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  1. Tis' True. That sounds brutal dude, farming fairy's is not the best way to make money either. Maybe initially, but really it doesn't matter that much. Just do quests and keep loot from quests buy all STR+ Gear and you will be just about as well off as this guy. Gold hoarders like this fool are gonna push prices up on gear in the update.
  2. Agreed. We don't need people around that aren't willing to support the developers indefinitely. I am gonna keep my subscription for a year and watch improvements.
  3. Oh yeah... Why no guild chat? Or friends list AT LEAST. Everyone in the community wants that basic feature.
  4. The argument I am making comes from a development point of view. We are in beta now to figure out the most important thing to implement next and IF you want to play and pay 3 bones... you can. This is not a polished product but it in works. The problems you have are minor tweaks that will be dealt with in time. This game is probably made by 1 or 2 coders and a pixel artist, maybe a few mappers. Chill out and give it some time. They definitely needed more content on startup, but at this point you can choose to support them or keep ♥♥♥♥♥ing. Lets just say, they already know everything you said is repeated daily. The forums are not a proper representation of how many people purchased the game.
  5. I agree, that would be nice.
  6. These people need to make money from this its a big project. It is by far one of the most advanced games out there. Its not a shitty ass clone RPG for 6.99. Its an MMO that is cross-platformed, excellent graphics, excellent animations, variety in mobs, a decent combat system. This costs to maintain, add features etc... Quit ♥♥♥♥♥ing about paying for it you paid 3 dollars bud.
  7. I agree with this, it doesn't really make the game easier, wondering around looking for quests is pointless, at some point people are going to make guides for all of them. After that it might has well of just been on the map since it already shows you EXACTLY what to do for each quest.
  8. I can't be certain but head to the little outpost just east of the harbor, or head far west, past the wolves into the village. You should find quests at one of those locations with your current rep.
  9. Not really, we are beta testing right now. Look at the version of the game, they probably just wanted to release it to gain supporters and test various things, like server stabilization. I am not currently playing the game, but I will continue to subscribe because I want to see this game do well.
  10. 20k... I have a feelin your set for some of the best gear to be sold then.
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