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  1. I started this talent branch (Occult Incantations) imagining this skill will get his dmg like the other mana skills (5mana=%1dmg) and it didnt and i believe this is either bugged or broken. with 1321 magic damage and 550 mana this skill hits 658 / this means 550 mana = %50dmg 1321 magic damage and 870 mana this skill hits 759 / this means 755 mana =%57dmg -> 755-550=205mana gives %7 dmg ? (btw thanks for removing mana cap on pve we can now stand against hunters, rangers.. within in damage classes at pve) Math doesnt add up this needs to be fixed .. i expected way more dmg than this imagining my pool damage will be %100 with 500 mana and i will now be able to fight crowd enemies but it only made it %50 with 500 mana. with all due respect i think this needs a rework or a buff. There is one more think that doesnt feel right with the "Pool of Darkness" skill and "Acidic Steps" talent and its that even tho i have now a different name skill on my tab someone with 1/5 pool of darkness skill can remove my 5/5 Acidic Steps skill bc of the fact that pool of darkness skill doesnt stack up and we can fix this by doing this; easy solution would be; when an enemy is under the effect of acidic steps pool of darkness will resist. hard solution would be; when and enemy is under the effect of 2/5 pool of darkness skill 1/5 will resist, when the enemy is under the effect of 3/5 pool of darkness skill 2/5 will resist, and so on .. if it aint stacking up let the strong one stick to the enemy so when im in the dungeon with another warlock i wont be griefing to him. and i will have more fun and my payments will be worth paying :) and i want to ask a question isnt 1.5% is too low for a key talent ?
  2. Ay ROGUES. STAND UP AGAIN. THE POWER OF THE THIEF, THE CLASS THAT PAVED THE WAY OF MC, IS FOREVER IN US. HOORAHHH To whoever see this. Whose idea was it to change Absolute Reflex. I know for a fact, every rogue in this game can agree, it is a waste of a skill. Developers hear us out. That skill was prime before that one update, that decided to nerf it. What did you see, that came to the decision to nerf it. There has been many rogues that agreed on one thing. The duration of the skill, after a successful dodge, isn’t long enough. On our soul, we do not see the effect of the skill because as soon as it is activated, it seems like it was never on(mind you the adrenaline in a fight be surging, so time moves a little slow sometimes). I had the skill maxed out because I was a “dodge rogue”, and got rid of it because I didn’t see any use of it in attack speed or dodge. Please help fix this skill. Sinister strike may be broken. Before the update it was a defense debuff skill. And BOII did it do its job. Now devs chose to do something that became another nothing as well. I recorded myself using the skill and explaining how it had no other purpose than it being another skill in the combo hit. It says the skill is supposed to give off an effect, none of us rogues are seeing. ROGUES IF YOU AGREE. COMMENT “HOORAHH”. THE POWER OF MANY IS BETTER THAN ONE.
  3. Class Description Faction: Forsaken Charmers are select fighters of the Forsakens. They combine the best features of fighting sorcerers and heavy infantry, and they are equally well skilled when using staves and heavy maces. The enemy never knows what to expect from Charmers: these warriors are able to get close to their opponent, hiding behind their shields and then bind the will of the enemy using spells. Charmers can reverse the outcome of a battle by asking a monster for help or healing wounds of their allies using spells. Features: Group support, range and melee attacks, mixed damage, control and weaken enemies. Attack: Defense: Support: Passive Skills Devotion. Increases the maximum health by 2%, and the physical and magical strength by 4% for the character. Staves. Grants use of magical staves. One-handed Mace. Grants use of one-handed maces. Shield. Grants use of shields. Physical and magic defence increased by 15% while you having a shield put on. Cloth Armor. Grants use of cloth armor. Heavy Armor. Grants use of heavy armor. Basic Skills Dark Prism Magical attack that causes increased damage to the enemy. Type: Active Usage range: 5 yards Energy expense: 12 units Cooldown: 9 seconds Damage deal (units and %): 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 points of character's magical strength and 110% / 115% / 120% / 125% / 130% of the character's magical strength Combat Healing Instantly restores a certain amount of health of character or an ally and deals them a positive “Healing” effect that periodically restores health for some time. Type: Active Usage range: 5 yards Energy expense: 12 units Cooldown: 12 seconds Instant healing (%): 30% / 40% / 50% / 65% / 75% of the character's magical strength Periodically healing (units and %): 8 / 14 / 20 / 26 / 32 points of the character's magical strength and 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% of the character's magical strength every 3 seconds Weakness Reduces physical and magical defense of the enemy for some time. Type: Active Usage range: 5 yards Energy expense: 14 units Cooldown: 20 seconds Time effect (seconds): 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 Effect (%): 15% / 25% / 35% / 45% / 55% Call Summons a monster to a specified region for some time. The monster deals physical damage to an opponent. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 18 units Cooldown: 22 seconds Maximum number of summons: 3 Time of summon (seconds): 12 / 15 / 18 / 22 / 26 Time per autoattacks of the summon (seconds): 2.5 Damage deal by the summon (%): 48% / 54% / 66% / 78% / 90% of the character's physical strength Oppression A magical attack that deals damage and negative effect “Stun” to an enemy for some time. The opponent cannot move or apply skills, damaging the target does not obviate the effect. Type: Active Usage range: 3 yards Energy expense: 20 units Cooldown: 18 seconds Time stun (seconds): 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 Damage deal (units and %): 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 points of the character's magical strength and 50% / 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% of the character's magical strength Expert Skills Stone Curse Magical attack that deals the negative effect “Petrification” to the enemy for some time. The opponent cannot move or apply skills, the target cannot be attacked. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 18 units Cooldown: 20 seconds Time stun (seconds): 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Otherworldly Blessing Increases the maximum health of the character or group member, maximum amount of energy, as well as the "Block" parameter if equipped with a shield, and the "Critical damage power" parameter and critical healing power if equipped with a staff for some time. When used on an ally, the character and the ally receive a portion of the effect. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 22 units Cooldown: 35 seconds HP increased (%): 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% MP increased (%): 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% If a shield is equipped Parameter block increased (%): 2% / 4% / 6% / 9% If a staff is equipped Buff critical healing power (%): 13% / 16% / 20% / 25% Buff "Critical hit power" (%): 13% / 16% / 20% / 25% Ally effect gived (%): 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% Time effect (seconds): 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 Knowledge of the Dead Man Every time any skill is used, the character gets a buff, when five buffs are received, the positive effect “Dark aura” is applied to the character. Dark aura deals the "Stun" effect to the enemy for a while, as well as additional physical or magical damage during the next attack. The type of damage depends on the prevailing physical or magical power of the character. The "Stun" effect prevents you from moving, attacking, and using skills. Type: Passive Time of buff acumulative (seconds): 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 Time of buff stun (seconds): 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 Time stun (seconds): 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Physical damage deal (%): 50% / 65% / 85% / 110% Magical damage deal (%): 60% / 80% / 100% / 125% Otherworldly Fire A magical attack that deals damage in the specified area, as well as the "Stun" debuff with a specified chance, to all enemies for some time. The effect prevents from moving, attacking, and using skills. The attack is repeated several times. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 26 units Cooldown: 24 seconds Number of repetitions: 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 Time between repetitions (seconds): 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 Chance for stun (%): 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% Time of stun (seconds): 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 Number of maximum pve targets: 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 Number of maximum pvp targets: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Magical damage deal (%): 50% / 55% / 65% / 80% Eye of the Darkness Applies the "Eye of darkness" buff to the character or and ally for some time. The effect increases physical and magical protection, the "Accuracy" parameter , and the chance of detecting masked enemies within a certain radius. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 22 units Cooldown: 25 seconds Increment of defense (%): 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% Time effect (seconds): 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 Help of Chaos Summons a monster to the character or an ally for a limited period of time. The monster restores the certain amount of character's or ally's health every 5 seconds. And deals magic damage to the enemy. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 22 units Cooldown: 20 seconds Time of summon (seconds): 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 Healing from summon (%): 55% / 65% / 75% / 90% Demonic Pact Increases the life time of monsters summoned by the Call and Help of Chaos skills, and reduces the damage they receive for the duration of the skill. The effect power increases as the skill develops. Permanent skill. Type: Active Energy expense: 20 units Energy regen reduction (units): 5 / 7 / 9 / 10 Cooldown: 8 seconds Increment lifetime of summons "Call" and "Help of Chaos" (%): 40% / 50% / 60% / 70% Reduction of damage received of summons "Call" and "Help of Chaos" (%): 12% / 16% / 22% / 28% Goading Deals the “Aggression” and "Deceleration" debuffs to all opponents within a certain radius around the character for some time. The aggresion effect causes monsters to attack the character, and only knocks down the target of the attack for players. The "Deceleration" effect reduces the speed of movement. Type: Active Energy expense: 14 units Cooldown: 14 seconds Aggression (units): 15000 / 35000 / 70000 / 150000. Aggression (yards): 2 / 2 / 2 / 2 Reduction in speed movement (%): 20% / 24% / 28% / 32% Time of debuff (seconds): 4 / 5 / 7 / 9 Maximum pvp targets: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Summoner Skill Forces all the monsters in the location summoned by the Call skill to attack the selected target, as well as increases the damage from their next auto attack and allows them to deal damage to all enemies within a certain radius. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 9 units Cooldown: 9 seconds Damage from auto attacks of "Call" increased (%): 25% / 35% / 45% / 55% Number of area damage given by auto attacks: 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 Yards of area damage given by auto attacks: 1 / 1 / 2 / 2 Maximum pve targets: 8 / 10 / 12 / 14
  4. Accept opinions My build is based only on Summons with physical damage, with hybrid combination PvE/PvP. Before my Weakness was in 1/5 because I though Warrior Healing was more good, but I decided focus my damage in Wolves of Darkness and help my group allies in PvE/PvP. So weakness 5/5 one of the best skill for physical charmer. Oppresion 3/5; For stun emergencies, but is only magical damage, thing very defficient in physical building. Dark prism 1/5; Im one of those players who doesn't upgrade the first skill, because I don't know the percentage of damage and math formula. Anyway is a magical damage too so is useless to make damage but I only use for spam Relics. In expert skill I based in Summons too, nothing of buff stats or tank. Help of Chaos 4/4; For bit healing emergencies my mace is enchanted with magic damage and I heal 650+ with it per stack, I see this something useless for PvP, because lack magical damage transforms the Raven in a weak Summon Damage/Healer. Demonic Pact 4/4; Long duration summons and damage reduction on it. Summoner Skill 4/4; Increases Wolves autoattacks and make AoE damage decent, depending of my physical damage. Im +8 Mace and lvl 32 phy accesories. 903 physical damage is enought for me. Should be more but be +10 is a nightmare in amplification. Stellars Blessing I wasted 1 or each one in Stone Curse 2/4; cause is a online game helps me decently for escape or prepare battle. Knowledge of Dead Man's 2/4; is a physical damage with stun bonus good ror my build and PvP battles to keep enemy in my damage zones. One if the hateful things is the effect dissapears if you fail the hit on your enemy being blocked, parried or dodged. Otherworldly Blessing 1/4; I not like much but my suggerence if you go full PvE is make this 3/4 cause increases HP and gives block parameter. Eye of Darkness 1/4; good skill for anti players like Rogues/Seekers, or Invisible Ink players who plays dirty in this game. Good for PvE too in Easy Sea Dungeon cause of Kadzira's Boss always use stealth before attack. This skill is only useful for this but can increases physical and magical defence, so I don't know if defence bonuses still being decent stats, I have bad experience with Death Knights about this type of buff. Otherworldly Fire 1/4; the worst skill for charmer physical, cause is another magical damage with 3 hits, and each one have a very low stun bonus parameter. The range of the skill is 3x3 very defficient too for those poor bonuses it should be 5x5. Before got nerfed this skill was one of the bests for magical building.. Aggresion 1/4; I don't know the name of this skill I always forgive because I don't care use this, I only know the talent's name Embrace of Darkness. I use this sometimes I prefer use my summons to tank in PvE a bit for after use this skill. For PvP not much useful only is fine to aggro players and lose their selectionated targets for a moment, but Is hard to use this cause I got permatent stunned.
  5. Hello everyone. I have recently started playing warspear again after a while and I have few things to say about recent alliance wars that I want to get off my chest. I haven't seen or read many related topics just because some people are not very interested in browsing or posting on forums. Sad to see but forums is not as active as it used to be in the past. It has already been a month, maybe more since some people have tried reporting necro's acid rain use in alliances wars on forums and there's still no official word or statement by the looks of it. If every aoe skill which dealt damage over a period of time to the flags were removed in the past update then I have no clue why acid rain is still working and dealing damage to the flags. Our legion players well know this fact and are using it to their advantage in wars by sending multiple necros to elf towns while war. And so far, it has been working out well for them as they are winning wars now mostly. Now from the legion's standpoint, they are not doing anything wrong as everyone else even elfs would have done the same. But, I feel like I am obliged to ask questions when I see something is broken and impacting not just only the war outcome but other events like merman gvg as well. Please do care to share your thoughts on the topic. Also attaching a video file of today's alliance war and others are welcome to share their related content. Screen_Recording_20221105_090829_Warspear Online.mp4 Namaste!!
  6. Actually the 90% reduction is very good, but the skill It's disposable, there's no point in spending points on a 1v1 battle if the enemy is under your control not because you use it, in a mass confrontation it's more feasible to focus on group controls instead of trying to reduce someone's healing, besides it doesn't guarantee a warlock survival, because it takes time to match alongside a silent ability, I believe that this ability does not attribute quality to the warlock , Better redo, the forum is full of wonderful ideas and that would compensate much more than the black seal @Holmes @Dr Strange
  7. Ótimo dia, tarde ou noite. Gostaria de esclarecer algumas dúvidas sobre esta habilidade, como já está no título: a Punição da Luz 1- Eu não sei se é um erro ou um bug visual, mas na descrição da habilidade temos que ela causa dano no alvo e todos os adversários em um raio de um metro do alvo ao atacá-lo com sucesso. Vejam agora alguns testes que eu fiz: Na imagem acima podemos ver que eu estou cercado por cima, pela esquerda e por baixo e meu personagem no meio. O MEU ALVO FOI O MONSTRO ABAIXO DO MEU PERSONAGEM No meu entendimento e pela descrição da habilidade, ela não deveria acertar o monstro que está acima do meu personagem, visto que o raio é de um metro e o meu alvo foi o monstro abaixo. Eu ataquei o monstro abaixo do personagem e a skill ultrapassou 1m do seu raio e atingiu o de cima. Já na imagem acima, eu estou cercado por cima, pela esquerda e pela direita, além de ter um monstro atacando à distância mais à direita. O MEU ALVO FOI O MONSTRO MAIS PRÓXIMO E À DIREITA DO MEU PERSONAGEM Novamente, pela descrição da habilidade ela DEVERIA ter acertado o monstro acima do meu personagem e NÃO DEVERIA ter acertado o monstro à direita mais distante (creio que está fácil de identificar que ele está a 2m de distância do meu alvo). Por isso disse, não sei se é um BUG visual ou um erro mesmo (No meu entendimento um BUG visual é por exemplo uma imagem que não deveria estar em certo local e não um monstro em um lugar que não está, isso afetaria a jogabilidade). Dizer também que é porque o monstro acima está na DIAGONAL não é válido, visto que na primeira imagem eu acertei o da esquerda na diagonal. 2- Vi muitos reclamando sobre algumas habilidade de suporte do sacerdote, mas nada sobre as habilidades de dano, então não sei se isso é o “CORRETO” da Habilidade ou pode haver um “ERRO/BUG” Pelos testes que eu fiz, parece que a mecânica da Punição da Luz onde acertamos os monstros em volta do alvo NÃO DESFERE CRÍTICO. Segue mais dois print de testes: Vocês podem verificar nas primeiras imagens também da minha dúvida quanto a posição dos monstros que não ouve “Crítico no dano em Área” em nenhuma das vezes. Está segunda imagem ficou um pouco bagunçado mas se olhar com atenção podem ver que eu desferi um golpe crítico no meu alvo e em nenhum dos demais, teve golpe crítico. Finalizando então, se isso NÃO FOR um erro da Habilidade ou um Bug, eu gostaria de DEIXAR ESSA MECÂNICA COMO SUGESTÃO: No meu ponto de vista sacerdote é uma classe ÓTIMA! Claro que como é uma classe suporte existem algumas dificuldades em algumas missões ou até mesmo Farmar sozinho e com essas restrições nas habilidades fica um pouco mais complicado. A sugestão seria que a Habilidade Punição da Luz pudesse causar um golpe crítico nos monstros em volta do alvo também. Eu disse acima sobre “Crítico em Área” mas NÃO SIGNIFICA que eu quero que quando usar a Habilidade no alvo e der um golpe crítico que todo o dano em área seja crítico também. Gostaria apenas da possibilidade de causar crítico nos monstros em área. Segue um exemplo da Habilidade Lágrimas de Harad que tem essa mecânica: Podem notar que eu desferi um golpe crítico no meu alvo e a mecânica da habilidade de atingir outros alvos ativou em outros dois, sendo um golpe normal é um golpe crítico. Creio que não seria uma mudança que iria deixar desbalanceado e ajudaria nossa classe em algumas missões que são solo ou até farmar mesmo. DESDE JÁ, AGRADEÇO PELO TEMPO E DEDICAÇÃO DA EQUIPE.
  8. I made some changes to two Templar skills that based on my experience with the class would be much better Power of the Heaven change to common duration active skill Remove hp buff, increase penetration buff and block I suggest this change because the skill doesn't offer enough to offset the mana regeneration penalty on some different builds Altered image Grace Change skill to continuous mana reduction effect This ability on the other hand becomes more effective on any Templar build and the mana regeneration reduction penalty fits it better Altered image
  9. Atualmente no jogo há presente três habilidades de algumas classes que possuem uma área de efeito diferente das demais, (O chamado "Diamante"), que pega o contorno do personagem e um pixel a mais em cada meio do centro, tornando uma área 4x3 igual segue representado na imagem abaixo; As classes que possuem esta área de efeito hoje são: Paladino e Mago, oque acaba sendo uma vantagem em certos momentos ter este pixel extra em cada extremidade ao seu arredor, coisa que outras classes como o Cacique possui a mesma mecânica de usar a habilidade e ela sair em volta de si, porém não pega esta área de efeito na imagem acima, segue demonstrações das habilidades na prática; Paladino - O paladino há apenas uma habilidade, mas em certas ocasiões ela pode se tornar muito útil por ter esta área de efeito para atingir inimigos. Assumindo a posição de 2 (dois) de distância do alvo e em seguida um acima para demonstrar a área de atuação; Em algumas situações isto pode ajudar bastante caso não pegue ninguém ao seu contorno, segue outra imagem mostrando usando na mesma distância do manequim mas um pixel para cima; Acaba falhando, como dito no inicio, a área é somente um 4x3. Vamos seguir para a outra classe que também possui esta mecânica. Mago - Já o mago possui duas habilidades, que da mesma forma do paladino o ajudam bastante por este pixel extra. Assumindo a posição de 2 (dois) de distância do alvo e em seguida um acima para demonstrar a área de atuação; Para controle em batalhas PvP ou contra mobs PvE acaba sendo bem útil para manter distância, além de quando pega ele empurra mais um pouco o alvo e aprisionando junto. Como dito no inicio, apenas uma área de 4x3. Estilhaços acaba ajudando a dar um controle em alguém corpo-a-corpo mais facilmente (se upada há a certa chance disto) que o ajuda bastante nesse quesito. Como dito no inicio, apenas uma área de 4x3. ~ Sugestão para este caso; Para ser justo as outras classes que tem a mesma mecânica de habilidade ativar em torno do personagem ao clicar como a "Olho de Águia (Cacique)"; e a área não ser neste formato 4x3, as mesmas que atualmente são assim poderiam se tornar igual a todos que não possui tal mecânica, (reduzir para apenas 3x3) ou então aprimorar este um pixel nas que possuem a mesma função de clicar e se ativar em torno do personagem mas a área efetiva não ter o mesmo alcance, para que fique de uma forma igualitária para todos, por que qualquer pixel de área extra faz total diferença no funcionamento e efetividade de uma habilidade.
  10. O necromante atualmente é considerado por muitos, a mais fraca das classes, tendo em vista a insatisfação no geral da comunidade com a classe eu vim trazer algumas ideias para um possível rework nas atuais habilidades. A ideia que foi apresentada como função do necromante era ser uma espécie de suporte "ofensivo", focando em maximizar o dano causado aos seus inimigos e enfraquecer suas armas e armaduras! Mas infelizmente ele não consegue cumprir mais esse papel devido a facilidade de se obter resistência atualmente (com poções, pergaminhos e habilidades de especialista), coisa que não é um problema para o sacerdote, xamã e até mesmo o druida. Após estudar as habilidades e como as classes de suporte estão se comportando hoje, tive as seguintes ideias: 1- A habilidade "cuspe venenoso" causa mais dano em alvos sob efeito de qualquer veneno e adicionalmente intoxicação se acumularia até 4 vezes antes de ser consumida e causar dano em uma pequena área ao redor do alvo Ou removeria um efeito positivo do inimigo após 4 acúmulos; 2- A habilidade "olho mortal" deixa de reduzir a vida máxima e defesa mágica do alvo e passa a reduzir uma pequena porcentagem da cura recebida do alvo (algo em torno de 0.75% por nível da habilidade); 3- A habilidade "conexão fatídica" deveria durar 1 segundo a mais que a "infecção" em todos os níveis; 4- As habilidades "escudo venenoso" e "chuva ácida" passam a causar intoxicação aos inimigos que passam mais de 1 segundo em contato. 5- A habilidade "poço mental" deixa de reduzir a força de ataque e a recarga do alvo e passa a interagir com os efeitos negativos já existentes no alvo (renova o efeito da habilidade "pesadelo", reduz o dano causado por inimigos sob efeito de "intoxicação" ou silencia o alvo sob efeito de qualquer enraizamento); 6- A habilidade "soldado morto" deixa de invocar um totem e passa a invocar 3 esqueletos que causam lentidão em seus ataques. Ou passaria a invocar 1 esqueleto especial que seguiria o necromante ou um alvo aliado por 8/12/16/20 segundos e removeria 1/2/2/3 debuffs a cada 5 segundos. 7- A habilidade "pânico" passa a fazer os inimigos fugirem com maior velocidade de movimento. E para finalizar também gostaria de sugerir mudanças visuais nas habilidades básicas da classe.
  11. this new class had potential from the beginning with its ability with high attack power (annihilation) as well as a very decent increase in its damage on top of this the idea of an ability capable of reducing all the damage received in such an absurd way that would allow you to enter the battlefield, charge into your demon form, and go on a rampage for the duration of the ability looked pretty cool. but I couldn't be more wrong the truth is that this class is completely deficient, although in the "PvE" sector it can be saved from some things, in the most played sector "PvP" is totally poorly designed. Being this last one that I will talk about in this topic... let's start with his basic abilities "Otherworldly boost" an ability that will allow you to transport to a location slowing down all the targets that are in the area and applying bleeding in case you find yourself in demonic form the ability is obviously intended to give the reaper mobility and do some damage and the ability would be fine... if it wasn't, it's not right. the slowdown of this class is too low, even having the ability to the maximum there would be practically no difference in speed towards the enemy, in addition to the fact that to apply the bleeding damage you must be in demon form, which will not happen since you are supposed to need this ability to get close to the enemy means that in many cases you will not have enough hate to be able to make a jump in demon form obviously this ability needs to be changed, that bleeding should not be applied in demon form but should be applied whenever you jump on an enemy, this restriction does not make the slightest sense and that slow has no value since you move to the same speed as your enemy, once you reach him he can no longer go anywhere let's move on to the next ability "chains of the underworld" this ability already looked useless in itself but after seeing it in action... the truth didn't change anything I simply checked what was already seen, the main problem with this ability is that Unlike the ability of the chieftain that has a certain similarity, this must be applied in melee like the bd with the difference that this ability cannot silence or stun, so we have an ability that serves to immobilize enemies but you must be in melee with them and let them freely use skills, use this skill on a bd or a chieftain and they will show you a thousand and one reasons why you ended up kissing the ground oh wait in his demonic form he applies the effect to all enemies!! they're still fully functional in combat, just a slight cooldown disadvantage but nothing serious so don't worry. I think the point is clear this ability requires a silence or stun in case it stays short ranged (including aoe version) or allow the user to use this ability at least 3 yards away let's start with the expert skills and this is where the good stuff comes from let's start with the main one, delayed death this ability was the only thing I thought that could save this class in pvp, the ability to massively reduce the damage received but receiving it later an ability that could make you a fearsome enemy since it would allow you to fight death against an enemy knowing that you would die in the end... it was a total disappointment the ability always returns all the damage it receives that I already knew but I didn't think it would be in such an aggressive way... a debuff that makes you (in if maxed) 20% of the damage you take every 2 seconds... debuff that can be reduced but in massive fights you will very rarely have a shaman or necro watching your back so your kill will be assured and you could even die before the duration of this expired, with the talent it is salvageable but that talent should be part of the ability itself since a change as important as that should not be a talent ... I will add to this one detail is that the ability does not count as damage reduction, so buffs like the shaman or the chief will not reduce the damage as they do with other classes, what do I mean... let's do a quick calculation, let's put a base of damage received (3000) now let's put the reduction of delayed (2400 subtract about 600) well with this you would think that with a shaman or mermen buff you could reach 100% reduction and receive 0 damage while still receiving damage from the debuff but It's not the case... any damage reduction applied to you will be done at the end of the whole calculation so we'll have something like this 3000 - 80% = 600 and finally it would be 600 minus the % of reduction that we say comes from a shaman so we will say 50% being like that 3000 - 80% = 600 - 50% = 300 It may seem like a lot but no, that shouldn't be how it works.. in the end you still take long term damage from the debuff so it's not broken like you might think. the ability to resist (I don't remember the name) this ability, since I don't have it, I can't give it my own opinion and I don't know how much potential can be squeezed out of it, so I'll give my opinion based on what I've read in other topics of both Russian community as well as users who already have leveled reapers, this skill can be useful as we are talking about a skill that passively allows you to resist certain debuffs (I haven't tested so I don't know if the skill also resists common debuffs like bleeding, poison, slow, among others I can only hope not) this ability is activated after resisting 3 debuffs or after using the demonic form but something that we must take into account is that the demonic form is a skill for long-term fights, What do I mean by this? the fight should be delayed long enough to charge the demon form with this in mind. the ability has a certain value since, unlike other skills, it allows you to always resist the 4th negative effect you receive without energy cost (this at maximum level) so would it be like having a 25% resist is it good? yes, enough? No. The restriction of the skill makes us understand that it is also a skill for long-term battles and although the demon also allows you to activate this passive, for this you should have loaded yourself with hate first, so following a simple logic... how do you get hate if you are stunned? There is an ability that I will also talk about, which is madness (short name) that allows you to charge rage, unfortunately it does not charge enough at level 1 and it is not worth improving it beyond that, so we cannot count on this ability following up with skill the ability to resist, something that became so important in the initiation classes is restricted to having to receive 3 debuffs to be able to resist the next one, it is something that as an initiator is very limiting "approach of madness" there is not much to say, the skill has a very high cooldown and you need to have the skill very level to still not be able to charge the demon form without going into combat something we already saw doing without the demon form is like jumping directly into a Mortal trap "Revenge" I don't have it so I don't know if it's good or not, no one I know has it and I've never seen it in action against multiple targets so I'll reserve my opinion "Black mark" The skill seems fine to me, a debuff to the target that increases the damage it receives and a more striking effect to let your team know that there is an enemy marked or that they are being buffed by this skill would make this skill more viable for use in multiple builds, I would also recommend thinking a bit about that 50% effect group restriction since to get this they had to kill the target, something that doesn't work against solo dungeon bosses and is difficult to activate in arena/ gvg against very strong people These abilities should be seen and see what solution is given since they are the reaper's greatest limitation, I am in a guild which focuses on combats against other other guilds, very massive fights of 80vs80 or according to the situation +95vs+95 and my Companions who are heirs of this guild have told me that they don't plan to invite this class as they don't see any use for it in these fights, considering its low aoe damage, low survivability as well as poor crowd control ability and a Non-existent healing ability/decent grouping buff make this class one of the most useless in massive fights, which is what defines this game and if they already have that idea, imagine other guilds that also focus on this type of fights... please this class has a very good potential, with a few changes it could be a very valuable class for the legion. very few people are still playing this class and those who made it are changing their main characters again since they were disappointed with this, don't let this class die I hope a change soon so I can see this class in the horror dungeons After saying this, I hope to see you in the next opportunity in the lands of Arinar or here again sharing opinions in the forum, have a nice day
  12. Bom dia, boa tarde e talvez boa noite. Estou aqui para sugerir alterações consistentes nas skills dessa nova classe que é o Ceifador, primeiramente quero citar o "impulso sobrenatural", essa skill sem a "aparência demoníaca" ativa tem um debuff péssimo para qualquer tipo de combate, seja ele em GvG/PvP ou PvE. Então eu vim aqui para sugerir uma alteração radical dessa skill antes de transformar-se. Em vez da skill dar o debuff "lentidão" aos inimigos no raio da habilidade, ele poderia em vez disso reduzir um pouco precisão ou penetração dos inimigos no raio da habilidade (Sem estar transformado), ajudaria ele em qualquer tipo de combate, seja ele PvE/PvP ou GvG. (Espero que os administradores considerem essa ideia para o próximo retwork das classes😓) Agora sobre a"vontade inabalável". Eu testei essa habilidade no servidor de testes e achei ela péssima de todas as formas, o ant-stun dela é péssimo, ela precisa urgente de um retwork pois está inutlizavel. Para que essa skill se torne mais útil no geral, é necessário que o ant-stun permaneça no personagem e não suma após 1 único debuff, stun ou efeito de controle, é necessário que seja eficiente para todo o tipo de combate. Eu sugiro que essa skill tenha um retwork que não torne o ant-stun acomulavel mas sim temporário e constante, por exemplo; 1/4 Após o personagem receber o total de 7 penalidades ele recebe o efeito positivo "resistir" que aumenta sua Resistência em % Por alguns segundos na forma demoníaca a duração do efeito aumenta. (Podem modificar da forma que desejar) 2/4 Após o personagem receber o total de 6 penalidades ele recebe o efeito positivo "resistir" que aumenta sua Resistência em % Por alguns segundos, na forma demoníaca a duração do efeito aumenta. (Podem modificar da forma que desejar) 3/4 Após o personagem receber o total de 5 penalidades ele recebe o efeito positivo "resistir" que aumenta sua Resistência em % Por alguns segundos na forma demoníaca a duração do efeito aumenta. (Podem modificar da forma que desejar) 4/4 Após o personagem receber o total de 3 penalidades ele recebe o efeito positivo "resistir" que aumenta sua Resistência em % Por alguns segundos, na forma demoníaca a duração do efeito aumenta. (Podem modificar da forma que desejar) Dessa forma na minha sincera opinião, essas skills seriam mais valorizadas pelos jogadores. Obrigado pela atenção 😉
  13. Ok, quiero hablar rápidamente de algo que me esta molestando, de la nueva clase que metieron en el lado no elfo Y si, hablamos del CEGADOR, ah sido hasta el momento peor diseñada del juego y para peores noticias, para el lado menos beneficiado, MC.... ASPECTOS NEGATIVOS: La peor decepción y siendo la habilidad portada del cegador, es hasta ahora la mas inutil de todas y hablo sobre la habilidad de transformación del demonio. -LA TRANSFORMACIÓN NO AUMENTA SU DURACIÓN AL MEJORARLA: algo demasiado decepcionate siendo un tanque, si su vida y mana aumentan deberia tener más duración la habilidad. -LOS BENEFICIOS SON UN SIN SENTIDO: ¿Nada mas aumento de vida y mana? ¿De que sirve eso? Para como han roto el lado elfo (que es otro tema que nunca escucha Angrid) Facilmente pueden cargarse la vida que deja el demonio El subidon de energia puede que tenga sentido por el CD, pero rompe la dinamica de una build volviendola obsoleta si se quiera hacer daño y velocidad de ataque Y LAS COSAS NO SON BARATAS EN EL JUEGO PARA ESTAR PROBANDO CON TODO Si al menos subieran varios parámetros de ataque y defensa o funcionara como el escudo del caballero oscuro, si seria mas útil esa habilidad, asi como tambien la resistencia a stun y daño por segundo en el piso. -DEPENDENCIA DE BASICOS: un tema tan negativo como el hecho de que nada mas stunear al jugador en su forma humana, es suficiente, para matarlo de una vez y no aprovechar las expertas que tanquen los stun y efectos de control. ASPECTOS POSITIVOS: -El cegador tiene una buena habilidad que sube la velocidad de ataque para llegar a tener el odio siempre. -Tiene uso de armadura pesada y puede tener buen aguante y ataque -La teletransportación es muy buena, deberian mejorar el sangrado, tras hacer un demonio de CD, seria usar esa habilidad todo el rato y no podrian pegarle y porfavor quiten en el talento que el stun quite tu transformación. Y para terminar con esto, ya estoy cansado de que Angrid no escucha a sus jugadores ESTAN ROMPIENDO LA CLASE ELFA
  14. First of all I want say the new rebalance is good, but not for chieftain type "HYBRID", we getting nerf with this: Dual Wield Specialization Added a 30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand. With this we getting a nerf, I know about elfs saying we are very stronger in damage killing their partys in t4 and t3 quests, but this is totally using pvp set even they not, I am freeplayer and since this character was released I play it, I think this nerf of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." Is totally bad! is very hard to get much magical damage, this update is just for rich people that can amp +10, my chieftain at the moment have 850 magical damage with guild, ring greatness, cape craft lvl30 and lvl32 amulet horror %, and I calculed after update of game i just will have 700 of magical damage, now look in aspect "PVP"... PVP ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect just work using physical damage because in aspect "PVE" we are stronger for criticals, then eagle is 60% of magical damage, imagine I have 700 magical damage 60% is 420 dealing magical damage, now count that 420 with -45% for resilience of enemy, it is 231 magical damage now count defense of enemy... Normally is -45% with penetration of 15% we got reduction of 30%, then (231 - 30%)= 162 of magical damage dealed, ok I will count ferocity +45% of damage dealed then is (162 + 45%= 239), we can see with this a chieftain can deal 239 magical damage with eagle eye per tick.... Do you think this fair? now let's see this "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." ¡SO BEAUTIFUL! PVE ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect is so good... Why I say this? well, I delicately armed each armor of my chieftain to try to achieve as much as possible and to serve with my relics, and well it is so good, critical hits are going good and strongers by the critical damage of the guild and well, I just can say we are good damagers because criticals hits but in aspect "PVP" I can't say it for the resilience.... Here's the other problem... Change of magical power in two-handed maces and spears For all two-handed maces and spears the value of magic power was increased by ~18% This new mechanism is good... but.... I still thinking on the same thing that I told before, we got nerfed in the aspect magical damage of 2 weapons of 1handed mace so this is one thing for make we don't become angry? For be good damagers in this class being magicals, ¿Are we obliged to use spears and 2handed maces? So ¿Can't we be hybrids? ¿Is this serious? SKILLS REWORKS Rugged Hide Reduced the skill’s duration: from 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 seconds, to 6 \ 8 \ 9 \ 10 seconds. Is necessary to reduce the duration of skill? We are already weak class and for tears of sentinnels we are being nerfed? Even them have shields of long duration and much reduction damage and they don't think on their nerf? Frenzy Reduced the skill’s damage: from 40 \ 45 \ 45 \ 50 % of physical power to 40 \ 40 \ 45 \ 45 % of physical power. The skill will now additionally apply the “Stun” effect to the target for 2 \ 3 \ 3 \ 4 seconds if it’s under the effect of the “Thrashing” skill. Im totally agree with this rework, I don't think -5% of physical is bad, anyway it does a lot of damage, and I like the new stun skill, it is so good but here I come again... before I was talking about hybrid class nerf, you guys just buffing chieftain in the aspect pvp but being physical, not magical, with rework of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." we are already more destroyed because we become low damage being hybrids for this reason many that likes magical need become full magical and stop being hybrids, so they are losing the new rework of stun for long time and the people that likes full physical damage but still was hybrids they become full physicals with this update and they become weaks in pve because don't have area damage? Is this nerf will be granted for next update I just think I won't play anymore, it really hurts me, I am a freeplay because in my country I can't buy miracle coins so I get all with effort and I have 10 months saving a lot of things and making my chief stronger, then I finally built my chieftain for be stronger and we get nerf? So you telling that I have 10 months of my life threw to the trash just because sentinnels are crying all the time? And sorry I don't want touch this topic of sentinnels but ¡is the true! all the time we get any buff or we are strongers than sentinnels ¡they just cry for all! I really think this things I told is bad get fix because is very unfair for freeplayers, you guys making this very very good game become to game type "pay to win"? No bro... I no want this for a good game... Greetings and I really hope fix this as soon as possible...
  15. Здравствуйте. Недавно начал играть за некроманта. Что ему нужно прокачивать? Играть в основном планирую пве, но сборка для пвп меня тоже интересует
  16. Hi! All. In view of "[2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News", I have decided to add my thoughts on skill suggestions for Templar. There is about a month...maybe more, when the rebalance happens. Logically, I am skeptical to what extent any of suggestions listed will be considered/implemented given the short time frame... To note, the below contents are based on my perspective. Readers are free to agree/disagree with this post. My suggestions will be based on overall gameplay (levelling to 18, unlocking the experts and finally reaching endgame) General suggestions for the class, have been noted after going over each skill. Basic Skills Blame [Review]: This skill shines best with staff from a dps perspective. It adds a good stun if the target has stepped on 'Touch of Truth' area effect. However, its more or less useless for mace build from a dps perspective. [Suggestions]: I feel the damage should scale based on both physical and magic attack stats. As the main damage skill when starting out, I feel the Cooldown should be reduced a bit. Grace [Review]: Arguably the 'bread and butter' skill of Templar. It offers very good percentage increase to physical and magic stats. Not to mention the nice looking animation aura. However, the issue with this is, it does not last long. The player has to constantly spam it even when maxed to 5/5. [Suggestions]: I feel it should not be spammed over and over again. On this from overall game play I suggest any one of the following improvements: i. Increase in Duration....or ii. Make it a passive skill with reduced stats...or iii. Skill with constant energy consumption with reduced stats...or iv. Completely replace it with a healing skill that can be cast on others. While this may seem like a Paladin heal...I feel most of Templar heals are not straightforward. Stun proc heals have lot of RNG involved while Mantra of healing disables the target from combat. Combat Support [Review]: Its quite useful now in both PVP and PVE, once maxed to 5/5. [Suggestions]: Either reduce the Cool down or Increase the duration of skill. Fine as it is. Whirlwind of Repentance [Review]: The only aoe skill for Templar (excluding talent skill - 'Defense in Attack'). Its useful only in mace build. And more or less useless when using staff. [Suggestions]: I feel the damage should scale based on both physical and magic attack stats. And it should be a ranged aoe skill. As this will help a lot when playing with staff. Reverse Flow [Review]: The trademark skill of Templar. Its quite effective and fun in wars, pvp and Gvg. [Suggestions]: Either the Cooldown should be reduced or duration should be increased. In addition, I feel the push effect should not be resisted, in the event stun fails. Expert Skills Harad's Teachings [Review]: This passive is completely dependent on stun procs. Without a successful stun, its useless. The heal is not very helpful, given its based on position of the character and a small percentage of magic stat. The damage is based on physical attack stat, which is negligible when playing with staff. [Suggestions]: Instead of being dependent on stun, its best, if the buff procs based on various skills used like Mage's "Overload" or Chieftain's "Clan's Help" passive skills. In addition, in place of damage proc, I would suggest, the heal that occurs also restores energy in addition to health, given Templar, uses up lot of energy on its skills. Mantra of Healing [Review]: Very situational and quite useful Overall. [Suggestions]: In current meta, I think its good as it is. Touch of Truth [Review]: Its useful in PVP. At max level it gives a reasonable period of silence. However, its best used when using mace. Quite useless with staff. While its the opener for getting stun proc with Blame, stun in general gets resisted a lot. [Suggestions]: This skill should become ranged. In order to make it applicable when playing with staff. In addition, I feel it should have a debuff for reducing defense stats for a limited time, to make it more viable for either pve or pvp. Sucker Punch [Review]: The highest single target burst skill for Templar when using mace. Used with 'Reverse Flow', it causes a 'ping-pong' effect on the target (which is fun to watch when it procs!!). Unfortunately, its useless for staff players from a dps perspective. The throw effect is helpful only if the target is within range. [Suggestion]: I feel the usage range should be increased to 2 to 3 yards mainly to benefit staff users. And damage should scale on both physical and magic stats. Deity Statue [Review]: Its more or less useless in any scenario. Apart from being a decoy of sorts when used on general mobs or to distract charmer pets in arena. The damage absorption is not useful. [Suggestions]: I feel this skill can be made similar to a Totem. Players standing near it, get some useful buffs like increased health/energy regeneration, skill cooldown speed, etc Branded by the Sun [Review]: Good aoe aggro skill which gives a heal marker. Unfortunately, the heal marker might me taken up by a different part member, if their attack speed is higher. [Suggestions]: As this is the only aggro skill in Templar's arsenal, the cooldown has to be reduced. In addition the 'Stigma' debuff could be changed to have effect similar to Paladin's "Sun Seal". Onslaught [Review] Another very good physical dps skill. And a much needed gap closer for Templar. Unfortunately, its useless with staff. [Suggestion]: Unfortunately I'm unable to think of anything to improve it. Given the other skills, I think its good as it is. Power of the Heaven [Review]: It gives decent buffs for either mace/staff build. However, it consumes lot of mana. Personally I prefer Merman equipment buffs than using this skill. [Suggestions]: Its best to make this a passive skill. Particle of Life [Review]: While the AI of Pet may require improvement, its a very good dps skill that works in any build. [Suggestions]: In current meta, I think its good as it is. General suggestions on Templar gameplay: a. Templar skill sets consume lot of energy. Would suggest if the overall consumption can be reduced. Now granted, all classes consume energy. However, I personally felt, unless I have a very huge energy pool, I had to constantly use energy pots. b. Templar, as I understand it was based on stun stat and its procs for healing. Unfortunately in the current meta, stun is easily resisted in general. This as a result, effects the survivability of the class. I would suggest a rework of the stun stat in general. Thinking again, I think its fine as it is in regards to stun stat. I guess that concludes my thoughts on this topic. (Changes made in violet after thinking about it again.)
  17. TEMPESTADE DE AREIA: evoca uma zona 7×7 diminuindo a precisão, velocidade de ataque e recarga de habilidade dos inimigos em X% por 8 segundos.(uma possível adição é causar dano mágico periódico ou cura aos aliados) Dentro desta zona o mascote Espírito da Areia ganha um bônus adicional de força mágica de 5%/10%/15%/20%. Números ilustrativos.(Substituindo a estátua da deidade) AREIA MOVEDIÇA: lança uma zona 3×3 que prende os inimigos no local. (Substituindo o fluxo reverso) Essa sugestão de skills foi algo antigo e hoje vi que é possível substituir skills atuais por elas sem perder tanto o sentido.
  18. Hi! All. In view of "[2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News", I wish to share my suggestions on improving the class overall from my perspective. I've not played warlock much after unlocking all experts at Lv 18. And I have yet to reach endgame with my char, as I am not finding it fun to play when comparing it with mage. So my suggestions will be around what the class needs to be comparable to its counterpart the 'Mage'. Suggestions The Warlock lacks good survivability overall. While "Grimoire + Draining Health" combo does generate reasonable Heal over time at higher levels...I find its not very reliable, if the skill gets dodged/resisted. As for Stone body, its more of an emergency skill and it does not last long. So hence, I suggest improving the Steal Health skill for a consistent heal over time. Again some may argue, that the control skills offset survival. But I feel control skills are not reliable especially at end game content when most of players or bosses have high resist stats. The Warlock needs some of its experts to be passives. Currently it has no passive expert skill (excluding Class Talents and Classless Skill books). There are just too many active skills. The AOE potential of the class needs to be improved.
  19. Descidi fazer este post nessa seção pois irei colocar algumas sugestões para mais de uma classe. Acredito que o jogo está proximo de um bom balanceamento no quesito GvGs, mas falta algumas coisas para ambos os lados, para melhorarem suas capacidades, além de que existem diversas classes com uma utilidade baixa demais para esse tipo de conteudo, que vem aumentado a cada atualização do WS. Tentarei suprir algum ponto negativo da classe bem como da facção usando algumas das sugestões a seguir. DRUIDA Árvore das Estações ALCANCE: 4m MANA: X CD: 30s EFEITO: Posiciona uma árvore mágica na área (5x5) por 14s, a cada 3s a árvore aplica um efeito negativo nos inimigos por 4s, alternando entre um efeito negativo de atk e negativo de defesa. DEBUFF DE ATK: Diminuição de Precisão, Penetração e Acerto Crítico DEBUFF DE DEF: Diminuição de Defesa Física, Mágica e Esquiva Esse é um esquema do padrão de aplicação de debuff da árvore. A intenção com essa habilidade é melhorar o poder dos druidas em confrontos de larga escala, bem como proporcionar aos sentinelas um pouco de poder ofensivos em debuffs. Essa habilidade foi pensada como um análogo do ''Totem da Fraqueza'' dos xamãns. Esse é um exemplo de como a arvore poderia ser, uma árvore mais simples, para evitar poluição visual, a cor da arvore poderia alternar a cada 3s para refletir seu efeito. WARDEN (GUARDA) Estandarte de Nuadu RANGE: 3m MANA: X CD: 30s EFEITO: Coloca uma bandeira na área selecionada (5x5), a bandeira aplica o efeito negativo ''Vigiado'' aos inimigos. Esse efeito negativo reduz o parâmetro de penetração dos inimigos e os silência sempre que eles usarem uma habilidade, também causa dano aos inimigos quando silenciados. DETALHES: O efeito ''Vigiado'' pode ser resistido, fazendo com que o inimigo ignore totalmente os efeitos da bandeira. Esse efeito faz com que os inimigos na área percam penetração, e caso eles usem uma habilidade recebem dano e são silenciados por um breve instante. O ponto com essa habilidade é fazer com que o guarda tenha uma habilidade mais voltada para o PvP, além de melhorar a classe para confrontos em grupo. Essa é a bandeira do paladino, a bandeira do warden poderia ser similar, alterando as cores para representar o warden, bem como trocando o simbolo do marte, pelo símbolo dos Guardas. MAGO Inferno Flamejante RANGE: 5m MANA: X CD: 25s EFEITO: O mago marca uma área (5x5), após 3s um grande meteoro cai no local, causando dano mágico aos inimigos e reduzindo a defesa mágica deles. DETALHES: Uma habilidade similar a de alguns boss como o Olmo negro, onde o inimigo tem algum tempo de reação. Essa habilidade causaria um bom dano mágico, e reduziria a defesa mágica dos inimigos. Algo que os sentinelas não possuem. CHARMER (ENCANTADOR) Demônio das Profundezas RANGE: 3m MANA: X CD:30s EFEITO: Evoca um monstro no local selecionado (5x5) por 15s, o monstro causa dano mágico aos inimigos a cada 3s e os silência por um pequeno instânte. DETALHES: A duração do PET pode ser aumentada pela habilidade ''Pacto Demoniaco''. O pet possui vida e pode ser morto, a vida do pet é equivalente a vida do lançador ->100% da vida, 100% da vida, 150% da vida, 200% da vida. O lacaio não pode se mover nem ser atordoado. Esse é um exemplo de como poderia ser o visual do demônio convocado pela habilidade, algumas mudanças nas cores para roxo/preto para refletir melhor a skill do encantador. NECROMANTE Purificação Proscrita RANGE: 5m MANA: X CD: 30s EFEITO: O necromante remove todos os efeitos negativos dos aliados na área selecionada (5x5), e aumenta as defesas física e mágicas dos aliados, o valor de defesa aumenta para cada efeito negativo removido. DETALHES: Remove efeitos negativos e aumenta a defesa, para cada efeito negativo removido, o valor de defesa aumenta. Exemplo: Aumenta 20% das defesas + 5% para cada efeito negativo removido. Com a adição de alguns debuffs para o lado sentinelas, o lado legião iria precisar de alguma habilidade para tentar combate-los.
  20. Estava fazendo Coliseu Difícil com um colega, e no final da masmorra, faltando cerca de 3 minutos, quando estávamos no Boss (já haviamos consumido revives, pots, 2 vigores, reparo..), todas as skills (minhas e dele) foram bloqueadas, e ao final do tempo, fomos expulsos da masmorra mesmo sem clicar nada. Isso nunca havia ocorrido antes, mas foi bastante frustrante, espero que encontrem uma forma de corrigir.
  21. Good morning Maybe I will start with the fact that when I remember, I played healers, my adventure has been going on for several years (I mean healers, I mean druid, shaman, priest, necromancer) in the game, the variety of characters is large, at the beginning it might seem that the priest is an analogous class to necro, shaman to druid, only the skills differ slightly, initially this is how the similarities begin to blur, and it is known that the greater the variety, the harder it is to balance. Currently, out of these 4 classes, necromancer seems to be the weakest when it comes to pvp and maybe in pve, although its ailment is mainly visible in pvp, lately, thinking about what could be changed, I came up with a few ideas, we do not want to make necromancer a class that will beat everyone, because that would not be good, there should be some counter for each class. I will give my suggestions and try to somehow argue why such a change would be useful, I encourage you to discuss and share your thoughts. Lets start it! Infection: Now instead of lowering defense, the skill increases the damage received by the target by 10-12-15-18%. The effect lasts for X seconds, after this time, it exposes damage around it, additionally, after the explosion, it silences for X seconds (The skill has become more useful after the recent changes, but still feels deficient, necro has only 2 control skills, nightmares which is not stun but only long sleep, and fear, silence sound good, not aoe just for target who had infection, combo faithful + infection could work still, just need to set max amount of player affected we dont want make whole guild silence by 1 necro). Dark Power: Increased the buff to physical and magical power: from 5-7-10-15%, to 9-12-15-18%. Additionally, necromancer gets 3/6/9/12% penetration, team members get half the effect (or crit power instead of pene) Poisonous Shield: Now skill additionally, it increases the player's magic and physical defense by 10/20/30/40% ( Skill puts the necromancer or tank at risk, incorrectly used can cause trouble, increasing defense could reduce the risk) Deathly Eye Complete skill change, necromancer summons serpent that deals magic damage (Action like Water Elemental druid, you can prioritize what target to attack with Poison Spittle. (It used to be able to change the fate of the fight for world bosses, now it is on the sidelines, now it only serves to launch a relic that gives resist (which is also unbalanced that you can, with a bit of luck, have a resist every 2 seconds) It would give a bit of freshness, and certainly would match the necromancer profile that is the summoner).
  22. Recentemente (cerca de 1 ano ou mais) o jogo teve uma melhoria muito grande no quesito guildas, com o lançamento dos gvgs fixos as guildas comecaram a exigir mais de seus jogadores, como a mudança da build de skills para algo que ajude a guilda em combate massivo PvP, infelizmente para algumas classes essa mudança significa sacrificar habilidade muito importantes para outros aspectos do jogo (como o PvE e PvP de arenas), o que muitas vezes acaba reduzindo muito a procura dessas classes para diferentes conteudos do endgame. A proposta aki é simples, adicionar uma pagina extra de habilidades, onde vc poderia fazer duas builds de skills diferentes para usar em situações diferenes a sua escolha. Deveria haver algumas limitações para evitar problemas em cenarios como arenas ou dungeons, onde vc poderia simplesmente fazer builds especificas e usar ambas na mesma instancia ou arena. Uma exemplo de restrição seria: Limitar a troca das páginas apenas dentro de cidades (locais onde existem uma estátua de aparecimento) A idéia é que não haja impedimentos baseado em tempo, pois a intenção é que um jogador pve, possa mudar sua build sómente para ir pvp ou gvg, e trocar novamente para o pve, por exemplo um priest podendo upar habilidades de suporte para o pve ou gvgs, e habilidades de controle para o pvp, sem precisar gastar um livro toda vez que descidir se aventurar em novos desafios. Com essa mudança o livro de skills passaria a resetar apenas uma das paginas de habilidades.
  23. Guys who can add a guide of all skills of the Chieftain? I mean a guide of the skills of how it work at [1/4], [2/4], [3/4] and [4/4] I really apreciate who do it
  24. Having the database to measure one's is very helpful, few things I would like to suggest. Adding the skills of character within the database would be crazy helpful, for clear goal of a build. Pressing the skill button will activate the skill and it's stats attributes will be added to the attributes menu. This will greatly help everyone to have a crystal clear build without having to wait every time to test on test server to see the percentage of stats altogether. There is a misinforming physical damage number on lvl 30 maces where you put the Crystal of Goodness in. Please kindly fix it.
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