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  1. ok im gonna bite the bullet and buy some coins and start my deathknight Krell (i cant believe that name wasnt taken) just gonna grab the inventory space while its on sale. Anything i should save my coins for? I like to consider myself a "dolphin" kind of f2p gamer.
  2. Problem i always run into is finding english speaking people to party with so i'd just end up doing everything solo and that made bosses/dungeons hard. DK sounds like hes better for that road. Which for pvp though? And BD are still that op after all this time ? elf loving devs >: /
  3. Kind of paralyzed by choice between DK or Barb, can either still tank with a 2h weapon? DK better for solo? Can either one be tanky and still pvp?
  4. Coming back to this, any preference on weapons? it seems axe over mace but 2h or shield/axe for pvp/pve ? Need shield to solo dungeons?
  5. Gotta give evil side a "sexy" race, maybe succubus yeah? worked for WoW. Human and elf two most popular races in fantasy in every mmo, was big mistake to set teams like this. Maybe delete elf and replace with something more unique? Like another human
  6. So at what level should i stop to farm gold/equipment for a bit? I see the arena bracket for me is 11-14 so maybe 14? When do daily's start and is it the same items every day or do they shuffle, because im told i should farm and sell those loots on auction. I feel like i should first focus on PvE rather than PvP so would need which crystals/runes ideally? What dungeons are the best to farm? I havnt been able to do most of the dungeon/boss quests in the newbie zone because nobody around to party for those, hoping to farm equips until im able to solo some of them
  7. So i already got 5/5 on my power attack, should i take the War cry for PvE and its useful in pvp too? also i heard people stop leveling at 13 to farm for a bit, why is that? Sounds like something i'd do
  8. Trying to choose between barb and DK and read that DK can solo a lot of pve content with hp regen or life stealing, how about barbarian? Should i just go with DK to farm?
  9. Starting with barbarian but can play other classes if Guild has class demands, interest in the game will heavily depend on finding a guild. World chat has not been very effective at this so far.
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