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Found 64 results

  1. So we were completing the Berengar's Tower in mythical difficulty and when we got to the boss stage we couldn't use the teleport. We had killed all mobs required so we should have been able to use the Teleport to boss.
  2. I want to buy miracle coin with the money that is already in the wallet of the play store, but this option does not appear. When I hit '' Google Play '', it appears to use either credit card, Paid Marketplace or gift card. Can I use my own Play Store wallet to buy Miracle Coin? I already downloaded the official app for this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aigrind.warspear
  3. Eu completei uma oferta do FYBER dentro do jogo. Fiz tudo certo e foi a primeira vez, mas não recebi nada. A oferta oferecia 349 MCoins para baixar o app e solicitar conta, e fiz isso. Adms porque ate agora, horas depois ainda não recebi nada? ate porque não é a primeira vez que acontece. A oferta de responder perguntas também tem bug, respondo varias e não ganho nada.
  4. trickshotm

    Bug do Zoom?

    Eu tava jogando outro jogo da Steam e meu Warspear tava aberto (tenho ele pela steam), quando voltei ele tava com zoom, como faço pra tirar isso? .-
  5. Hello everyone, my nick is Facundes would like to report something that happened yesterday while I played, a player whose nickname is Racuminx received five items ... these items followed a pattern being always the same, I believe that despite the luck of each one is impossible such thing to happen. I play on the EU-emerald server, but I'm BR so the screenshot that I'll post will be in Portuguese, I'll be posting this in the BR forum as well.
  6. Boua tarde! EStout com dúvida pois eu era dono de uma guild e na guild a tinha 2 a 3 herdeiros, porém eu fiquei um tempo sem jogar com o char, aí qnd eu volto a jogar eu perdi a liderança da guild... O cara que tá com a liderança não fica online.... Noobpve druid (18) server BR... voltei a jogar antes do halow... Só eu logo na minha conta então isso foi um bug... aguardo respostas
  7. Bem, está havendo um bug visual no mapa das Minas (Vilum Mines), onde fica localizado um dos Bosses do evento, qualquer Skill área que forem usadas no mapa, elas permanecem sem desaparecer e está atrapalhando bastante a visão dos demais jogadores. Agradeço a atenção e espero que bug seja corrigido!
  8. I have just noticed this may be bug i don't know. Hunter combact skill takes 4 unit energy every 2 sec. example i took ss from a lvl 1 hunter's skill. This SS without used relic on this skill. In another way my hunter who have used relic. This still taking 4 unit per 2 sec. please fix it.
  9. help me I was delivering the missions of t4 and when it reached 4999 reputation I delivered more missions and did not want to increase to 5k please help me.
  10. 593/5000 Hello suport I would like to ask you to test what they do before they put in the game, because the tower tree is impossible to do in a stamina as everyone does the tp, there is only one way to go if you drop the satraps where they are, because where they are the gridaur is impossible. How do you put so many towering events and do not match the ones you need? Did you have debuufs but do not you test what they do? When you can fix the problem, I'll be grateful. if it's to put it any way, better not even put it in, thanks. P.s: Sorry if there are spelling mistakes because I'm Brazilian.
  11. Eu tenho o erro de zoom, eu tentei fechar o jogo e abri-lo novamente, mas não funcionou! Estou com o bug do zoom, ja tentei fechar o jogo e abrir de novo mas nao deu certo!
  12. hentbank

    Myth Tech bug

    weve been here for 7mins lol
  13. Hello I think there is a bug with new castle relic def is the same why 😩
  14. Energy regain have error in the time of regain should be every 5 sec sometimes it late just unstable please fix it ty
  15. I am unable to use keyboard on my Samsung galaxy note 8 when i click on the chat bar the keyboard doesn't pop up It was working fine until yesterday this happened i have restarted my phone re-installed warspear still doesnt work Please Help Thank you
  16. Kuf

    Ded but not ded

    After arena came back and boom this happened
  17. Hi, I'm the sionny druid player 19 from the server tourmaline. I am very angry because who knows me knows that I give a damn hard to get my little things and yesterday, 01/03/2018 I went to my account and I came across those notices of update, anyway so I update in a good and I enter the game. ..... when I came across my bag, disappeared the costume "imperial silk" also disappeared my items that had put to sell, my arena points and MY MONEY I was joining Gold to buy my items and that costume was a I start to sell and I can already get some for nv 20 ... I do not have a photo of my bag before, but I have the photo that proves that I was in my suit to sell. I AM ABSOLUTE SURE THAT I DID NOT PASS MY ACCOUNT TO ANYONE EVER AND MY GMAIL AND PASSWORD ARE VERY COMPLICATED FOR SOMEBODY TO GUESS !! AND ALL THIS HAPPENED AFTER THAT MINI UPDATE! I AM SURE THAT WAS BUG BECAUSE ALSO HAD ANOTHER DAY I SUBMITTED POT XP OF THE BAG BUT JUST THAT, AND IF IT WAS A PERSON WHO WAS STEALING IT WOULD STICK MY 80K THAT WAS THERE! I HOPE YOU CAN RESOLVE THAT AI AIGRIND, THANK YOU

    No icon

    Idk what's this just let me update game my self if you can't fix your game without bringing another bugs
  19. Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! I wanted to ask Devs attention to a bug that @nabnecro found out and got confirmed just few minutes ago by a friend of mine, under my request. It seems that, currently, the skill "Mental pit" does not work as it should be; the damage nerfed, with the skill developped to 4/4, results to be not even around the 10% ( we maybe speak around 1% lol!), while the skill should grant a Damage Decrease of 40% at least with it at his maximum level, as well as Delay for the opponent to use his skills (thing that apparently is bugged as well). My friend tried to use it against a BD and, while having the BD under the Mental Pit Debuff, he saw his Opponent's Damage nerfed from 971 to 966. I am not asking to create again the same situation, but, may you please check if the skill is working correctly? Thank you in advance for your attention!
  20. Quando eu baixei o Warspear na Steam, vem ocorrendo muito esse bug. Eu tô jogando tranquilo e o jogo fica "Não está respondendo" (Meu computador não laga em Warspear nem um pouco). Já tentei várias formas que eu sei de como fechar o programa a força mas nenhum deu certo. Pra eu poder voltar a jogar preciso reiniciar meu computador e tem que esperar o Steam verificar atualização, esperar carregar, abrir as abas do Google que eu estava antes,... Isso já me prejudicou muito! Exemplo: To matando um mob e ele ta com 1000 de vida e eu to com 700, eu mataria fácil mas como dá o erro, eu morro e ainda preciso reiniciar o pc.. Me ajudem .-.
  21. Meu personagem é um bruxo (facção proscritos), eu cheguei ao level 5 e acabaram as missões, o que eu faço agora?
  22. Kaylawa

    Display Bug

    Hello, I just downloaded this game but the text of menu of the game is bugged, and I just can't read what is it saying, and in the game also.
  23. Decidi criar esse tópico pra reportar um bug que aconteceu comigo e que pode estar acontecendo com alguns de voces. Ontem a noite(19/11), como de costume, coloquei itens a venda no leilão. não muito depois , uns 2 a 5 minutos, apareceu a notificação q havia sido vendido. Abri o correio e cliquei no botão que transfere o gold pra mochila. Esperei o gold cair mas nada aconteceu . Desse modo, tomei a decisão de reclamar pois perdi uma quantia considerável(38k) e estou muito insatisfeito. Server Br-tourmaline Nick- Giftforyou Ps: como era uma quantia muito grande pra mim eu prestei muita atenção no processo por isso tenho certeza que foi um bug.
  24. Madz101

    This Bug though

    Please explain how the same player could get 2 drops in one go
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