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  1. Well , as i can see in sa pearl , warspear is an offline game, can't imagine why u guys don't allow us move to another server or at least allow another players move to our server . What is the point when running a server with less than 200 players , wasting money because they won't buy anything . This is what players often do when onl a char : starring look on char ---> stay still for 2hrs ---> watch stats ---> say 'F*Ck' with some1 on world chat --> sleep . DO SOMETHING OR WE QUIT
  2. Can i transfer my rogue Mavericks to ot her server (any server that ppls speak english) ? All my friend is quit game so now i dont have any1 to talk and hunt cause no1 speak english there.
  3. What a dumb , im full +10 and ench crit , 3 shot :! I will kill u before the 3 shot release from u . U will kill urself when att me with my lighting shield enable
  4. Who's cute noob? :! Huh? Fat boy , if u can transfer ur shitty ranger to SA Pearl i will kill u like cockroach with my shaman
  5. What an egotistic fat pig ! U will be slaughtered instead of kill brs and vns . A pig might be smarter than u
  6. Are you guys still maintenance server -_- ? I use pc and still lag , cant even see info about guild in tournament
  7. I just need to trade item between 2 factions to sell sd xbow and sd bow ;D
  8. :yahoo: wee gratz WoaiHM ,next time we will get 1st prize 8) but costume of this tournament is ugly :facepalm:
  9. symbian will have to wait a month to get new update -.-
  10. Weee WoaiHM win rank 3 ;D not too bad for a guild with 10 members farming . MC rule :diablo:
  11. Give symbian unsigned version and a guide how to hack symbian phone. My phone have already hacked :D
  12. Đừng chat bằng tiếng việt,người việt nam ít quá nên gm nó bỏ , hỏi nó rồi (forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=104009.0;wap2).Anyway only use english on forum
  13. This auto doesnt allow to kill boss , just a little help to ppl while doing quest . I just worry that devs dont know how to make this features . Lmfao
  14. Fine , just keep looking at screen for hrs and blind -_- anyway this is suggestion topic
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