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  1. Snubear

    sulla quit?

    oh,so it just a joke haha. xD :lol: Glad it wasn't real because he act like he got hacked..x).
  2. Snubear

    p2p server

    [shadow=red,left]Not too much but too over,i never play a game that is greedy like this. >.>" only care about cash..cash..cash.at least make boss drop sphere to balanced the game..or boss drop shop stuff.[/shadow]
  3. Good choices,who wanna be the best..xD. Had fun is more important than having immortality. :lol:
  4. I would said: For Fb(first born)- Tankers-Paladin and blade dancer. Dps-Ranger and Mage Supporters-Priest and druid. For mc- Tankers-barbarian and death knight Dps-Rogue and Warlock Supporters-Shaman and necromancer. I prefer melee class because when using a phone,it's hard to kite players. I would choose death knight or blade dancer. :D
  5. Ok,keep it up guys. I wanna see more unique build. *Playing spiral knight*...*damn problem on updating warspear*
  6. Zip-archive never works for me.
  7. So what you gonna do inside the circus?Just walking around and kill by the skeleton guy that ohko you? x) Anyway,what's up with the infinite hall?o.O you went there as a punishment?lol i die 50times already within a sec just enter a portal then being transport there.
  8. Turn off your certification and change calender date to 4month ago. Clearly it wasn't my lucky day too,this update is a mess up..i mean giving a lot of trouble to user. >.>" i hate update..i meant update should be automatically update itself when you log into the game but not calling you to reinstall everything.
  9. Oh,but i think i won't be able to ampli those weapon to +5. xD
  10. Had you try symbian and the first file? download SISX-file Mine works it just that i don't had enough memory when using my mum phone while mine went to repair. >.>' Mobile:Nokia E66
  11. So i try to update when the server go live but it just bring me to the download page to reinstall the cilent. :( Is this normal?o.O And how much mb does this update require?i got 50mb but it said not enough memory and shut down the whole program and uninstall automatically.
  12. Snubear

    sulla quit?

    he said it on mc trade chat just now....i cant get a screenshot were using iphone.he said he gonna delete sulla :(.somehow i ask why and he said he got hacked..is it real?
  13. Nothing,does the clan thing exist in the game? :) Or it just that you people forming a team and chat with each other?^^) sorry for my dumbness..
  14. So even a tank is not require to max exhast?So what skill should i max first when i got my shield skill max?and isn't exhast the only stun skill for dk?o.O and range grabbing one..:P I'm thinking of making a tanking dk but i'm afraid that i can't do much thing without a dps friends. :facepalm: especially in arena player like bd and rogue..once stun i die within a sec.
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