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  1. Are we suppose to factor in unique buffs such as event potions/scrolls/foods? Heal buff skills from paladins/mermans? Or is it the intention not to have as such included? Just a thought.
  2. When amplifying, insure your amp before making an attempt with signs or mcoin. Several things may happen if you do not: Breaks item. ( item loss ). Damages item. ( Durability to 0 ) De-amp. ( current amp level is reduced by one level ) Amp fail. Amp success. Or "nothing" happens.
  3. Hate to rain on your parade, but it would make no difference if we keep it the current way or install your suggested method. If somebody is going to create more accounts, they are going to unless caught by the support team. "How?" you may ask. Like any other mmo that has the same type of requirements.. make more free email accounts.
  4. Please clarify your question and the point of this topic.
  5. These new server idea's are great, but no offense.. wouldn't you prefer the development team to spend their time on adding more quality to the game, rather than spending a lot of time building a new server and rebuilding the entire game?
  6. Unfortunately, such a feature is not available in the game at this time.
  7. Just remember that from what i have seen lately on the forum, they are asking for more feminine styles. As for idea's.. just draft the first three things that immediately come to mind, then progress from there. Think current fashion vs fantasy. Hope that helps.. dont want to make it too easy for ya
  8. No trouble at all. Updated. And yes, i liked that one lol. Creative.
  9. It's definitely true that Kiligour's outfit designs are epic, but don't sell warspears design team short. They have supplied some epic ones themselves. And remember, if we don't mix qualities, what difference is there? Yes, would love to see them in-game. Oh and Kiligour, i have a challenge for you if you would like it. See if you can design an outfit for the girls playing. I'm sure they would love to see what you could come up with.
  10. Warlocks are epic tanks for bosses that deal magical damage, such as astral labyrinth bosses b3 and up. Why? Due to dps and potential damage. But of course, they need the aid of a heal type class. As for PVP. As all casters, they are designed for ranged attacks, so yes, a smart caster tries to remain at a distance when appropriate.
  11. This topic has been moved to [Warlock]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=113576.0[/iurl]
  12. Interesting name choice i must say, but yes, it's now updated.
  13. Kiligour, You should try using Gimp 2. Once you get use to the program, its rather easy and much more efficient. Just play around with it for a while.
  14. Blueborn

    warspear 3D

    3D? Ew, no thanks.
  15. Good bump. I Still would like to see this, at least some form of it.
  16. I'v suggested this in an arena format. It's a good idea that will benefit admins and players alike. We just need more fun included into the game, and this would make a great start.
  17. Like bacon? We only have 3 active crickets. Maybe one day soon i will make a new char for sapp and come back. We shall see.
  18. Would it be any easier to have it just hide the players name/lvl/guild name? That would be the only thing that really shows where you character is.
  19. Lets stop things here before somebody decides to escalate things.
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