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  1. The faction managed to mount a very strong combo of damage, debuffs and healing, making direct combat unfeasible and making the game unfair, with the intention of creating a balance the company ended up giving the advantage to one side and the other ends without reaction, several attempts to cancel the combo of classes have been tested and failed, with a somewhat exaggerated healing of the Shaman class, no matter how much damage you try to do, it becomes difficult to get it right because there are countless debuffs from other classes and a very strong cure
  2. What is this ducking stupid to put Demonologist "equipping"? Please put none back.
  3. How much longer will last tournaments with cc?
  4. dreezy


    Log into more than one account per device is illegal right? If I know a person who does so can denounce it? And what are the consequences, thanks.
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