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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I would like to report a bug in the templar skill, reverse flow under the use of "Guild blessing". The skill is pushing enemies away even though there is supposed to be no interaction with enemies while blessing is on. This bug is already causing a major impact in all GvGs and Territory wars. In the sapphire server during the last war, elves charged into legion town under guild blessing and templars used this to clear the center of the flag so they could free attack. Sadly I don't have the video for this. Please watch the video below. There was a similar situation where mages and paladin could freely attack with guild blessing on and it took months to fix resulting in many losses to one faction. Please look into this situation and do the needful at the earliest in order to avoid misuse of this scenario. For example, the territory war is in 10 hours and this situation can cause 100s of players of the a particular faction to lose out. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Jcbreff
  2. Mantra of healing is a very good expert for gives support to weakest allies but is useless to help the tank or templar tank 'cuz not allow to use skills and enemy can't keep atacking the tank or can be used for trolling. I suggest this, 65%/70%/75%/80% damage reducction for 1,5/2/2,5/3 secconds and heals 3%/3,5%/4%/4,5% max hp of the target and slows 90%/80%/70%/60 and not make the ally or templar target invulnerable, also silences target while it last. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi! All. In view of "[2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News", I have decided to add my thoughts on skill suggestions for Templar. There is about a month...maybe more, when the rebalance happens. Logically, I am skeptical to what extent any of suggestions listed will be considered/implemented given the short time frame... To note, the below contents are based on my perspective. Readers are free to agree/disagree with this post. My suggestions will be based on overall gameplay (levelling to 18, unlocking the experts and finally reaching endgame) General suggestions for the class, have been noted after going over each skill. Basic Skills Blame [Review]: This skill shines best with staff from a dps perspective. It adds a good stun if the target has stepped on 'Touch of Truth' area effect. However, its more or less useless for mace build from a dps perspective. [Suggestions]: I feel the damage should scale based on both physical and magic attack stats. As the main damage skill when starting out, I feel the Cooldown should be reduced a bit. Grace [Review]: Arguably the 'bread and butter' skill of Templar. It offers very good percentage increase to physical and magic stats. Not to mention the nice looking animation aura. However, the issue with this is, it does not last long. The player has to constantly spam it even when maxed to 5/5. [Suggestions]: I feel it should not be spammed over and over again. On this from overall game play I suggest any one of the following improvements: i. Increase in Duration....or ii. Make it a passive skill with reduced stats...or iii. Skill with constant energy consumption with reduced stats...or iv. Completely replace it with a healing skill that can be cast on others. While this may seem like a Paladin heal...I feel most of Templar heals are not straightforward. Stun proc heals have lot of RNG involved while Mantra of healing disables the target from combat. Combat Support [Review]: Its quite useful now in both PVP and PVE, once maxed to 5/5. [Suggestions]: Either reduce the Cool down or Increase the duration of skill. Fine as it is. Whirlwind of Repentance [Review]: The only aoe skill for Templar (excluding talent skill - 'Defense in Attack'). Its useful only in mace build. And more or less useless when using staff. [Suggestions]: I feel the damage should scale based on both physical and magic attack stats. And it should be a ranged aoe skill. As this will help a lot when playing with staff. Reverse Flow [Review]: The trademark skill of Templar. Its quite effective and fun in wars, pvp and Gvg. [Suggestions]: Either the Cooldown should be reduced or duration should be increased. In addition, I feel the push effect should not be resisted, in the event stun fails. Expert Skills Harad's Teachings [Review]: This passive is completely dependent on stun procs. Without a successful stun, its useless. The heal is not very helpful, given its based on position of the character and a small percentage of magic stat. The damage is based on physical attack stat, which is negligible when playing with staff. [Suggestions]: Instead of being dependent on stun, its best, if the buff procs based on various skills used like Mage's "Overload" or Chieftain's "Clan's Help" passive skills. In addition, in place of damage proc, I would suggest, the heal that occurs also restores energy in addition to health, given Templar, uses up lot of energy on its skills. Mantra of Healing [Review]: Very situational and quite useful Overall. [Suggestions]: In current meta, I think its good as it is. Touch of Truth [Review]: Its useful in PVP. At max level it gives a reasonable period of silence. However, its best used when using mace. Quite useless with staff. While its the opener for getting stun proc with Blame, stun in general gets resisted a lot. [Suggestions]: This skill should become ranged. In order to make it applicable when playing with staff. In addition, I feel it should have a debuff for reducing defense stats for a limited time, to make it more viable for either pve or pvp. Sucker Punch [Review]: The highest single target burst skill for Templar when using mace. Used with 'Reverse Flow', it causes a 'ping-pong' effect on the target (which is fun to watch when it procs!!). Unfortunately, its useless for staff players from a dps perspective. The throw effect is helpful only if the target is within range. [Suggestion]: I feel the usage range should be increased to 2 to 3 yards mainly to benefit staff users. And damage should scale on both physical and magic stats. Deity Statue [Review]: Its more or less useless in any scenario. Apart from being a decoy of sorts when used on general mobs or to distract charmer pets in arena. The damage absorption is not useful. [Suggestions]: I feel this skill can be made similar to a Totem. Players standing near it, get some useful buffs like increased health/energy regeneration, skill cooldown speed, etc Branded by the Sun [Review]: Good aoe aggro skill which gives a heal marker. Unfortunately, the heal marker might me taken up by a different part member, if their attack speed is higher. [Suggestions]: As this is the only aggro skill in Templar's arsenal, the cooldown has to be reduced. In addition the 'Stigma' debuff could be changed to have effect similar to Paladin's "Sun Seal". Onslaught [Review] Another very good physical dps skill. And a much needed gap closer for Templar. Unfortunately, its useless with staff. [Suggestion]: Unfortunately I'm unable to think of anything to improve it. Given the other skills, I think its good as it is. Power of the Heaven [Review]: It gives decent buffs for either mace/staff build. However, it consumes lot of mana. Personally I prefer Merman equipment buffs than using this skill. [Suggestions]: Its best to make this a passive skill. Particle of Life [Review]: While the AI of Pet may require improvement, its a very good dps skill that works in any build. [Suggestions]: In current meta, I think its good as it is. General suggestions on Templar gameplay: a. Templar skill sets consume lot of energy. Would suggest if the overall consumption can be reduced. Now granted, all classes consume energy. However, I personally felt, unless I have a very huge energy pool, I had to constantly use energy pots. b. Templar, as I understand it was based on stun stat and its procs for healing. Unfortunately in the current meta, stun is easily resisted in general. This as a result, effects the survivability of the class. I would suggest a rework of the stun stat in general. Thinking again, I think its fine as it is in regards to stun stat. I guess that concludes my thoughts on this topic. (Changes made in violet after thinking about it again.)
  4. Atualmente o templário vem sendo uma ótima classe PvP, porém ainda com problemas em seu lado PvE e mágico de cajado . • Os problemas PvE que trago são em relação ao seu "fraco" agro e à sua pequena cura , ou "inútil", quando usando um mantra, perdendo o seu agro do mob (adversário) enquanto encontra-se em uso na habilidade. - Como solução eu trago as seguintes ideias: Tornado do arrependimento - Terá uma nova combinação com uma habilidade "Marcado pelo sol". Marcado pelo sol - Aumento na força do agro da skill; - Aplica um efeito "Estigma" o qual pode ser combinado com a habilidade "Tornado do arrependimento", (desta forma, dando ao templário o poder de uma pequena cura em área (apenas em mobs, de forma à não prejudicar o seu balanceamento no PvP ); - Quando aplicado o efeito "Estigma", reduzir em x% o dano recebido pelos Monstros (Mob's) (dando mais força ao modo "tank" da classe quando o assunto é o seu PvE). Estátua de Deity - Não irá perder o agro do adversário ao se encontrar sobre o efeito da habilidade "Mantra de Cura", (desta forma, no modo PvE, quando o templário entrar na habilidade de "Mantra de cura", o Mob irá de encontro com a estatura e não com os membros do Grupo, não prejudicando a classe em seu modo "Tank"); - Dano periódico ou explosão ao ser quebrada (desta forma, a habilidade pode impedir que o templário seja surpreendido por classes ou personagens vindo invisíveis em sua direção, além de auxiliar em seu dano de combate). WhatsApp Video 2021-10-21 em 17.17.13.mp4 • Um grande problema para a classe também, vem sendo o grande consumo de mana com as habilidades. - Como solução eu trago a seguinte ideia: Reformulação no Gasto de energia das habilidades , uma vez que a classe também contém uma habilidade que contém um consumo de energia constante. - Servidor BR-Turmalina. Obs: por gentileza, comentários apenas que somem com o post, e não ofensivos com intenção de causar intrigas. Minha maior intenção é a melhora da classe PvE, pois o PvP físico me agrada.
  5. Well, i thought about doing this topic in the charming section, but this is a problem that affects other classes as well. Summary: I believe that to add critical damage to pets, an individual nerf would be required in them. and the removal of the two Christmas relics from the wolves of the charmer. this change would mainly benefit players with level lvl 32 and people who play in the guild. Currently, critical damage represents a considerable increase in power for those who have it, especially when combined with high critical hit statistics. skill of guild, half set of the men fish of fabric, book of the black elm. these statistics end up being less valuable in a class that depends on pets to cause damage, and this is more felt in the charmer. However I know that simply adding critical damage to pets in the way they are today could be something toxic to the game, especially in the case of the charmer, so I come here to try to bring a solution to the problem. So that critical damage could be added to pets, looking at all classes, their respective pets would need to have their damage reduced Druid the druid's water elemental does a lot of damage, as well as attacking from a distance. with a good cooldown of skill a druid can keep 1.5 elementals active. solution to reduce elemental damage, it would affect pvp as well, but I don’t think it’s a problem for druids. Templar on my server there are few templars who use this skill upada, i never particularly saw one. you may not need any adjustments to add critical damage to this pet. Necromancer the totem of bones of the necromancer does not inherit any of the offensive and defensive parameters of the class, I believe that this skill needs a rework, because in its current state, it is very weak or very strong, being difficult to balance Charmer the charmer has two pets, and I will talk about them separately. wolves wolves have some small problems with this. first the wolves are a basic skill, and you can put on a Christmas relic that makes this ability critically hit every attack while you have the active rage effect. second, wolves currently have relatively high damage, in addition to the ability to be stacked multiple times, a single enchanter can place up to 4 wolves. for the first problem the solution would be the removal of the wolf's relic of rabies, this would prevent the abuse of critical damage by the pets. for the second problem, a direct nerf on the damage or duration of the pets may be ideal, however a physical charmer has only this ability as a source of damage. wolves represent a major problem in arena fights, where critical damage does not influence much. bird the bird is not such a strong skill in the pve to cause damage, it is the main source of damage for the magic charmer, I don’t know if it would need a direct nerf in the ability to add this statistic, it’s worth remembering that critical cures should affect this skill too .
  6. Не для кого не секрет, что слабая сторона храмовника - пве составляющая игры. Данная нам пассивка, а именно "Учения Харада" достойно справляется со своей задачей в пвп, ведь скиллы храмовника направленны на оглушение оппонента, в следствии чего мы получаем отхилл, зависящий от процента нашего магического урона, в этом плане претензий нет. С проблемами навыка мы сталкиваемся в ПВЕ-контенте игры, ведь все наши оглушения со скиллов на боссах улетают во всеми нами любимое "Сопротивление" Собирать оглушение как стат не всегда практично. Сразу же хочу парировать назревающее "Вот стражи собирают блок и вы собирайте, бу-бубу" Кап блока - 25%, чисто собирающийся характеристикой, когда оглушения в чистом виде можно получить лишь ±12% Разницу прока от наших тычек с руки и блоком, который работает из вне я думаю приводить не нужно, верно? Но всё это писалось для обращения внимания на: 1) Как Хилл-поддержка храмовник нигде не упал из-за ситуативности и непостоянности подхила 2) Для пве-игры, пассивка по союзникам хиллит просто-напросто мало Храмовники: *верят в ребаланс*
  7. A habilidade do escudo do templário precisa se trocada por outra ela so está servido parar corre atualmente deveria por uma outra skil no luga uma sugestão seria fazer como a do seker so que em ver de aumento de dano aumento da taxa e e no caso de mostros a duração do stun ja que a cura passíva do templário depende do stun dele
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