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  1. The skill is op much and mages don't need more op skills, my answer is given in the sake of balance.
  2. x

    New costumes !

    The costume drops from here, bro.
  3. x


    True Nestly, but that doesn't happen a lot anymore. Everyone is busy these days in questing for guilds and farming dungeons @ Ayvondil and like that. You have to come back and see things.
  4. Delete what you said before some dudes kill you for this idea. Sorry, but I disagree on this. Good luck!
  5. ☬๓ęçђą-↯-şąเұąŋ☬, Congrats!
  6. It would be awesome if they made the totem a 1 target damage, not an AoE damage. I would be thankful for that! lol
  7. x

    Player Profile

    It has been suggested and agreed on it, but not implemented. I still agree and like it.
  8. Nestly said it all, you can do that transfer way, but any lost items during the transfer operation is your responsibility, not Aigrind's.
  9. It has been suggested and everyone agreed on it before as this too.
  10. I was doing sth that time and forgot it like that.
  11. x

    X's Arena Gallery

    I will just put these and leave the place....
  12. I will leave this here for future questions.

  14. Idc, I don't even play those servers.
  15. r0land, Alright, very good. Ty for having this conversation with you dude.
  16. Not bad, but it will only work with born islands' maps only!
  17. Just higher up your resilience and you gonna see the difference, and what Nestly said is right. Resilience is for PvP, not PvE.
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    Few notes about this topic for everyone: 1 - Sorry, I won't post happy birthday posts anymore or edit the 1st post with this month's birthdays, anyone can do it instead of me is welcome. 2 - You will find no-URL link-accounts with bold color only, these are np because their accounts have been removed but they wrote their names before. 3 - the list has been re-organised on the birth dates. 4 - You can lock this post if you want or do whatever you want in it, sorry for everyone, but I got my reasons for doing such a thing. Thanks for understanding!
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    It has been a long time lol, I have to revive this topic. Happy birthday everyone, starting from Marchers, Smallizal, Catalonia, Welhocity and nikdevil. Going to Aprilers, DutchHero, dtigerr, old friend RiP, and rajadx! Mayers, happy birthday to baskentliii, MasterNgupil, and PapaTroll! Lastly the Juners, happy birthday to Loveshaman, lisaluv the old hunter and our lovely game, Warspear Online for the 7th year, ....
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