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Found 17 results

  1. I'm somewhat into crafting. Though my leveling is really slow at the moment, I am focused on selling my forged equipment to make profit. And I use the miracle deals for that. However there are a couple of those deals that don't really make much sense to me. Upgrade of common essence to composite and upgrade of composite to energy. Now the title had me intersted but I've gotta tell you: These crafts are soo not worth the trouble. 20common essences (or caralysts or others) for 10amplified might seem somewhat okay (with apprentice license), but 15amplified for 1 (or 2 with license) energy? And a tiny amount of 140 craft experience? Not only it's not worth it as 15 costs more, it's also just 140experience, seriously? I'll say this as Trump that this is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals. So maybe have a little redo huh? Change the deal to make it better or remove it entirely. Because I honestly doubt that people are using it.
  2. Hello everyone! This topic contains detailed craft guide for beginners; What you have to do for start? -Craft section opens soon as you reach Level 10 . And for start you need get licenses. Licenses allows you to perform jobs at any craft profession. I said licenses so let’s talk about licenses,shall we? There’s 4 type of licenses; Beginner’s Craft License: You can find it in every town,inside Tavern shop. Price is 80 gold for per pcs.This is most license type you gonna use on your beginning of craft journey,because of its cheap. Since being a crafter requires alot supplies,you gotta save some up. Rookie’s Craft License: Allows you to get %50 more craft experience for each craft task you using; Apprentice’s Craft License: Allows you to get 2x more resources for to each craft task you using. Master’s Craft License: Decrease time of your craft task by %30. You can buy "Master's Craft License" and "Rookie's Craft License" from Miracle Coins Shop with Miracle Coins or can buy from Dealer inside towns with gold. "Apprentice's Craft License" is a craftable license. What can you make with craft? -You can make different type of powerful items and you have 8 type of craft professions fort that. Also you can earn gold by selling them but we will get to that point later. So let’s know about craft professions; Ranged weapon: Bow,Crossbow and 2 different type of Staff Melee weapon: Dagger,Blade,Axe,2 different type of Mace,Two-handed Sword,Two-handed Axes,Two-handed Mace(Hammer),Spear,Shield Cloth armor: Hood,Armor,Gloves,Boots and Belt for Mage,Priest,Druid,Shaman,Warlock,Necromancer and Charmer Light armor: Hood,Armor,Gloves,Boots and Belt for Paladin,Seeker,Blade Dancer,Ranger,Warden,Rogue,Barbarian,Hunter and Death Knight Heavy armor: Hood,Armor,Gloves,Boots and Belt for Paladin,Blade Dancer,Warden,Barbarian,Death Knight and Charmer Rings: Physical damage and Magical damage rings Amulets: Physical damage and Magical damage amulets Cloacks: Physical damage and Magical damage cloacks CRAFT MATERIALS Ranged and Melee weapon: Common Catalyst,Amplified Catalyst,Energy Catalyst,Etheral Catalyst Cloth,Light,Heavy armor: Common Substance,Composite Substance,Energy Substance,Etheral Substance Rings,Amulets and Cloacks:Common Essence,Compoiste Essence,Energy Essence and Etheral Essence You can farm all of these resources by doing dungeons,boss hunts,killing elite mobs of the Ship Graveyard (Town 5 of Ayvondil) and by disassambly items. RARE CRAFTS Crafts that you see at top of the each craft professions which keep changes for specified time. Also you can reach full list of rare crafts and can bring on which one you need with 49 Miracle Coins from here; → → Now let’s talk bit about craft task slots: For beginning you have 1 available craft task slot. So how to get more craft task slots? 2nd slot opens when you complete 20 craft tasks, 3rd slot opens when you get level 5 at any craft profession, 4th slot opens when you get level 10 at any craft profession, 5th slot opens when you get level 10 at any three craft professions, 6th slot opens when you get level 15 at any craft profession, 7th slot opens when you get level 15 at any three craft professions, 8th slot opens when you get level 20 at any craft professions, 9th slot opens when you get level 20 at any three craft professions. So far we learn everything that we gonna need for start. Let’s begin to craft. At the beginning It might be boring for you but later you’ll see that crafting is really fun. First of all let’s buy some "Beginner’s Craft License" and start crafting first resources as you gonna see down here; I said “Beginner’s Craft License” cause It’s cheap and not really necessary to use “Rookie’s Craft License” till you reach atleast level 5 but you can use “Rookie’s Craft License” too,that’s totally depends on you. You gotta craft a lot of these first resources cause you need them to craft next resources. As example down here; So It goes like that till you get level 2 then you can start make level 10 items. Which will give you more craft experience. After you reach level 3 “Mass collection of common resources” rare craft will be available for you. Mass collection of common resources: You can make Level 1 craft resources all in one craft together. But remember for to start this rare craft you need 4 pcs. of Common material (substance,essence,catalyst) As the craft level goes up there will be more rare crafts will be available for you,I will sort them below; When you reach Level 5 you will get “Upgrade of Common “Catalyst,Substance,Essence”” and "Apprentice’s Craft License" rare craft tasks. Apprentice’s Craft License: Allows you to craft 2 pcs. of "Apprentice’s Craft License" with using 4 pcs. of Common resources(substance,catalyst,essence) Just a reminder you cannot get 2x of that license with using license itself to start craft. Upgrade of Common (Catalyst,Substance,Essence): Allows you to trade 20 pcs. of Common resources with 5 pcs. of Composite Substance,Composite Essence and Amplified Catalyst. I recommend you to use "Apprentice’s Craft License" with Upgrade of Common (Catalyst,Substance,Essence) to get x2 more resources from it. When you reach Level 8 you will get “Upgrade of Amplified/Composite (Catalyst,Substance,Essence)” rare tasks and new “Advanced Craft Resources” tasks. Upgrade of Amplified/Composite (Catalyst,Substance,Essence): Allows you to trade 15 pcs. of Amplified/Composite (Catalyst,Substance,Essence) to 1x Energy (Catalyst,Substance,Essence) Advanced Craft Resources: Upgraded type of common resources which you make at level 1. Which you need common resources to craft “Advanced Craft Resources” at level 8. When you reach Level 10 you will get “Mass collection of advanced resources” rare task. Mass collection of advanced resources: Allows you to craft advanced craft resources all in one craft task. I recommend you to use "Apprentice's Craft License" with this craft task. Which will save your time. If you keep bring this craft with 49 Miracle Coins and keep craft them resources you can really boost your craft experience. When you get enough resources (depends on your bag slots and you) you can start craft items with using "Rookie's Craft License" for boost your craft experience. With Common/Advanced resources you can make items with 3 bonus that's the first step of making rare craft items.After you done it you can make next craft item with using Energy (Catalyst,Substance,Essence) at the next level of the craft profession. So for to do that you should pass to next level of craft profession. That needed aswell as for the last step of making rare craft item as they shown at top of every craft professions or you can bring them by using 49 Miracle Coins. There's an example down below; 20-03-18-01-13-25.mp4 20-03-18-01-13-25.mp4 After you maxed any craft profession of yours,you can make items and sell them to other players or you can ask them to bring their own resources and craft for them with fee. That's what I usually do. If you want farm gold in game I can honestly say this is one of the way for it. I hope this guide will help you on your journey to be a crafter. Best of the luck!
  3. I want to see a new button on craft screen that u can cancel the craft just started with wrong license or wrong craft. It is really annoying Thanks
  4. Sorry for bad english I think this NEED to be changed. When you craft your own setup , this look fun and glorious right? But in Warspear as you know you cant. But why I am saying that. I will explain. I play with 5 Friends, we all do our craft item and always buy the scrolls for each other. First mistske: You CANT sell something you make for the same price you expend to make. Ppl dont buy. Second mistake: if you want to craft a lvl 10 purple for example you need +- 30k.. so what? 30k for a lvl 10? Thats because Essence you need is the SAME for ALL lvls. My first tip for the staff. Fix this and the market will be better; Second and last will change all the game. This essences.... make essence tier 1, 2, 3...... etc so everyone can make your item and make for sell. This item on tier drops on dungeons or breaking purple item. Simple and possible idea will change hard this game.making even better.
  5. Here the list of the experience points for each level in craft progress. Ty Dear Daria for filling the list We love you Level 1 - 0 Level 2- 20 Level 3- 200 Level 4- 540 Level 5- 1250 Level 6- 2550 Level 7- 4700 Level 8- 7990 Level 9- 12770 Level 10- 19440 Level 11- 28440 Level 12- 40270 Level 13- 55450 Level 14- 74570 Level 15- 98250 Level 16- 127180 Level 17- 156110 Level 18- 185040
  6. Belut

    Craft time

    When Time for craft rare staft lvl 26 ?
  7. A small suggestion that isn't even that helpful to most people: Change the rarity of the weapons crafted with rare craft jobs from unique to heroic to indicate that they are better than the normal unique weapons of that level. tl;dr - Make them red because red is epic colour worthy of the weapons.
  8. Don't close the start-craft window (when we click Start, keep it open) So we can start the same job several times, without having to select it again E.g. to craft 5x Gems, select Gem then click Start 5 times
  9. Dear GM, for several day i wait for rare craft for make spear, but that no show, many friends help me to see if rare one arrive.. but no luck, idk if is a bug or something like thet, but please help for put more times rare on weapons lvl 18, ty
  10. What's his actual name? Can't figure it out myself.
  11. Staks

    Specal craft

    So, i was thinking that maybe in event or something could be something like special craft. Basically is using your areldy crafted weapon/gear and adding more materials (catalyst, essences) to get an unique bonus only available in some period of time. For example, you have all destroying staff, if you use 30 ethereal catalyst while event, staff can get retribution or other stats. Just an idea to give diversity to craft system
  12. hi guys , i can craft Rings lvl22 and lvl20 amulets , clacks if anyone up to one add me : Firemastar and Firexnecro
  13. Hi support team, I just want to ask what'll happen if I upgrade a +5 Deep Lords Waraxe via rare crafting task? Does it revert to +0 or it'll retain it's amplification level?
  14. At this 2 tipes to be inserted sistem null same like at wepons to can upgrade equipment with free bonus slot to can be refiled and in general all sitstem crafting to have options like clear scroll to return to original state from origins.
  15. ]holaaa !!! Jugaba un BD, me retiré unos años y regresé a jugar justo ahora, me cree un Ranger y lo estoy jugando voy en nivel 10, quisiera saber como puedo craftear el "Wayfarer's Bow" o ya con suerte el "Ent's Enchanted Bow", si alguien tan amable me pudiera explicar Gracias de antemano pd: Leí una informacion para craftear, pero no entendi nada Cito Textual: [Ents enchanted bow]: lvl4 profession + 2x Ethereal catalysts + [composite bow]. 6h. 110xp.
  16. The idea of craft was to provide the players a way to make items without spending days in a dungeon (and then getting a bow in MC). Some people have criticized these events by bringing up the fact that event gear is too hard to get if dungeons are not farmed 16/7, and that's hard. My suggestion is to make event crafts. These craft jobs would be only available during the events. For example, if the next event's dungeons have a chance to drop unique and heroic armors, there could be craft jobs in all armor categories (cloth, light and heavy) for every third level (2, 5, 8, 11 and 14). These event crafts could be upgradable like any other crafts, but only during the event. (Need essences/catalysts/whatever is used to craft rare and unique accessories.) Special recourses: It could be fun if the base recourses used for crafting these could be obtained from the event dailies.
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