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  1. What do you prefer necro or priest?
  2. I don't come to the forums much anymore but it was a pleae not suprise to see my name on the original post. Xsoulsx /wave
  3. Both have pros and cons but opposed to the other new classes I feel one of these will be the most entertaining,pertaining to arena and pvp. I'll create one tomarrow as of right now I'm unsure which help me figure this out ..help me scratch my itch. Feedback keep it positive and informative, I appriciate the time gn!
  4. Humble


    What's the update like? I have iPhone so I have no idea.. I hear some ppl are already like lvl 7? Wow! What's your opinion on the classes so far?
  5. i need guards too bro pm sympathy ingame mc healer
  6. there are no cons to barb. i have all 3 classes wilth full mc runes n barb seems to be preforming the best so far
  7. sheild is meh til block works. itssssss basicly like a ring right now w defence . 2h is pretty epic. i have both just incase
  8. Humble

    For sale!

    ill buy it pm quiteso when u see me online. thx
  9. http://static.stylemania.com/img/products/f/c/6/9/7966/adidas-marathon-10---mens---blackfresh-lemonmetallic-silver-full.jpg
  10. Humble

    For sale!

    wtb acute gladius and acute dirk whats up? hit me up in game on quiteso emerald server mc which any rogue related items and well work something out.
  11. just bought a new pair of running shoes whats up?
  12. whats ur opinion on barb rogue n shaman after update? jus curious
  13. lol , im not sad i enjoy this game :)
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