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  1. Emerald started to become a very mystic server O:-)
  2. Beautiful !! Very nice story we-end :clapping: I knew that the world of Arinar was not come out of nothing in a sudden moment.. I was feeling that there was a divine reason for this journey ;) And neither mc nor the fb is to blame, seems like the real enemy is still in the deep underground :bomb: Thank you very much striderman! ::) ::) I can't wait for the rest let me see if i can handle with my googish after translating it ;)
  3. Gratz ::) I would love to read that, if it would be in English :)
  4. no clans yet, just the friends you owe your life :drinks:
  5. pyre

    The FoF Clan Book

    :) And all welcome Brad to the warspear ;)
  6. nice old days.. during this screenshot i was kicking fairies in the village i guess... So, the best part of the next update for emerald server is .... ... that we won't see Slay too much naked anymore hopefully !! :facepalm:
  7. No need to keep/transfer the file with login details. As Mioco's post, you can set the email and password from the below menu:
  8. If your phone memory is limited, try to move the install file to memory card, and install on phone memory. Maybe you are out of space in phone memory?
  9. let's make a competition to decide a competition subject. you guys moderate it, to make practise for later on ;) Btw, literature competition means, now in russian there is a storyline? Or just the texts for the quests etc..?
  10. pyre


    A new server should be emerged!
  11. pyre


    5000!? Lets make 2500 of them FB and the rest MC then :) And keep away from my berries and mushroooms!!! :diablo: :diablo:
  12. I am practising on my googish language:) let me translate it for u Kuz ;) At the moment, players from Vietnam is selecting this server due to its definition. I started to play at the beginning, but later in the game it is not possible to go on , since the population is too low. So is it possible to remove (VN) in the definition, so players from all countries in this region may select this server, not only the Vietnamese players..
  13. just seen.. happy birthday !
  14. U serious Marshall !? U can't get rid fo us soo easy I hope :)
  15. pyre

    The FoF Clan Book

    :drinks: Please don't forget to add me on friend list too ;) :drinks: himm some of them seems like delicious food names to me??
  16. Some foods also have the "regen effect" for a period of time in addition to the heal. Untill the effect consumes, it will appear there ;)
  17. pyre

    HELLO! :)

    Welcome Teddy :) & thanks for all your help in the enemy territory ;) ( i feel uncomfortable still in goddorath! )
  18. i missed an en epic screenshot. :facepalm: Last day I was in a party with highlander-wrecker in good fame island !!! :diablo: That happened after both me and team member got dc, and when I logged back, there he was!!
  19. pyre

    Standard Time

    also maybe in game.. show settings than show date & time. Or even a date like this : 13 of Harad 1012 after war of spear 15:00! So , we can have day & night in game ( in the future maybe some monsters appear in night or may be used for roleplaying) The people of the irselnort may have a storyline and history and we will now how much our char has gotten old in his adventures. Icee the ranger who makes thinks as complicated as possible :)
  20. Welcome Marshal btw to forums :) like a wind ;)
  21. himm , will always remember him standing still without moving. Hugs anyway. Sometimes i log just for wandering around to help others, and i have seen the similiar attitudes also from other players. So i love the community in warspear :)
  22. pyre

    Arena :D

    very nice to immagine :) Also , can you please allow the chat between opposite factions inside the arena :)
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