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  1. Paladin dont have defense buff, in this case is cause he have better equis/amp/enchants then you.
  2. Im waiting Maliat comes, as devs says theyr trying balance it again... Btw why in Suport? :snorlax:
  3. Wow more 2 skills points. But it will have new skills? If yes will come with Maliat?
  4. Errrrr.... I think 95% of gankers dont use Forum... :snorlax:
  5. I prefer random x random and party x party
  6. So many equips to get... :'(
  7. Dota is a "map" from Warcraft, Wow was made after it with base on Warcraft.
  8. Why demonologist back? :unknw: Devs always change aa boss, to make their costumes rare after some time. And i dont realy think Joker drop any costume, that costume with his sprite is droped in mini bosses. Have 3 Jokers in aa, but just 1 of them drop card, i think who kill it is 100% too. Its hard just cause ppl make pt full of high amped and get it. About new quest, would be good, but devs wont make it go on in 1 month
  9. Downloading TheWalkingDead S04E02 while wait :drinks:
  10. I think its not easy make all accounts of all diferents servets in just one, and all ppl in warspear in a litle island
  11. Cause they made energy used increase each skill lvl.
  12. This already had been suggested many times, but devs dont want it.
  13. Fawlks

    New G.M??

    Its not a gm or hack, just a bug
  14. Lol root is already op, what u want more?
  15. For those whos saying its one or other person, we all know those "persons" were copied of someone, and many used it. Why our game cant do same? Nice job devs :clapping: Now just need release ayvondill and all will be happy :drinks:
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