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  1. i finally downloaded ver 3.8 with no certificate error problems. But the game always force close when i click enter. Wtf.. Whew.
  2. Certificate error for symbian users.. I tried setting the certificate on/off, but still not woking.
  3. The next update will be great.. Because we will be able to see the weekly contribution of each guild member.
  4. Tol admiral, malapit na ko sumunod sa yo.. Anyways, why was i demoted? Maybe you guys should ask ezioasin because we see each other online at ws EVERYDAY. And besides, my timezone is different from most members here.Sad to see veteran members leaving clan or being kicked. Hope there will be a much systematic approach in dealing with such problems.
  5. its funny that new members in guild become heirs after a couple of weeks in main guild.. But the people who put hard work since DAY ONE were left out.
  6. Next update will be awesome.. Guild quests, guild levels, guild skills and capture castle. Lets show 'em, guys. =D
  7. i say yes to Ezioasin. Btw, is the guild in game, full already?
  8. Wow, paladin vs Dk.. Nice layout. Guildwars here we come. :D
  9. Nice. Hopefully, update will come a few days from now.
  10. I go random 99% with my lvl 20 at 5x5..
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