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  1. Yay!!! The horror event this year seams better than the last years 🤩 I love u devs 🥰
  2. Hmmm!!! Skylore i just saw the trailer and if is like that sure i will install it in my smartphone 🤩 Can any one tell me if it will be available to Linux debian like WS is??
  3. Deimus

    Reforming Warlock

    ok!! Now its 2 servers fcked.
  4. Deimus

    Reforming Warlock

    Isn't only on your server that have less players on legion side that also happen in the EU server.
  5. Deimus

    Reforming Warlock

    Are u sure that devs don't favor elfs?? Evidence 1 they reduce the spawn of dog of charmer and they add a minion skill to the Druid. Evidence 2 they increase the dmg of the seeker and the warden resistance to dmg and control skills.
  6. Deimus

    Reforming Warlock

    OK!! I understand that the tank part is too much but the merge of Pool and Circle is a good idea stop the other player and doing mdmg at the same time. Don't tell that this idea isn't good!! This will never will happen because the devs always nerf the mc and buff elfs. The post was just my opinion on how the class should be buffed.
  7. Deimus

    Reforming Warlock

    I was thinking that this class should have a new basic skill for that to happen i propose that Pool of Darkness should me merge with Dark Circle. This merge will allow the warlock to compete long side others classes but now how it is isn't very reliable on pve or either pvp. The "life sucking" skill is very weak so it need to be buff, the reason is that the player that use the warlock class need to spend a lot of game cash on life potions just to keep playing. About the new skill that i was "talking" earlier i was thinking in the earth shield skill but weaker like on the 5/5 it reduce the damage taken by 45 or even by 40% just to keep the game fair enough.
  8. I thing that is also an error with Harads Tears skill of the Priest because it only hits 1 target and is very rare when it hits 2 targets but maybe is only my priest.
  9. This will make me happier: Get 1 experience on killing monsters that are the same level of the player of that are one level above. exemple: Player A is level 5 kill monster level 5 get 1 experience and then kill one monster level 6 and get 1 experience. The same player kills one monster level 4 and get 0 experience the same happens if he kills level 7 monster. This will not interferes with farming and will brings more new players at rate superior. Change gender potion or scroll This will make the player change gender and keep the level on he/her are also will make one good profit to the Aigrind This is all that i remember.
  10. But the member are all newbie. I just leave the guild so isn't my problem any more.
  11. The Leader of the guild Thaheralds has gone off forever and she/he didn't nominate any heir? How to solve this problem?
  12. At least some info about mobs thx!!
  13. How do i know if mob is mini boss or boss🤔? Will 5k hp mob be mini boss or is mini boss have hp 10k+🤔 This event is game is super confusing
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