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  1. [MC] =8/1/2014 today hyward caravan up
  2. finally i got my acc so tx guys
  3. mc side all items cheap but recently many elf create mc character they try to sell 13 level warlock staff 70 k actually 13 level warlock staff mc side only 10-20 k not up but now noob elf selling that's 70k am watching him last 6 days no one buy that and finally mc have kind , respect, helping ppl and v have warlock
  4. hi dude am Loganxxx mc side elf side mnmn pm me i help u only quest and idk how to sms process
  5. ya am saw too but after the update who rule tower :-*:-*:-*
  6. present game full of lag my mine mobile this update omg i can't imaging pleas update without bug
  7. i think past 2 days ago 2 idiots in alince chat they barking they said mc all noob elf is best and they defined all players using bad words his name start A somethin and other player his name is artnails 18 level rogue he is his friend he using bad words in pv chat at me and ignored me i have elf character too but elf not help others our won race but mc not like them many mc players helping newbie finally one thing i said i like both race but most is mc mc mc mc mc
  8. they all elf they r spy u still don't no about that they most stay in lake and bring elf there and ask for cl quest mc helping even am also help but elf not help mc they all hate mc so wake up
  9. i got every 2 minutes dc today i can't play y u guys not answer my question first u check then relish update don't check us am anger of u guys :-[
  10. this update is really worst all dc and lag so much i can't play every second its say slow net i got many dc today what's going on those game fix this pleas
  11. ok i accept my fault then y my iclabris lost i not amp iclabris i try exchange iclabris on the time my net lost after re login kaizor log out game my iclabris lost i want the reason u c still no one answer about iclabris
  12. am so much angry to mdurater because he not answer any one my question now am lost my astral set 18 level helm because i try without sign + 1 done + 2 i lost my astral set helm i want my helm and iclabris u mdurater u answer only mcoin buying ppls am not buy any mcoin but i want reason y my helm and iclabris lost explain me
  13. once i try exchange iclabris i put iclabris 1 slot then my net lost after re log in kaizor left game i lost my iclabris on the day i report in form no one answer i ask to kaizor he said i not get ur iclabris and not scam any one go inform to fourm so i inform fourm but no one answer help me
  14. v hunt him 3 hrs with our pt but no one nothing get someone lie 20 level armor no one drop. its fake don't believe anyone
  15. am not cry i give respect to each one i remember my past level 1 to 15 boss quest jest counted ppl help me they r my game heroes am give respect to every person if they give respect r not i don't care about that if they r keep treat bad jest move away but my opinion is respect other don't use bad words love every person that's all and localheal i remember ur in 14 level ours first meet in lake with my dk so love every person respect other
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