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  1. +1 Same thing at sex :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  2. NO CONNEEEEECTTT!! :diablo: :cray: my brother got in already but i cant get in! :shok: Still its insanly good updates!!! :lol:
  3. ahahhahahhaaa :D sooo low 32 :facepalm: even my druid hits more 2lvl 8) hahahahaa :lol: ROFL :crazy:
  4. juoppoja

    Skill build

    if you want read this then do it blue? 8) i got dark shield 1 and it protects most of bds hamstring and barbarians chop it reduces some of hamstring but mostly maes chop to hit 0's all the way :drinks: Dumbs dont know how to read this :crazy: :facepalm:
  5. lol you cant compare different classes skills on that way cuz if u rly know how to use bd and barb its totally different skill! :crazy:
  6. Its good to do all the bosses with good party in one day, it were easiest when the NORLANT SWAMPS came becouse everybody were there so not pro players killing you on the way to boss :crazy: :pleasantry: I failed the lake becouse my battery was dying (ws takes my battery down even its charging) Just when lake elemental had 2k lifes then screen went black! Time to take my brothers battery in use! then we killed it again when some mc's were disturbing :pardon: :mega_shok: :pleasantry:
  7. How i can join clan? :facepalm: 8) Im 16lvl dk ;D rising :drinks: Krisiun - The Extremist oohh yeah and EU-EMERALD
  8. Nice 8) Hassn is finnish character? :yahoo: :yahoo: SUOMI Its more harder do chainless with mc than elf :diablo: :crazy:
  9. Hahhahahaha :crazy: Remember being noob too :yahoo: I would say at dont buy any weapons at 1-10lvl (if you will not be 10lvl arena user) :spiteful: When you are lvl 9 buy armor set becouse it will be good for levels before 15. :drinks: Then when you get to Ilsenort you should have something like 5k? depends how many times you keep dying :crazy: When you get to second island buy 12lvl 2h axe from market if you get cheap from there? And the glowing is Amplifications you can amplifice to 3 without sign (4 is possible but pretty high risk at item disappears) and you can use sign of impershability for ensuring your item for not being --> broken, lost or amplification minus. :diablo: And one example is at use more signs than yoiu would have to use becouse i lost my arena spear at +1 to +2 amp... Now few hundred arena points to second spear! haha ;D Hope this helped you somehow sorry for bad english :dirol: ;D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YLJWhpZsoA&feature=endscreen
  10. Be brave and say ur chainless doing time? :facepalm: :'( :drinks:
  11. yeah thanx! Now ill try to play it again becouse stopped playing at the paladin :D Th ;)
  12. CROSSFIT u rule!!! :yahoo: I got same kind of story too haha :rofl: But im still noob lvl 15 dk well, today will be 16lvl! :crazy: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
  13. Ill vote most hated elf in EU is LIKEABAUS annoying as duck :diablo: :crazy: :drinks: All mc's rule :rofl: :lol: :drinks:
  14. Becouse i did it with my bd in 2-3hours every boss from GG to BG! :drinks: BD's name is Juoppocash! :crazy: :dirol: :drinks:
  15. just do +++++++++++++ :diablo: The rune of defense and youll be tankerrrr!!! :friends: :diablo:
  16. :crazy: duck i need that!!! Do you really get 510mc from some ducking wifi calling shit? :bad: :dirol: :drinks: :pleasantry: thats cool :pleasantry:
  17. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: uve licked a lot of mcs on your account dude! :D Well then the glaive will be KILLEEEERRRR :crazy: :diablo: :dirol: :drinks:
  18. dam i got my heal 4 :clapping: :crazy: :drinks:
  19. G-G-G-Glaiveeeee ducks everything up!!! :diablo: :diablo: :crazy: :drinks:
  20. JUST KILL EM ALLL!!!! :diablo: And then ask my help when fail? :crazy: :drinks:
  21. :aggressive: Ummm... :facepalm: NOTHING IS HARD YOU NEED JUST L2P 8) :crazy: :dirol: :drinks:
  22. WeWeWEwEEWeWeweweWewEWEWEweWEwEeEE!!!! :crazy: Were gonna have some fun time with thes mofo pumpinks :shout: :diablo: :aggressive: :diablo: :diablo: :drinks:
  23. juoppoja

    Mage combo

    MA[/color]G[/color]E[/color]S [/color]A[/color]R[/color]E [/color]S[/color]T[/color]R[/color]O[/color]N[/color]G! :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :drinks:
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