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  1. Fiery


    Thanks guys for the warm welcome :friends: I got to say that this game is marvelous! Nice gameplay, nice.community Warspear rocks! :drinks:
  2. Ahh i see Thanks man for the explanation :friends:
  3. Is is triggered by our attacks or the enemy's attack? So the skill came up when we attack 4 times, or when the enemy attacks 4 times?
  4. Is that what the new expert skill do? Wow that sounds awesome! Mages are awesome indeed! Thanks skiney for the response :drinks:
  5. Hey guys, so i'm new in this game, and i played as a mage So i read in the forum, alot of people saying that mage is not that good in this update So i wanna ask, what is the pros and cons, strongs and weaknesses of mage in this update? Please answer so i can better my mage and be a good mage Thanks all :friends:
  6. Fiery


    Hello guys, i'm new here in the game and forum :drinks: My ingame name is Fierymage, lvl 10, server Emerald ;D So i hope we all can have a good time here in the forum and in the game :friends: And if you meet me in the game, say hi to me :yahoo: Nice to meet you all :drinks:
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