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  1. FB- 06-9-12 a red headed Gamark from skuas village sends you all the way to the anteaters lands to break into their homes ;D :good:
  2. Need info.. what server, purpose of clan, faction, what it has to offer to members.. ect. :blush:
  3. Blueborn

    Best Bow

    :blush: yeah.. but i wouldnt call myself a god lol
  4. FB: 4-9-12 An astral shadow lurking at Misty shelter by the name of Reynos shows the way. :good:
  5. Yes i meant either dropped by the BG chiefs, BG set items and the shop. I consider the amulet as part bg lol :rofl: It seems to be a good alternative.. CC is a tedious currency to collect, but i wish you luck.
  6. Blueborn

    Best Bow

    Agreed. I still want the doom bow though ;D
  7. Recap to this thread lol: Rangers are not weak. They just have to be played the right way. Just think rangers as an offensive support class. The skills should give it away also "Trap" "scatter".. these skills have a purpose of keeping your target at a safe distance. Keep a distance away from your enemies and you may just unlock the secret to the rangers potential.
  8. Sign me up for sure. I would appreciate a clan like this. :) I have nothing against anyone young or old as long as they are..
  9. The skills need more description in the info panel for sure. Give me your SNORLAX plushie :shok: :blush:
  10. I like the idea of adding trade slot bags :blush: . From another thread: I like the sounds of No 1. + 2. +4. + 6. Number seven i dont agree with.. maybe add player movement speed instead, or maybe not even that.
  11. one question.. how did you lose 10k to the other player?
  12. Let us read the official: ;D
  13. yeah i was lucky with that amp.. i think i only used 2set sign :blush: And correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure all items shown are 100% Bg. Apart from the staff of course, that one is arena. Im happy to share, i just hope others can do the same :)
  14. if you care for the long tedious work of collecting CC :wacko:
  15. Hey.. what happened to that ranger of yours? :unknw: :shok:
  16. For those who are lvls 15 or 16 here's some of the best astral gear that i have found. Hope this gives you guys some more info. once you hit lvl17, lab gear might be the best option. Perhaps someone can post up the best gear that they have found for astral to help other lvls higher and lower. Note: with these equips you are looking at a 243 heal and i think its a bit of a weird look lol.
  17. Just an idea.. but maybe add the purpose of the clan and what it has to offer to members. It may help with the recruiting. :good:
  18. I was at first gonna say "behold the beholders son Dmar"... but then i spotted a weird appearance combo sitting on the border ;D yes im looking at you mr ranger. Oh by the way.... I found waldo in that picture :shok: ... jk jk
  19. Hahaha no, the mind is inappropriate... the picture just fuels it :lol:
  20. Hey, its called a "fantasy" game for a reason. Lol
  21. Hows that going now? i bet he found the limit on the ignore list :lol:
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