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  1. where this fits in > > the guy is cheap. i can be stingy at times but i'll support an opportunity for windows mobile gaming online. let the guy find another online game to play on his own.
  2. :give_rose: valentines day and back to the game.. > still need > party for captain quest and for the wolf quest and other like bosses
  3. you are missing something. i too thought thesame thing at one point
  4. write

    HELLO! :)

    Hurry and get to playing on sapphire
  5. : i had tried to catch u back on
  6. Pm write in game on sapphire server
  7. :clapping: got the best staff and working on second ring
  8. write

    Add to forums!

    rite but they aren't always in the same areas. we stay in > party most of the time
  9. :good: this is write and i approve of this message
  10. use the force or your mini map>
  11. :aggressive: anybody else with the awesome htc pro? certainly the occasional wait of > few seconds may be for where > installed it. memcard instead of main mem> but its > really good rating on my windows mobile 6.1 nodded phone. by the way > use my wii to access the forums
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