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  1. But the member are all newbie. I just leave the guild so isn't my problem any more.
  2. The Leader of the guild Thaheralds has gone off forever and she/he didn't nominate any heir? How to solve this problem?
  3. At least some info about mobs thx!!
  4. How do i know if mob is mini boss or boss🤔? Will 5k hp mob be mini boss or is mini boss have hp 10k+🤔 This event is game is super confusing
  5. How about fix the skill invisible on both rogue and seeker?? In many cases the player is invisible and yet the monsters attack without being attacked.
  6. 1 - Will the event continue until Easter?? 2 - There is neither lag or logging problems because i can easily log and play
  7. Every player is EU-server is getting problems in log in to the game. Please fix this issue.
  8. The event said that mini-bosses drops but which mini-bosses drop? Will those from map 1 drop or are those from the others maps?
  9. With this update the EU server will be balanced. Wars will be more difficult to win in the EU server. The EU server have a rate of 1 MC to 100+ elf's.
  10. It wasn't better if was a wiki with all buffs and debuffs!? Or even an in game feature that let a player click on the icon of the buff and know what is that buff!? The devs never tough about this!!
  11. I am kind of new player and I find a buff/debuff that I don't know its meaning. These buff and debuff have symbols that appear bellow the status bars and new players don't know what buff/debuff is on just like me. I know the healling buff symbol and weakness debuff symbols.
  12. Can anyone tell me how do I enter the test server?? ah!! ok!! couldn't the game programmers put an in game code to the server!!!
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