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  1. Lol, if quiting was an option i would quit it already.. but i am fond of this game not the people...
  2. I have his character Bokq.. I don't knw which character he plays now.. I heard that he sold my id for 20k m-coins to other person..
  3. I am normal player of Warspear from US-Shaphire realm. My character name is Bcx, 22 Level Shaman. It has been since long period around 1year, I'am playing this game. It took me so much effort and blood to build up my character. Since, I am non-miracle coin users from the beginning but this game has always been the best and I played so much. I tried alot to help people from MC clan and I did my best to be good to everyone... But, It was like yesterday, and I feel so down this days, coz I am unable to play my character anymore.. Though I play (Nikdevil, The necromancer) B
  4. :diablo: why there is no update for symbian????? Why ????? :diablo: make it quick :diablo:
  5. :diablo: this game is starting to entertain me..... :diablo:
  6. Patience ! Patience ! Patience ! Really? Tired of it !!! :facepalm:
  7. bcx


    nevermind, if u killed me when i am not doing quest... :)
  8. As you can see druid got more offensive stat than shaman, from the beginning...(LvL1) so, just to balance the stat and make equality, i guess devs made sleeping attack... Btw, its cool attack... U can make all enemy sleep in the range, bunch of enemies... :diablo: its super skill setup for crowds... To escape... Don u think?? I love the skill... :) some druid are pro....with the skill....i met them otw to nadir... Really nice... :)
  9. bcx


    :diablo: i hate some of the rangers, bd of this guild... They hunt me down when i am doing Golden Waverns quest... I hate it.... :diablo: whoever it is Please stop it... I don't bother people who kill me out bt hate it when i am doin quest... :diablo: jeezzz.. Be a Man,, dnt act gay and Hit from behind... :palmface:
  10. i will miss my Merman that I summoned to help me... :( .... :( i wish the maintence update the version for symbian :( really...
  11. bcx

    kindest player

    if u help somebody, they remember util u help them.... After that,, nobody knws u... I helped many mcs and forsaken players bt they dnt even exist now.. Coz they were elfs.. :diablo: bt honestly, nobody cares who is kind and helpful..
  12. please update for nokia too... I die most of the time coz i used up my 2 skill of Ball Lightning on Advance skill, that makes me dead :( well ball lightning is soo very weak at 3/5 skill... :( please do something... Update for symbian also.. With the costume... :(
  13. when is symbian version releasing??? :( i can't play ws in my mobile...
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