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  1. I wanted to know if this idea I had is worth it: take the necklace of fury and physical damage, enchant the chest with fury and use the relic that increases the skill effect by 40% on the wing when in a rage. what do you think?
  2. I use a tank-oriented build. Aggression 3/4. Reserves 4/4 Blood protection 4/4 and saturation 3/4. for PvE I liked it, but I can't do anything in GvG or PvP and it's bothering me, what do you suggest I do? I like tanking but I can't get much out of this build in PvP and GvG
  3. But dk tank needs to level aggression in area, otherwise the good will turn on damagers. This suggestion is interesting, I just don't think it would be very helpful in extreme situations.
  4. But you would have to spend 3 points on saturation and more points on damage skill, as I said before, vampirism alone doesn't work well, it has to deal damage in order to heal well. If you level up the saturation, you would have to level up some skill and damage as well and that doesn't solve the dk damage reduction problem. I say again, blood protection being improved by the blocking parameter doesn't make it bad for other buildings, if using the suggestion I made, 40% damage reduction for 10s is too little for you? And nothing more normal for a tank facing build to hold more damage than a damage facing build. What is your suggestion to change blood protection then? since you are against it using the Blocking parameter.
  5. Using that same logic, changing the saturation couldn't either, since there are many dks that don't use vampirism like me. Paladin is not a parameter to move dk, paladin has 2 good healing skills and the strongest shield in the game, dk has what? damage? Chief, Charmer and Hunter do much more damage. For vampirism to work, it has to have damage, my build for example is completely focused on defensive skills. As much as vampirism is a defensive parameter, it relies on offensive statuses to function. In short, hardly a change will be useful for everyone, at least when it comes to dk, and the build that needs the most buff is the tank build.
  6. If they left these skills with constant consumption I wouldn't complain, but I think it's unlikely. They won't "give" 25% vampirism in a constant consumption skill, the skill not being strong is better because players will have to invest with vampirism runes and gear (company's point of view in my view). Blood protection with constant consumption I also think it will roll, first that wd already has a skill like that and it still loses damage, I doubt they will change the skill to constant consumption without any penalty. Again I say, as the friend above said, the ability to use block doesn't make her limited by him, it makes her improve by him and would really help dks with tank builds that don't use vampirism like me.
  7. Look, I don't know which server you're from, but on mine, most of the dks I've seen are block tanks. Vampirism is not a parameter for a tank in my opinion, especially when it comes to tanks, who take control all the time. Life-based reduction the chief, paladin and barbarian already have. Using the steal life parameter for reduction is basically forcing all dks to put on vampirism, which isn't cheap and easy to get. And the skill would still be useful for the other dks (which according to you are the majority) 10s at 40% reduction doesn't seem bad to me. Tank build that is lagging behind, I like dk as a tank and I don't have gold to build a damager build and I don't even want to.
  8. But death knight players are complaining about the dk's tanking ability. The dk is still a tank. The paladin is a tank/support, while the dk is a tank or damager. His damager build (magic mainly) is already strong with the change from the steel hurricane and the new talent. And let's face it, dk doesn't play a damager role as well as the paladin does support, especially with better class options like chieftain and physical charmer. I still think his main role is tank. The paladin doesn't have abilities that use blocking doesn't say anything, as he has health-based healing and life-based shield. That is, he would just copy what the paladin already has in dk, other than that the chief already has damage reduction based on lost life. So I still think this change would be very good for most dks. The latest updates have focused on the damager part of dk, it's time to stick with the tank part.
  9. Thanks, the numbers might be a bit exaggerated, but I think this rework would be interesting for our Death Knight What do you think of the reserve and shadow shield suggestions? maybe I exaggerated the numbers?
  10. -> dk's abilities themselves are good, but need an update. That said, I suggest the following improvements: -> Blood protection: - Increase buff time by 2s; - add a new effect: within the time the skill is active, each block will give 1 stack of protection, each stack will give an extra 2s on the duration of the skill's effect, maximum accumulations is 3. - Decrease the effect from 50% to 40% Blood protection example (4/4): You used the skill, it will stay active for 10 seconds, within that time each time you block will give 1 pile of protection. When the skill runs out, the stacks will be consumed and will extend the duration of the skill depending on how many stacks you have. NOTE: Maximum stacks is 3 and only blocks for the first 10s will count stacks. Dk doesn't have any abilities that benefit from BLOCKING, so I decided to raise the duration of blood protection and put on a new effect that needs the BLOCK. -> Shadow shield (wings): - Damage reduction calculation: (MD/3) + PD -------------- 37 MD = Magic Defense PD = Physical Defense NOTE: Skills that increase defense (both types) of both guild and classes, not will be counted, neither consumables nor t5 talents. Only the defense of the equipment (which increases with the magnification location) runes and equipment bonuses (15% shield and Set coliseum for example) will be counted. Example 1: 7215/3 + 13380 2405 + 13380 15785 -------------- = ------------ = ----- = 426,62 37 37 37 That was the most defense I got (No guild buff, as it won't be counted) a total of 426 damage reduction. There are very few who reach this level, apart from this assembly is pretty bad. Example 2: 4763/3 + 8675 1587,66 + 8675 10262,67 ------------- = -------------- = -------- = 277 37 37 37 These devices are full +7, to have a more real scenario, there was a total reduction of 277, which I think is good for +7. For those who think nothing has changed, I made a test with my Character, the reduction increased by 102. -> Secret reserves: - The skill will now heal a part of your maximum health over time: 1/4 - Effect lasts 9s, heals every 3s and heals a total of 30% of maximum health. 2/4 - Effect lasts 9s, heals every 3s and heals a total of 40% of maximum health. 3/4 - Effect lasts 6s, heals every 2s and heals for a total of 60% of maximum health. 4/4 - Effect lasts 4.5s, heals every 1.5s and heals a total of 80% of maximum health. NOTE: The skill activates when your health drops to 40% The skill has a cooldown time of 1:40m Example (Reserves 4/4): Your character has 8000 hp. Your life went down to 3200 (40%) the effect activates already healing once, heals 1.5s after activated, 3s after activated and 4.5s after activated. Ie healed 4 times. As the total healing is 80%(6400), each hit heals 20% of maximum life, ie 1600 hp. Now reserves will depend on dk's hp, will heal faster and will heal more hp as well. Those were the changes I thought, of course it doesn't have to be 100% of what I put in here, but i believe they are good changes. Sorry for any errors, I used the translator.
  11. I've never been a mermen, but I've never seen a tank go without a healer, no, the mermen set is really strong, but I imagine that not all tanks can go without a healer, on the legion side maybe the barbarian can, but most don't it can, death knights for example need healers, I don't know in the elves, but maybe the paladin actually replaces the healers, but then the change should be in the paladin.
  12. in my view, the only 100% effective solution is to remove vampirism from the game, but it would be unfair to those who spent a lot investing in it, so just reducing the effectiveness in Bosses will help a lot, maybe increasing the damage of the bosses will increase the effectiveness of this change. maybe increasing the damage of the bosses will increase the effectiveness of this change.
  13. So, but then they will die, as with the 50% damage debuff it will heal almost nothing, and damager classes are more likely to take critical damage.
  14. As the game releases new items and resources, we see more and more tanks and healers losing space in groups, as currently the damager classes have become very self-sufficient with the "Steal life" parameter. Tanks and healers are not independent, as tanks don't deal much damage and healers don't take high amounts of damage and don't deal much damage, but damagers can do all three functions, they deal damage, heal themselves with life stealing, making them withstand a lot of damage, the game has reached a point where a damager class only needs 20% vampirism and critical to make all the game content alone. I suggest that bosses apply a damage reduction debuff to the target they are focusing on, the debuff would reduce 50% of the physical and magic damage of the target being attacked by the boss. This change will prevent damagers from being totally independent, because if they do less damage, they heal less, so they won't take much damage, it will give more opportunities for healers and tanks, after all, the game is to be played as a team, it doesn't make sense that a class type has this privilege that others don't (deal damage, take damage, and heal). In addition, they would still be somewhat more independent because this change would only be in the bosses (monsters with the red crown and above) the other monsters would continue the same way. I hope you understand the side of the healers and tanks, who are slowly losing ground. Sorry for any mistakes, I used the translator. - AntraxXL
  15. Faltou só adicionarem mais uma página de habilidades, pois não dá para explorar todo o potencial das classes se nós temos que mesclar build PvP com PvE.
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