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  1. All tools are under construction at the moment. Give it time.
  2. Sharpening my teeth as we speak. ';...;'
  3. I Sense a major clean up on its way once the powers are unleashed.
  4. Blueborn

    cant log in

    Did you try your original nick that you used to register?
  5. New forums definatly looks great. Just have to find the moderator tools x_x
  6. Blueborn

    Minions Guide!

    There is a table with such kind of information upon the guide.
  7. I Enjoyed that. the matches were great and shows how a ranger is suppose to be played. As for the video itself, i loved the blend of music. From heart pumping beats, then straight to something mellow. Music really sets the mood for the viewer. The edits were pretty good too. Few missed spots, but overall.. great. Keep making them man, they are a pretty good watch.
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  9. Noted. Thanks. Three new administrators have been chosen for the Wiki. Be sure to check out the news tab on the main page for further information!
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  11. MODERATOR NOTE: Please refrain from using inappropriate language.
  12. Failed to see the question in this topic.
  13. Sorry. Won't be happening. As to the reason why it is now equipping: LINK
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  16. right hand / 2nd in command / co-leader etc. Same concept.
  17. > Freedom of expression ( within a sensible manner of course ).
  18. [me=BJDware] Shakes his head with palm to forehead[/me] There is no decent reason as to why this topic should be locked.
  19. And the murderer is "innocently" looking at the flowers.. ._.
  20. MODERATOR NOTE: Removed triple postings, removed vulgar language, removed insults upon other members. Please keep it civil and within forum guidelines.
  21. I'm sure it's unintentional and opinionated. What is your favourite wild animal?
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  23. Lol i was being indirect. Lets just say that non-live commentary would have the same feel to me.
  24. I Personally find sports commentators more annoying than anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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