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  1. So i finally can install the update! I sign in and on my way! nope i bump into a lvl 14 slug with 100k hp and one hits me for 2877 hp! wtf is that about??? then i find a ugly looking mofo and again another 1 hit wonder ... Im a lvl 18death Knight with nearly 3k def and a lvl 5 dark shield but these mobs can 1 hit me. thats rly focked up! so here's my questions.. 1) are mobs in swamps intended to be 1 hit wonders? 2) what were u thinking??? 3) you going to change name from warspear to gayspear? 4) do you spend all that cash on crack? If you want to claim to be the best mobile game out there, then start listening to your customers and answer your emails!! implement a clan system encourage teamwork and most of all give a god dam reward for killing an OVER POWERED mob!!! Im uninstalling this game im done with your lack of community, communication and lack of consideration for customers. WORST MOBILE GAME EVER!
  2. what are spiders? i know what user's, guests and hidden are, but what the hell is a spider? :unknw:
  3. MC just lost one of it's greatest players.. there is nothing i wouldn't do to fight by your side again! farewell bro
  4. how much longer is it going to take to fix this problem???? I would like to play a game that I've put money into!! :bomb:
  5. thanks, unfortunately I do not have net, and am unable to do that. :facepalm:
  6. Elf meat....? I LIKE YOU ALREADY! WELCOME BACK! :clapping: :drinks:
  7. I do not use at&t. I run off of sprint's 3G network. I have the APK file and when i try too run it, i get the message "application not installed" and when I download from google play it downloads then goes to installing and then i get the message "unable to store on SD card and internal memory." all caches have been cleared and i have more then enough memory on SD card and phone. I also used up all of my data consumption in the past week trying too update! :
  8. kim, you have every right to be pissed off, as do i. This game may be free to play, but some of us have invested alot of REAL MONEY and time into the game. This is bad business! and the lack of response from customer service and snorlax is out right insulting! :facepalm:
  9. I have android, my assumption was based off the two others in support who have android and can't install update. I really don't know if its android based, just an assumption :unknw:
  10. im hoping for peace... ONLY because i still haven't played the new map yet!! :facepalm: me and probably anyone with an android can't install the new update :'(
  11. im still waiting.. I get the fact that there probably busy with overwhelming emails but you think they at least send an auto reply ... :facepalm:
  12. did all that and still not working even email support and no answer
  13. my ONLY complaint so far... I CANNOT install the update still!!!! :cray: It's so UNFAIR! and i Can't even play the old version! :'(
  14. hater who got WRECKED! true story lmao
  15. let me guess ranger? I recommend atleast trying the following classes ; Death Knight - my fav class Rouge - fun pvp class Warlock - requires actual thinking but it's a wicked fun class everyone and their mom plays elf.. become forsaken and see what it means to be pro!
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