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  1. I've never been a mermen, but I've never seen a tank go without a healer, no, the mermen set is really strong, but I imagine that not all tanks can go without a healer, on the legion side maybe the barbarian can, but most don't it can, death knights for example need healers, I don't know in the elves, but maybe the paladin actually replaces the healers, but then the change should be in the paladin.
  2. in my view, the only 100% effective solution is to remove vampirism from the game, but it would be unfair to those who spent a lot investing in it, so just reducing the effectiveness in Bosses will help a lot, maybe increasing the damage of the bosses will increase the effectiveness of this change. maybe increasing the damage of the bosses will increase the effectiveness of this change.
  3. So, but then they will die, as with the 50% damage debuff it will heal almost nothing, and damager classes are more likely to take critical damage.
  4. As the game releases new items and resources, we see more and more tanks and healers losing space in groups, as currently the damager classes have become very self-sufficient with the "Steal life" parameter. Tanks and healers are not independent, as tanks don't deal much damage and healers don't take high amounts of damage and don't deal much damage, but damagers can do all three functions, they deal damage, heal themselves with life stealing, making them withstand a lot of damage, the game has reached a point where a damager class only needs 20% vampirism and critical to make all the game content alone. I suggest that bosses apply a damage reduction debuff to the target they are focusing on, the debuff would reduce 50% of the physical and magic damage of the target being attacked by the boss. This change will prevent damagers from being totally independent, because if they do less damage, they heal less, so they won't take much damage, it will give more opportunities for healers and tanks, after all, the game is to be played as a team, it doesn't make sense that a class type has this privilege that others don't (deal damage, take damage, and heal). In addition, they would still be somewhat more independent because this change would only be in the bosses (monsters with the red crown and above) the other monsters would continue the same way. I hope you understand the side of the healers and tanks, who are slowly losing ground. Sorry for any mistakes, I used the translator. - AntraxXL
  5. Faltou só adicionarem mais uma página de habilidades, pois não dá para explorar todo o potencial das classes se nós temos que mesclar build PvP com PvE.
  6. My current build: I've been playing warspear for a little while, for some reason I fell in love with the death knight class, when I started playing the magic damage build was high, and as I was starting, I followed this wave, but as I progressed level, I saw that I was only called to the groups as a tank, and since I was a magic damage build, I wasn't a good tank. When I changed my build I put the one I showed, I liked the immediate result I had, especially the blood protection skill, which allowed me to tank in mythical three with only 6k defense and almost no parry and blocking, her problem is that it only lasts 8s, but I am very grateful to her. The taunt skills are at the maximum, minus the new skill as I'm at level 31, but I never had any problems with mobs and bosses turning on my supports and damagers I don't like the hate aura, at first I thought it was very good, but now I don't like it anymore, because the dark shield doesn't benefit from the defense boost and I don't raise damage skill, so it only serves to increase my robustness. I'm thinking instead of leveling the aura of hate, I buy and level secret reserves, here's my dk: I plan to put sea rings with hp regen and sea necklace with mana and hp regen, and I will enchant with health regen, I would get 186 health regen, how much health would I heal with secret reserves 4 /4? I don't have gold for vampirism gear, much less for 32 mermen gear, so blood protection + secret reserves would handle holding damage? I don't go to dungeons much, I was just an easy coliseum, a hard berengar tower, a hard corrupt garden, a hard termite mound and a mythical tree of the seasons, sea I know I can't because I still don't have lasting defense, but how far can I go in technopolis and coliseum? Sorry if there are any errors, I used the translator
  7. The game itself doesn't have much content to bring many videos, content creators depend on the company to bring new stuff for them to record, and as I said, some class will always stand out, it's easier to get in balance by updating more often, take it the example dk, did these last buffs change anything? Many Youtubers are getting discouraged from recording warspear, at least here in Brazil.
  8. I meant balancing and bug fixing
  9. I want to make this post to give suggestions for the game, but it can end up being a vent depending on your point of view. Firstly, Warspear is a very good game and has the potential to be the best. Warspear currently, for me, lost its fun, when I was low level, it was more fun, because I was learning about the game and leveling up, that is, I was active in the game, but when I got level 32, it turned the tables, no I have more because I level up, I'm already at the maximum level, in the beginning I did the dones and tw, now I stopped with the dones because it takes a long time and it's a lot of stress, that is, there's only the tws left, which I'm already sick of too, so I wanted to play some ideas here (in general, will be for PvE, as I don't like PvP or GvG. - New ways to farm gold: At level 18 - 20, we could farm wisps and suck goat, but at lvl 32, there isn't something like ff, area to farm gold, so I could start there, it gives players more courage to play and the lows level up and get out of the wildfire, in addition to helping free players and moving the economy in the game. - Daily and Weekly Challenges: Firstly, the pass was something great for the game, players were more active to complete challenges and earn rewards, they could do it without festive events, not a clear pass, but daily and weekly challenges, you would do the missions and accumulate points until you had enough to collect the weekly chest (it would give 10k-20k gold + 1 random reward, 50% potions, minion, seals, stamina pot, relics, oblivion book and etc, even a costume who knows, things like that are not absurd, but it would be worth the effort) It would give players a reason to log in every day, I particularly like that. - Better rewards in Quests: Map 3, without a doubt, is the best it has, because in addition to being more challenging, you can get good rewards with the card system, they could put this system in the quests of maps 2 and 4 (Daria 1 of these: regular crystals and runes, grey, blue and purple equipment, bars, scrolls and potions, spheres, seals, etc.) Incentive for players to donate daily quests, and can increase the gold for each quest as well, because it's sad to amount, the gold you get from quests (map 2 and t1 and t2 of map 4) you spend almost everything buying the repair. - New Events: Add new events, would have some theme, (Ex: Demons), would have npcs that would give missions around this theme that would give extra gold per mission and reputation with these npcs, which could be exchanged for buffs, reputation, bars, xp, corindom, etc. - Update patches: Increase the number of balancing updates and bug fixes per year, it could be monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, in my opinion, it should have at least 3 balancing per year, because once a year is a long time and it would be fairer for both factions, there is no way to have 100% balance, but there is a way to make the game fairer and better (with less bugs, especially the visuals). - Tw end-game: That's not my idea, it was Arthas's, I'll summarize it here, for more details just go to his post, there would be npcs and they would give you quests, if you complete them you would gain reputation and exchange for a pass to tw, the tw would be divided into floors and each floor would have a theme, after a few floors reached would have a challenging raid boss with puzzles for the team to solve and overcome it. Honestly, great idea, I recommend that you look at his post, adding, they could still add new floors over time, so as not to become something repetitive. - Raid Boss: Currently, most players do not give value to raid Boss, because even if you join the entire faction, only the group that caused the most damage will gain something, discouraging the rest, they could give a participation prize to everyone in the boss area, my suggestion is that it be a chest with: Reputation, 5 - 10k gold, lackey and some buff. I imagine it would motivate players to pay more attention to raid bosses. Also, they could set a fixed time for the raid bosses we have, if I'm not mistaken 3 raid bosses, there would be one in each turn (1 in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night) if there are 4 bosses it would be: 1 for morning, 2 in the afternoon and 1 at night, so everyone could participate in a raid boss and it wouldn't be at dawn either. - New alliance events: While not in festive events, you could put some kind of alliance battle, there would be a unique location for the event and it would be 2x a week, the battle would change every year, an example, Alliance castle: Every alliance would have their castle, the objective would be to destroy the throne, before that, they would have to destroy the wall, which would have a buff of damage reduction and high life, then the gate, which would have 200k life and no buff, and the guardian of the castle, which would deal damage and debuff in area, after all that, it would be the throne. The winning faction would have a buff that would let you enter any tw for free for 1h, the losing faction would have half the duration of the buff. It's just an idea that I had an algorithm, but it could be another kind of competition, but the buffs I think I could keep. - Alliance War: while it is in wartime, all active guild skills will be disabled (except guild xp and ap), but the war would have a commanding group, this group that would receive the alliance skills, which would only work at wartime, they would be: Alliance Blessing, Alliance Invisibility, Alliance Sponsorship and Alliance Globe, similar to guild abilities but would work for everyone in the alliance who are in the location of who used the skill, to define the group command would be through a vote that would take place every Sunday, the group would have a leader and that leader must be a lvl 10+ guild owner, he would enroll members of his guild to be part of the commanding group, he can only have 1 group per guild, players of each alliance will be able to vote for the group that they think is most suitable to lead the alliance in the war, to vote, the character must be lvl 18+, the group that wins will have the name highlighted with a different color in the perso nage and in the chat, for everyone to know who will be the commanders who will lead the alliance. I thought of this format because faction warfare would be more fun if there wasn't the guild's union skill and everyone in the guild had a chance to attack, because just defending in war is pretty boring and cloying. Also, the losing alliance would receive half of the buffs of the winner, it would be more like a consolation prize. - PvP Tournaments: They could add an arena mode that would be a bit like a moba, it would be 5v5 and players must destroy the enemy towers and destroy the main tower to win. - You could also consider a battle royal tournament, this tournament would have 20 players on a map, for the player to select this mode, he must be paired with another player, it would be 20 players, 10 teams of 2 players. It would have a maximum duration of 7 minutes and every 2 minutes part of the map would be covered by a fog that would be similar to the poisoning of t3 when some elf invades the mc side and vice versa. - Finally, they could add a 1v1 PvP tournament. OBS: I used the Br - Tourmaline server as a reference These were parts of my ideas, if I were going to talk about them all here, it would end only tomorrow, I ask everyone to comment what they think and if you have better ideas, the game needs to move players, currently, the game from lvl 32 is very boring , the PvE part at least, I ask the admins to read and comment what they thought of the ideas, obviously it's not fully detailed, and Aigrind would have to make some adjustments, I know it's not possible to apply all my ideas, but at least take some into account or use as a basis for other ideas, if you ask any player for suggestions for the game, other than nerf or buff, I'm sure there would be a lot of ideas. Sorry if there is any error, I don't speak English and I used the translator - AntraxXL
  10. Eu quero fazer esse post para dar sugestões para o jogo, mas pode acabar sendo um desabafo dependendo do ponto de vista. Primeiramente, o Warspear é um jogo muito bom e tem potencial para ser o melhor. O warspear atualmente, para mim, perdeu a graça, quando eu era low level, era mais divertido, pois eu estava aprendendo sobre o jogo e upando, ou seja, estava ativo no jogo, mas quando peguei nível 32, virou a mesa, não tenho mais porque upar, ja estou nível máximo, no início eu fazia os dones e tw, agora parei com os dones porque demora muito e é muito estresse, ou seja, só sobrou as tw, que já estou enjoando também, então eu queria jogar algumas ideias aqui(no geral, serão para PvE, pois não gosto de PvP nem GvG. - Novos modos de farmar ouro: No nível 18 - 20, podíamos farmar fogo-fátuo e chupa cabra, mas no lvl 32, não tem algo parecido com o ff, área para farmar ouro, então poderia começar por aí, dá mais ânimo para os players jogarem e os lows uparem e saírem do fogo-fátuo, além de ajudar os free players e movimentar a economia no jogo. - Desafios Diários e Semanais: Primeiramente, o passe foi algo genial para o jogo, os players ficavam mais ativos para completar os desafios e ganhar recompensas, poderiam fazer isso sem ser em eventos festivos, não um passe claro, mas desafios diários e semanais, você iria fazer as missões e acumular pontos até ter o suficiente para coletar o baú semanal( daria 10k-20k gold + 1 recompensa aleatória, poções 50%, ,lacaio, selos, pote de estamina, relíquias, book esquecimento e etc, até mesmo um traje quem sabe, coisas assim que não são absurdas, mas que valeria a pena o esforço) Daria motivo para os players logarem todos os dias, eu particularmente gosto disso. - Recompensas melhores nas Quests: O mapa 3, sem dúvidas, é o melhor que tem, pois além de ser mais desafiador, você pode conseguir boas recompensas com o sistema das cartas, poderiam colocar esse sistema nas quests do mapa 2 e 4 (Daria 1 desses: cristais e runas normais, equipamento cinza, azul e roxo, barras, pergaminhos e poções, esferas, selos, etc) Incentivo para os players donarem as quests diárias, e podem aumentar o gold de cada quest também, porque é triste a quantidade, o gold que você pega das quests (mapa 2 e t1 e t2 do mapa 4) você gasta quase tudo comprando o reparo. - Novos Eventos: Adicionar novos eventos, teria alguma temática, ( Ex: Demônios), teria npcs que dariam missões em volta dessa temática que daria um gold a mais por missão e reputação com esses npcs, que poderiam ser trocadas por buffs, reputação, barras, xp, corindom,etc. - Patchs de atualização: Aumentar o número de atualizações de balanceamento e correções de bugs por ano, poderia ser mensal, bimestral ou trimestral, na minha opinião, deveria ter no mínimo, 3 balanceamentos por ano, pois 1 vez por ano é muito tempo e seria mais justo para ambas as facções, não tem como ter 100% de balanceamento, mas tem como deixar o jogo mais justo e melhor ( com menos bugs, principalmente o visual). - Tw end-game: Essa ideia não é minha, foi do Arthas, vou resumir aqui, para mais detalhes só ir no post dele, teria npcs e eles te dariam quests, você completando elas ganharia reputação e trocaria por um passe para tw, a tw seria dividida em andares e cada andar teria uma temática, depois de alguns andares alcançados teria um Boss de raid desafiador e com puzzles para a equipe resolver e superá-lo. Sinceramente, ideia genial, recomendo que olhem o post dele,acrescentando, ainda poderiam ao decorrer do tempo irem adicionando novos andares, para não virar algo repetitivo. - Boss de Raid: Atualmente, a maioria dos players não dão valor para os Boss de raid, pois mesmo que junte a facção inteira, apenas o grupo que causou maior dano vai ganhar algo, desanimando o restante, poderiam dar um prêmio de participação para todos que estiverem na área do boss, minha sugestão é que seja um baú com: Reputação, 5 - 10k de gold, lacaio e algum buff. Imagino que daria uma motivação para os players darem mais atenção para os boss de raid. Além disso, poderiam pôr um horário fixo para os boss de raid temos, se não me engano 3 boss de raid, teria um em cada turno( 1 pela manhã, um pela tarde e um pela noite) se forem 4 boss seria: 1 pela manhã, 2 pela tarde e 1 pela noite, assim todos poderiam participar de algum boss de raid e também não seria na madrugada. - Novos eventos de alianças: Enquanto não estiver em eventos festivos, poderia colocar algum tipo de batalha de alianças, teria um local só para o evento e seria 2x na semana, a batalha mudaria a cada ano, um exemplo, Castelo das alianças: Cada aliança teria seu castelo, o objetivo seria destruir o trono, antes disso, teriam que destruir a muralha, que teria um buff de redução de dano e vida alta, depois o portão, que teria 200k de vida e sem nenhum buff, e o guardião do castelo, que daria dano e debuff em área, depois disso tudo, seria o trono. A facção que vencer teria um buff que deixaria entrar em qualquer tw de graça por 1h, a facção que perder teria metade da duração do buff. È só uma ideia que eu tive algora, mas pode ser outro tipo de competição, mas os buffs eu acho que poderia manter. - Guerra de alianças: enquanto estiver no horário da guerra, todas as skills ativas de guilda serão desativadas( menos o xp e ap da guilda), mas a guerra teria um grupo comandante, esse grupo que receberia as skills de aliança, que funcionariam apenas na hora da guerra, seriam elas: Benção da aliança, Invisibilidade da aliança, patrocínio da aliança e globo da aliança, semelhante as habilidades da guilda só que funcionaria para todos da aliança que estiverem no local de quem usou a habilidade, para definir o grupo de comando seria através de uma votação que ocorreria todo domingo, o grupo teria um líder e esse líder deve ser dono de uma guilda lvl 10+, ele iria inscrever membros de sua guilda para fazer parte do grupo comandante, só pode ter 1 grupo por guilda,os jogadores de cada aliança poderão votar no grupo que acharem mais adequado para liderarem a aliança na guerra, para votar, o personagem deve ser lvl 18+, o grupo que ganhar terá o nome destacado com uma cor diferente no personagem e no chat, para todos saberem quem serão os comandantes que liderarão a aliança. Pensei nesse formato pois a guerra de facções teria mais graça se não houvesse a habilidade união da guilda e todos da aliança tiverem a chance de atacar, pois apenas defender na guerra é bem chato e enjoativo. E também, a aliança perdedora receberia metade dos buffs da vencedora, seria mais como um prêmio de consolação. - Torneios PvP: Poderiam adicionar um modo da arena que seria meio que um moba, seria 5x5 e os jogadores devem destruir as torres inimigas e destruir a torre principal para vencer. Poderiam considerar também um torneio battle royal, esse torneio teria 20 jogadores em um mapa, para o player selecionar esse modo,ele deve estar duo com outro player, seriam 20 jogadores, 10 equipes de 2 players. Teria 7 minutos de duração máxima e a cada 2 minutos parte do mapa seria coberto por uma névoa que seria semelhante ao envenenamento da t3 quando algum elfo invade lado mc e vice-versa. Para finalizar, poderiam adicionar um torneio PvP 1x1. Essas foram partes das minhas ideias, seu eu fosse falar todas aqui, acabaria só amanhã, peço que todos comentem o que acharam e se tem ideias melhores, o jogo precisa movimentar os players, atualmente, o jogo a partir do lvl 32 fica muito chato, a parte PvE pelo menos, peço aos adms que leiam e comentem o que acharam das ideias, óbvio que não está totalmente detalhado, e a Aigrind teria que fazer alguns ajustes, sei que não é possível aplicar todas as minhas ideias, mas pelo menos levem algumas em consideração ou usem como base para outras ideias, se perguntar para qualquer player sugestão para o jogo, sem ser nerf ou buff, tenho certeza que haveria um grande número de ideias. - AntraxXL
  11. concordo que os mcs tem mais debuffs, mas os elfos não podem ter a mesma quantidade de debuffs em área pois os elfos por si só ja são duros de queda, concordo que tem que dar mais debuffs aos sentinelas, mas não é como se os sentinelas dependessem de debuffs para se defender, os elfos tem um poder ofensivo e defensivo muito grande enquanto os mcs tem mais debuffs e cura em área do xamã. Seria justo tambem, dar mais poder ofensivo e defensivo para os mcs, as classes da legião em geral não tem muitas skills defensivas uteis em gvg, no caso, escudos, que nos sentinelas é oq mais tem.
  12. It doesn't have many details, the skill would grant passive vampirism to dk, in my opinion it could look like this: Level 1: 5% vampirism Level 2: 10% Vampirism Level 3: 15% vampirism Level 4: 20% Vampirism The dk currently needs to have a lot of vampirism in gear, he's a tank, naturally he doesn't do that much damage, only if it's mounted for that. There's a lot of difference between a dk having vampirism and a damage class, he doesn't deal much damage on a single target, he has the sharp shadow, but it's magic damage and his physical build, besides the attacks can fail, he would take group control , damage debuff and etc, in area it even causes good damage with the knight's curse, but it needs to use hammer, as dk can't use cloth armor, for him to get a good number of magic damage it has to be using hammer with magic damage attachments and have a lot of weapon and set amplification, plus the ability can be resisted. This construction gives up the shield, that is, it will not have a block, it will lose defense, parry hp and robustness, and if you put the magic damage accessories, you will lose even more, in short, you only have to lose as a tank, and as a damage dealer, who will want a dk if you have a chief and a hunter?
  13. I wanted to suggest a rework for saturation skill, even with recent rework, was not enough to be feasible. I suggest that they turn the skill into passive, do not think it would be stolen in the dk because he is a tank class, besides he does not have a skill that improves his defensive parameters, such as blocking and parry, essential for a tank. I'd give him a living in combat without him sacrificing a lot of tank stuff. The barbarian has healing and skill that interacts with blockage. Warden has skill that heals and interacts with blockage. The paladin has healing skill and a shield that picks on an ally, the dk shield does not serve against monsters that deal much damage and he does not have a cure to stay in combat, I ask them to take a better look at this class. I apologize if there are any errors, I used the translator.
  14. A única defesa dos mcs são os debuffs, cura períodica em área para os elfos iria quebrar o jogo, o pala tem uma skill que aumenta cura se não me engano soma com pote castelo e o buff do castelo vai ficar muito roubado, o jeito seria retrabalhar algumas skills tipo a skill do druida, ao invés de reduzir velocidade poderia reduzir Recarga ou cura de quem tomar a skill, wd poderia ter uma skill que reduz dano em área ou que buffa defesa dos aliados, já que ele não dá dano, serviria como um tank suporte de grupo. O totem do templário poderia reduzir defesa do inimigo. Poderia também fazer que nem o fluxo do templário que alvos já afetados são ignorados, não sei se funciona assim as outras skills de controle em área, mas seria o ideal para todas as skills, pq não faz sentido stunar ou silenciar um alvo já stunado/silenciado. Em questão de dano é praticamente a mesma coisa, o dano dos elfos é o mago e o dano dos mcs é o cacique. Eu sou MC, e a culpa do jogo está como está não é dos mcs, quem meche nas classes é a empresa nós só usamos. A empresa deveria fazer tipo moba, todo mês lançar um patch de atualização, ou seja, balanceamento e correção de bugs todo mês, pelo menos iria balancear mais as classes, não existe balanceamento 100%, mas tem como deixar o jogo mais justo e acredito que balancear classes 1 vez por ano não é o caminho certo, porque se uma classe ficar muito fraca, vai ficar o ano todo fraca e o inverso também. Minha opinião.
  15. Estou atualmente no lvl 19, quase 20, eu gostei dessa skill, porém ela só é útil pra mim em mobs com pouco Hp, pois ela consome muita mana, lutas com maior duração ela acaba atrapalhando mais do que ajudando e pelo visto jogo não dá pelo recursos para você conseguir ultilizar ela em lvl baixo, então eu upo ela ou a esfera no lvl 20?
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