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  1. Always last week is, 1st week would mean mcoiners would rush most via tasks then finish up rest. If ya wanna fast travel, ya work for it or p2w, ez
  2. That excatly is, many players self multi-played for advantage and even offered leveling services for real money.
  3. YT Premium, Spotify, Soundcloud exist. Also, all players that violated game by using clone app to multi-window two accounts deserved it. Cheers
  4. Druid, Angered Spring Imma turn myself, into diamond formation auto attack quad cannon
  5. Yeah, in Asstrology we do ship in 1pt, easy stuff
  6. Polskie forum jakie jest, każdy widzi, mianowicie martwe, jeśli szukacie wsparcia, udajcie się na discord Warspeara, bądź na serverze US, mój nick to Lunarflare Powodzonka!
  7. I do not used wisdom enchants in ages, but whatever GM did, it will work in same fashion like spring horror snow talents for enchant level, to whatever u got, be it great or basic chant, +6 lvl worth
  8. Kinda necro-revive on post, but OP arrived in my guild few months ago, and 4 good mages do entire ship, with all others afk xd *Curtain*
  9. + 6 levels then +4 of your great charm, it is kinda lackluster but it allows to use one other gear piece without mana instead, so there is that
  10. I did, if you not got any respond as for now, you're not picked up, sadly
  11. So, talking about what you said here. 1 = MMORPG as game genre say, its multiplayer game, and bosses are somewhat MEANT to be party targets, also @worldchat + ask for help not biting. 2. About that yes, but we do have battlepass, when you do enough quests on free battlepass you get transformation skill, for 300% movement speed for period of time, so i say we kind of have what you ask for. 3 = Exp only from quests, and game works that way by almost 15 years so far. And gold wise, at time you will reach Ayvondil Towns 3/4, you get access to quests that when you do them, grant up to 400000 gold, monthly. So for someone that do not use real money, its a thing. Also adressing that, game have 4 MAJOR events game wise, Winter, Spring, Anniversary(summer) and Horror Halloween (Autumn) + abudance of smaller extra events during year, so your idea with that 5% things per day, barely got sense. With more time invested, you will see beauty of our game more, hehe 4 > At that, we do got Knowledge system, 2 extra skill points hidden with it, and late-game wise, some classes get absurdly over powered just from having abudance of skill points, so argument kinda sucks. Also at levels 10/20/30 you get 2 skill points, instead of one. Class wise, i am druid aswell, name Lunarflare, on US Sapphire. If you're there and you got any operating english, i can help you out!
  12. According to my calendar, and fact im on same TZ as GMs, they got 10 and half hour yet to pick people that are to be on closed tests. They do stated they will reply during 29.05, till 11PM CEST, on whoever was picked, on posts
  13. Im not remembering excat numbers, but its in 4K-5K miracles. Regardless of char lvl, gear and whatever else you owned
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