8 P% 10% 15% 20% 25% R 2 3 4 5 Y 3 4 5 6 Energy expense 18 20 22 24 Cooldown 14 Knight's Curse: Applies the "Kiss of death" debuff to the opponent for T seconds.The effect deals magical damage in the amount of P% of the magical power of the character every 1,5 sec. A cursed zone is formed near the enemy for 15 sec. All opponents in the zone receive magical damage in the amount of D% of the character's magical power every 1.5 sec. Maximum number of player targets - Y, number of monster targets - X. Skill level 1 2 3 4 T 1,5 3 4,5 6 P% 10% 15% 20% 25% D% 65% 75% 85% 95% Y 3 4 5 6 X 8 10 12 14 Energy expense 24 26 28 30 Cooldown 30 Usage range 4 yards
  2. does anyone know why on the RU-Amber server there are so many physical death knights? Now with these new talents coming out I'm undecided on which build I'm going to do - On the one hand we have the physical dk that will take advantage of the dark fortress path that is tank. for pve it will be great. I don't use reserves, but the protection will get even better. in PvP, I use reserves and blood protection and then I will use 100% of the branch. On my server Br-toumaline, there are almost no physical death knights. Based on that, I don't know if I use the physical build that I will take advantage of 100% of the branch in PvP, or if I build a shield and magic mace, in which case I would have to take points from reserves or from blood protection, but I would get damage more damage, since in this case I would use the knight's curse. I'm in this doubt, I wanted someone to help me, thinking more about the arena now, I don't know if it would be worth investing in damage, since it seems that the damage of the other classes will increase. I don't know why on Amber there are so many physical death knights and on my server there are almost none. which one would be better?
  3. This is not a post for me to point out what's wrong, but for you, Death Knight player, to do it. Say what you think that could improve/change in your own class. Remember that some changes to the class started with player suggestions, like Saturation not spending HP anymore or a buff to Secret Reserves.
  4. 2023 is right around the corner, and with it, the next map: Almahad! For the ones who don't know what i'm talking about, i suggest you to read this: [2022.07.29] In developing: Almahad, the Isle of Chainless League. Part I Before it released, there was the release of two new classes, and probably the last ones: the Beastmaster and the Reaper. This post is based on the hypothesis that in the same update that will introduce Almahad, the maximum level will increase, and maybe we would get new Expert Skills. So my question is: What do you think that the Death Knight needs or what do you think we will get?
  5. Undead Warhorse dk summons an undead warhorse. The undead warhorse will continuously restore dk's blood volume and provide dk with a "lethal" buff, giving dk a chance to be immune to lethal damage. In my opinion, dk really lacks the means to restore health, and dk currently has more mixed damage, so an undead horse is a very cool idea. Dk players, let’s talk about the feasibility of my idea😆😆😆
  6. Dark March The character gets the Dark March buff, increasing movement speed, dealing physical damage to the enemies that the character passes through and leaving behind a trail of cursed fire that deals magical damage. The damage from this skill doesn't stop enemies. Skill with a constant energy consumption. Level by Level: 1/4: 2/4: 3/4: 4/4: In all levels: Animation: Dark March buff = A dark horse with a knight on the top. Since it would be too hard for develolers to adjust the character sprite in the top of the horse, during the effect, the character would be replaced by the default Death Knight Novice's costume, maybe just a bit more detailed. Cursed Fire Trail = Just... fire? Like Knight's Curse fire but purple or green so it wouldn't confuse the players.
  7. Hey master, I'm apologize to say but I think the new expert skill (Blood Protection) for Death Knight need an improvement. I'm a DK for almost 8 years, I never feel enough tanky to tank with our skills. Let's say Exhalation of Darkness or Threads of Darkness, what's the function of those skill exactly? People could avoid Exhalation of Darkness because it takes long time to cast, and bosses could resist Exha and Threads of Darkness. Meanwhile, our expert skills are also weak. Death Call need high magic damage to deal some decent damage. Steel Hurricane works if enemies are nearby the DK (1-3 yd) and sometimes with desync of the game, Steel Hurricane doesn't deal damage even if enemy looks like nearby the DK. Sharp Shadow? Secret Reserve nerf? Blow of Silence that people could have from relic? Blood Protection that only 8 secs protection and need mana to use? Saturation which spend HP too much to gain lifesteal (if you could deal damage to your enemy)? Can we compare with Warden which can heal without doing anything, without waste their mana. I'm sure other DKs want too. Thanks for your attention.
  8. Trying to choose between barb and DK and read that DK can solo a lot of pve content with hp regen or life stealing, how about barbarian? Should i just go with DK to farm?
  9. Hello guys.. first time playing this game.. kinda love how simple it is.. i tried many class, finally pick death knight due to Dark Shield design. and due to some youtube montage of death knight solo boss. i'm kinda casual player.. so i might dont have friends in-game since i might play 1 hour daily at most.. can Death Knight solo all the boss/dungeon/mobs in game? i curious to know.. looking for detailed answer :D thanks
  10. Im new to the game and im wondering if a 2 handed sword dk is worth... Does the heavy armor makes u slower? Do i focus in armor pen and crit? Any suggenstions??
  11. We killer Engineer Raid Boss in 5 Min , here is the video : I hope you enjoy
  12. Hi everyone. I tried to solo Raid Boss Kronus (2M hp) 2 days ago , here the video: I hope you like it
  13. Recently some of my friends from game suggest me to solo some new bosses so I made this video. Here I am soloing some 80k bosses and 90k bosses. I hope you enjoy the video
  14. A somewhat non game breaking suggestion regarding the secret reserve skill of dk. Upon skill activation a aoe debuff occurs along with the hp regen so as to provide a little safety net for the death knight since he/she is almost already dead. I have had several ideas in mind for the debuff here are some of them... Mind that these are already skills in game (my main objective is just to secure the dk a bit once secret reserve is active because the defence increase is quite insignificant because of the dmg reduction % ) -> Aoe nightmare (forest song) -> Aoe damage reduction (roar) -> Hp lock (no dmg can be taken in these 1-4 seconds *might seem op so don't mind this one if it is so*) -> Aoe mob dps decrease -> Aoe position lock (druid root pool) If anyone wants to add any more suggestions or argue with the fact that reserve is good enough as it is (no it isnt i die before the regen ticks once) please do so, i hope Daria notices the post, thanks.
  15. I tried to do kronus dg solo in this event week and tried my luck. Here is the video : I hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/oS0azhncsGg
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