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  1. just check forum time and put it less ur time.
  2. elf and ranger i think zimbabue
  3. heal, blind, earthquake. 3 very good skills, while others rarely have 2 good skills. result: overpowered shaman
  4. lvl18 swords +10 + inv lvl5 + merciless strike lvl5 = 2000!+
  5. simply everyone out of topic :crazy:
  6. would be way more balanced if we have a skill like transformation... cause atm bees is crappy when u see invisible earthquake warm string, charge :(
  7. low def, dodge skill worse than rogue's, low critical, only 1 good skill
  8. u got the pin code and wrote it correctly? check it.
  9. mcs will always wins cause they got tankers with 3000hp, rogues with initial 1500!dmg and shamans with blind+earthquake what elfs got? bd that cant hit shamans, that just give up fight a rogue, that just let a barb kill cause he know its impossible to win. rangers that only win if u lucky enought to get 5 bullets on ur head and dont die druid that i dont ever need to talk :wacko:
  10. the problem isnt the skill, is just that he/she it is a sick person with absolutely no life or mind.
  11. any +10 druid that use roots and heal properly-
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