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  1. I still in mi run to get the staf, now have 4.3K points sooner i'll have the staff. after thay i want to make chainless and but the armor.
  2. Actually i'm working on it, having now 3100 AP, hope to get soon
  3. Thanks to the answers for everyone. I think i'll keep this acc, and try to get all the arrena battles posibles in a day if i play early nite i will have 10 arena tickets per day so this could help to get my 5400 AP faster, i'm getting about 150-180 per day concidering low that max winning all is 400. but its fine.... after getting my staff i'll buy MC or get enoug monwy to buy astral crystal and be healer in chain... after getting respect will buy BC and will be undestructible ;)
  4. yes i was thinking about it too. y have 1600 AP but wep is like 5800 and i dont know if buy a better body or keep going but arena is really hard too i win like once per day its like 50 AP each day if get lucky the max ithing is 200 AP daily but with is really hard to rush other teams
  5. wow thanks again, now i will need some people for this quest :S if know about any clan do this quest let me know. :)
  6. well it seems that resignation fits perfect for me now :s... and i can't wear armour with respect 0 i presmume... for example what abput if i give you the money and you buy the armour for me?
  7. Thanks for the info, i was tryng to buy from lenar last week but i need respect. i now i can get killing bosses in the chain league but the first one is GG and MC are all the time there.... its imposible to get even in PT... now i'll try to kill granite... BTW how many Respect i need to buy from lenar?
  8. let me know when you will do shadows of berengar
  9. Thanks, i read a lot of that famous lab.. where is it?
  10. Hi everyone, I want to be a great healer so i need help to get it. First a review of my stars LV:16 Skills LB:5 ER:2 HD:5 Others 1 Staff +1 carved with +30 astral Energy 173, regeneration of 14 healt 1412 regeneration of 53 I dont know if im doing well or what i need, i heal 171 but it seems people allways want 200+ what i can do? thanks for the advice
  11. Where can i find teams to do those quest?
  12. I need help to kill those bosses, someone want elp me? i think like groups of 3-4 :) just let me know
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