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  1. I'm still playing kickz..but only for Kota and...that's it lol :fool: :fool: :fool: miss the old times~
  2. I'd love to have mine changed to Flowhunter :) ty in advance. Haze was an old char long gone when i started to play this awesome game ;)
  3. Haze

    Return it back

    I agree with @MrX. Flowhunter is obviously my main and how it sucks to fail my dash 4 out of 5 times. I swore i tried it :facepalm: NOW im starting to miss the old days :cray:
  4. Haters be hating. What a pity haha :drinks:
  5. A quick photo at work after training my client. He is on the right :good:
  6. Always wanted to start a family and settle down one day. My best wishes for you and your beautiful family :drinks: And im glad to know im not the only one who goes to gym ;)
  7. awesome idea/suggestion ;) id love to have it ingame. U have my vote :drinks:
  8. Haze

    Photo Spam

    Another photo taken today after i trained my client,and i did play warspear right after. This game too addictive lol
  9. Haze

    Photo Spam

    Well if it fits your macros(iifym) buddy ;) do google that out,its very interesting :drinks:
  10. I wouldnt spend on any armor at 11-12. Id rather u invest on a full set lvl 9 armor and then strive for the bg set when u reach lvl 15 sold at nadir :) but u need to fnish chainless quests. So goodluck ;)
  11. Haze

    Photo Spam

    @ninjatrixter a repost of my pic at players real life pic,do i look like i play rpgs? :rofl: I love my job as a personal trainer and i sure love warspear :give_rose:
  12. Haze

    Photo Spam

    @migdee aahaha talking about photo spams. u did it girl ;D nice ones
  13. I totally disagree with the suggestion,because WS is one of its kind imo. But u dint have to be so mean to these guys,ur going to break their fragile hearts lmao. Just say no next tym :lol:
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