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  1. train train ! ten coaches long !
  2. Ahmadkuin from maintenance? or did he run into the church when the priest said "if anyone has anything to say.." ?!
  3. say sumthin i'm givin up on you !
  4. if you're thinkin of bein my baby it don't matter if ur black or white ! paaabaabaa paaaabaaaa how much time do you spend in the shower?!
  5. even if you're offline, you'll get Patriot achievement after 100 days !
  6. naked invasion ! didn't end well..
  7. welcome, hyper negromancer Kreation !
  8. omgomg i disobeyed an authority's request ! Xmk ! #1 PRO !
  9. he hasn't turned this into "post an insane lie about Dieinpeace"
  10. you tryin to say maintenance is not important?
  11. flying dolphins ! why did the chicken cross the road?
  12. i actualy meant TEHMERCS getting nab's achievements done for a price
  13. sounds hyper cool ! are you planin to add "achievements fur everyone with TEHMERCS" feature, or sumthin like that?
  14. grats to all the unexpected winners ! share mcoinnnnn !
  15. that would be too heavy ! bornito, it is time
  16. eats raw chickens fur breakfast ! .. oh wait this is not insane lies topic do you think it's hard to have a chicken as a pet?
  17. he's so fat that no chair can resist his weight. he sits on a pile of "how to lose weight" books instead !
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