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  1. I don't want to see bds become another season 2 kassadin omg then a harsh nerf. Still gets banned a lot.
  2. I see where your coming from . They're more like a... Katarina now lol.
  3. A bd in league of legends terms is what you call a highly fed, adc, tank, bruiser, dps, mage, self-support, top lane, mid lane, every lane domination destruction machine. But this isn't enough... Please devs give bds gunblades and axes that nuke when hit. infact... They actually might!
  4. By that time forsaken should be nothing but a myth.
  5. If amping is the only thing to fix a necro's problem then just kiss goodbye to this class. "veterans" aren't giving any other ways to get through, no pointers... Just amp amp amp. You guys can't be that shallow minded. Now that this game is f2p, telling people to use money when they preferably don't ever use money on a game is stupid. Despair not every necro that plays this game are wallet warlords like you that made it pretty far in the game.
  6. You my friend... Is very relentless. GG WP! I give up. Instead of helping you give your retarded solutions? I take back calling you a veteran. Your just a nobody.
  7. Come on bro you can give a better answer than that, right? You know not every on this game has money right? Thus use money for (a lot of pots) when they can have a trusty reliable necro do the healing job for them, oh wait... They can't, can they? Those good "free walking pots"days are over because necros (on the US server) are endangered species on the verge of becoming extinct.
  8. Oh bro you should see sapphire people crying on chat for hours trying find a necro "necro for six shadow pm me fast!!!", "necro for hard/heroic pm me!!", "necro for lab pm fast!" have some sympathy on these poor people just trying to advance but they can't... Why don't you make that same necro on the US server and help em all? seeing as the class in fine for you .
  9. The only problem i have with this is the amount of necros now... There barely are any... Despair melfice admit it! you havent explained why there are barely any necros playing nowadays. So tell us, are all those necro players rubbish low amped losers which don't know how to play thier class like veterans like despair and melfice? Or is there another problem lurking around here? Heh...
  10. Ricochet bolts: When activated the normal attack of the mage gets enhanced to go through enemies the first hit will do normal damage then the damage gets lowered every enemy hit (can only ricochet off 4 enemies at once, once those 4 enemies have been hit then it stops there till the next normal attack). These bolt can crit at anytime and the active time is for 5 seconds. Every level up, 0.5 seconds will be added.
  11. Looking through these posts i can understand what is going on. I've started a necro because i didn't want to be left behind, shall i tell you what i mean by that? My dk can't do astral (barely any necro). My dk can't do tower (barely any necro). My dk can't finish six shadows (know why?). And i wont even start with CL. These are the long term effects that will take place if necros were to they way they are now. We won't have our "support class" then will we? Mcs are strugling with all these things and can't be able to advance because of the devs are doing. Halloween this year might even be a problem if this sticks.
  12. 1. Thanks again 2. It's random everyday so if you don't finish a quest you started...eventually if your lucky you might find that quest again. 3. Well bro i guess more quests is ok but i only thought 3 for the difficulties and for the machine slot looks. What number do you have in mind? And Please explain why. Thank you once aain.
  13. I think this is a good idea and it would be nice to see people contibute towards this hopefully a lot of people will notice this. Anyway here is my idea: Special daily quests! The idea is everyday you get three quests but you can only pick one of them. The way it looks can look like a slot machine it spins then gives you the quest and you have to do this quest in 24 hours then it resets, if you don't finish the quest before the resets then its deleted and you hafta do the new given quests if you finish it you hafta wait the next day from the same time you started your last quest. You can also spin it again but it will cost you 200 mcoins. Now these 3 quests can be random and can be anything but the more difficult the quest the more better the reward here are some examples: Quest 1, 2 and 3 Quest 1: craft a lvl 10 item (any lvl 10 item) and the reward could be an essense or 2 or gold or crimson corrundum etc. Quest 2: Win in the arena 50 times, reward: can be weapons, armor, gold, corrundum, mcoin, custumes, skins, essenses, catalysts... Its random and endless (no pots or food!) And quest 3 could be... Finish all your daily quests given today and the reward can be to get a rare costume (hopefully competition costumes etc can be included ) The rewards and quests change everytime... They can be easy and they can be really hard for people who like a challenge and crave for the reward. These quests can be given to any lvl 1-24. Quests for lvl 1s could be finish 10 quests. Sell an item on the market or win in the arena a couple of times. This gives a chance for lower levels to build up crimson corrundum and build it to once they reach a high level they have saved enough for a costumes or something or could be a way to gain extra gold, better armor possibilities are endless! So who ever read this thanks for noticing my idea and hopefully a lot of people could add ideas and make this better anyway they can. Thank you!
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