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  1. I like! Can anyone tell me how long will last the spring event? On Friday the "system info" tell that was the last 3 days and yet the event still on!!
  2. Not everyone can spend real money in game just to amp. There are new players that can't spend money.
  3. Sound like Harry Potter history 🤔 Its seams that the main quest are kind of hard but i only would know once i try them 🤔
  4. The spring dungeons are solo this mean u have to go alone against the boss.
  5. Could the devs make the dungeons bosses more easy to kill at least the dungeons until lvl 12 inclusive. Can anyone tell a good place to farm in maps 1 in the elfs race and in the mountain clan? 🤔 thx
  6. Warspear Online was never fair so I only do dgs in Spring Event drop rate is kind of good.
  7. Will the spring event go alive in March or is in April? I bet will be a new story on it 🥰
  8. Ok!! sorry but i was mad as hell because i like to plat this game 🤢
  9. The crash still going on Linux laptops "Can't connect to server".
  10. If i didn't have a smartphone i couldn't play. In Linux (debian based) i can't play and its all because Aigrind don't want to spend money in the improvement of the servers capacity.
  11. The most needed change is this "ManCat" in other word Caps letters in the name.
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