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  1. Six hours today of jumping teleports and no freaking Kotaravva :diablo: . This place is no longer worth the effort.. Not enough XP, and the rewards are worthless of my time. FAIL aigrind :bad:
  2. Then why did i find myself doing three hours of constant teleporting with no success? :wacko: I was going in circles, always going to the same maps over and over and over.............. just pure bad luck maybe? :facepalm:
  3. Ah yes, you cannot find those in a dictionary :rofl: Also a great site. I Have had my share of laughs from this site, with their examples of some words in a sentence. :lol:
  4. With this idea we could also PVP our own Factions ;D
  5. Topic: Give us an official reply. Many players like myself would love an official PVP area besides arena. I would like to suggest that the ship in Nadir could take us to a new island or location dedicated to pvp'ing our fellow players. A place that is neutral and nobody can be attacked without a challenge, requiring a "challenge or dual" button to be installed upon where the person being challenged can choose either yes or no. If the challenge is accepted, the two participants shall be able to turn hostile towards each other. A resurrection statue should also be placed in this area to remove long walks. This suggestion is about having a safe enviroment where players can pvp without fear of gankers, disturbers and jumpers ( all considered abusive behaviour aka bullying ). This is also a place where players can socialize and also a place where pvp's can be observed for entertainment and learning purposes, All with the bonus of being able to pvp our fellow factions. I would also like to add the idea of having test dummy's placed ( just like at new character starting points ), to show other players our power of attack as well as healing abilities. An idea many players have come forward in and outside this topic that i have taken interest in, is about having challenges with "stakes/bets", be it gold or other items. I Like the idea of this and could be easily be included with or after an official pvp area has been placed. Another button could be placed for such a thing: "stake challenge". Feedback: My original post has been modified with idea's from the feedback that i have received in this topic including outside sources. I Would also include a 1v1 arena to this idea but it would end up being random only. Even if there was a challenge button installed.. players cannot interact with enemy factions. Do not get me wrong though.. i still think 1v1 arena would still be interesting even if its random. It should be almost time for that great pvp update.. dont you agree? Feel free to add your thoughts and any further idea's. The atmosphere has changed dramatically inside our current unofficial pvp cave. More unlearned players, jumpers, gankers and abusive behaviour (based upon the old players established code of conduct). If you do not like the idea of an official area dedicated to pvp but want another idea for a solution for safe pvp's, have a read of the idea's supplied by Suggestor1001 via this link: SIMMPLE SUGGESTION FOR ARENA. Other Suggestion topics from Born: Collectables & Mini games, Official pvp area ( 1v1 ), Modification to current player interactions, Remove all" option for mailbox, Meniru Skins and safe skin removal., Multiple account profiles. and Guild points for Guild warehouse items ect. Guides by Born: Guide and advice to prevent you from being scammed., NORLANT maze maps ( Revisited and remastered ), and Relic location MAP. Thanks for visiting this topic and casting your votes. Feel free to also visit this PVP topic. LINK: Do you 1v1 pvp? All votes and opinions are appretiated. Considering that this suggestion contains a player interaction that would be used quite often. I Would encourage readers to also visit this topic: Modification to current player interactions. The suggestion would greatly compliment this one.
  6. Lmao = Laughing my A$$ off. Lmfao = Laughing my fu%*ing a$$ off. Stfu = Shut the F%* up. Pmsl = Pi$$ing myself laughing. Lol = Laughing out loud. Noob = Newbie Rotfl = Rolling on the floor laughing. These are the most common used in warspear. ( please excuse the offensive nature ) If you have any further you wish to know of, refer to google and search for "dictionary" or better yet "slang dictionary". EDIT: http://onlineslangdictionary.com/thesaurus/words+meaning+acronyms+(list+of).html
  7. Only way to get there is pure LUCK. :facepalm: Iv wasted many hrs trying to get there on many occasion. There is threads that have been posted that suggests and requests that a respawn statue needs to be placed there. I Fully agree.
  8. A thread for this exists, created by Tess: Daily relic location.
  9. Blueborn

    Hacker busted

    Swindler/scammer is the title you are looking for. scam·ming. noun 1. a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle. Hack-er noun 1. a microcomputer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems.
  10. And now back to the screenshots? :unknw:
  11. Tell that to aigrind.. they changed the concept with the swamps. 80% of people in the swamps are not interested in a fight. :facepalm:
  12. Where there is spam shall always be spam. Care factor about spam = zero. Its easy to ignore spam.
  13. This new isle makes things too personal. I'm staying neutral in the swamps. I see no merit for pride in killing on this new headcase of an isle.
  14. Zyther, iluvweed, bioman.. the list goes on, even some elfs are doing the same :facepalm:
  15. Its too random in my opinion. Nothing like taking 3hrs to finally get placed in the 2nd town and then getting killed straight away :facepalm:
  16. I Dont know about my felllow players but i could use some more in-game emoticons.. more so the facepalm :facepalm: So many times have i wanted to use this ;D Whats your thoughts on this? Do you like the idea of having more emoticons? Can you think of anymore to add to game?
  17. yes a respawn statue :clapping: .
  18. I Wish you much LUCK my friend ;D
  19. late entry :blush: Yes stealth fails.. fair enough. But a solid warning for the rogue users at least for when it fails or when spotted.
  20. Blueborn

    Quiet mode

    I like quiet mode ;D Maybe give us an afk mode? :blush:
  21. I go in with peace in mind. Nothing worst than finally getting lucky to get there and getting killed by other players. I mean seriously, Iluvweed and his fellow mc who was there at one stage.. whats one lone ranger gonna do to you and 9 other mc there? :facepalm:
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