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  1. Very good idea ! :good: :good:
  2. Yes this is the solution to my problem. I've already decided that way but thanks anyway! :drinks:
  3. Update reaches 86% and throw me out of the game My device MIO A501 with WM 5
  4. Please help me to kill Torar. Must gather 5 / 6 people. Let's get together in the exact day and hour and it finished off. Sorry for bad english I'm from Bulgaria. I welcome your suggestions for day and time! :good: EMERALD: Rogue Nick: Slavi Rep: 1014
  5. I need help for the final quest to kill Torar. For it must be at least 5 / 6 people. :drinks: EMERALD: Rogue Nick: Slavi [/size] Rep: 1014
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