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  1. Not asking new skills before fixing the existing ones ,im talkig about warden blocl heals that slit stills being too much and about paña shield wich has a ridiculous cooldown
  2. Staks

    Stun parameter

    thanks, i hope my suggestions is been considered, have a nice day sir
  3. Staks

    Stun parameter

    Well i get the point of picking each stat in order to do get a good build, however it should be our decision to use or not use stun parameter, and its like in any other set we can use, there are advantages and disadvantages. and like i said sounds fair to add stun effecto to more skills even if the player does not want to go full stun, is all about fairness and choices
  4. Staks

    Stun parameter

    Well is not obviusly for all skills,should be added for skills that causes dot damage like necro's poison shield Well why mage and dks can have it and necro and lock no?cd build or no,we should have the option to chose it
  5. So we al here know about how useful is mage class when you use stun build. Now,the issue im presenting today is about other classes getting benefit from stun stat such as necro(poison shield and acid rain) or warlock(pool of darkness) If you think about ii,it makes sense to allow all classes to benefit from this stat not only mages Ty
  6. Hola, llevo jugando este juego varios años y antes en México se compraba mcoins a precio de dolar lo cual los hacía accesibles, sin embargo hubo un reajuste a pesos lo cual creo impide a varios jugadores su compra Me gustaría que como staff reconsideradan el precio de las monedas milagrosas en países que no tienen un ingreso percapita tan elevado como otros Gracias
  7. Anyone knows if in next update we will get expert skills for new classes? Or can i spend my charmer gold ?
  8. This party when you can have 24 and 21 lvl doing 2v2 and other has became and abuse for the system, not only they are use to win/lose but also to avoid people fpr their lvl to face then I think is time to let this arena people at least uuse win/lose with their own level
  9. I would like to see something like paladín aura , not everything is about dmg and stun
  10. So, im a mixed tank charmer, i use otherwordly blessing 3/4 and i get 16%block using shield, and armor. Also it adds Hp that works as a insta heal , could be compare with necro, but for me adds 550hp that saves my life farming I hope next exp skills develop the healer side of this class
  11. Im so sad, prices in mexico still expensieve , oh well, time to stop buying coins
  12. In México, with this fix prices now i pay around 20% more on each mcoin packege ,this is way too expensive I dont think i will buy coins in the near future
  13. So, arena is alredy hard on random with all those winner/loser spamers with full rewards. War buff should be remove from arena to create a balance, since elves win wars most of the time, is just another dificulty to keep playing as mc Thanks
  14. we have been waiting lot of time for u guys to fix bladedancers op skills
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