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  1. I do not cry here!! I have been beaten by seekers, priests, bds and wardens!! I never ask to nerf them in this post!! And you sentinels are always asking to nerf charmer, necro, chieftains, shamans, hunters, dk, barb, rogues,...
  2. I going to put the finger in the wound!! Sentinels (elfs) want a weak easy defeating Legion (mc)!! When they are defeated by Legion they come to forum crying and asking to nerf that class that they lose against. The Portuguese have a saying: "Quem tudo quer tudo perde"
  3. For that to happens lower Templar grace, Seeker Exacerbation and Druid Roots!! Then if they do it and charmer starts to use oppression 5/5 then you ask to reduce effect!! You sentinels aren't satisfied until Legion becomes weak and easy to kill.
  4. You are wrong chieftain doesn't heal as much Priest/necro i can tell that because i have necro lvl 13 also chieftain lvl16 (magic build) and the necro lvl 13 heal almost 900 and chieftain heals 400 so you are wrong.
  5. At least 1 event skill is for free!! Let me see if i can evolve may char to lvl 20
  6. The Templar is overpowered too!! If Templar teams up with druid they can beat charmers, warlocks, chieftains!!
  7. I agree on that but there is a class that could have a skill nerf!! The charmer Call need a small nerf!! Its needed to balance the game. What i propose its that wolfs become 2 hit kill against other players but still the same on PVE.
  8. So resuming most players here plays only in sentinels side!! They want the sentinels classes buff and the legion classes nerf!! SO WHERE IS THE BALANCE IF 1 SIDE BECOMES STRONGER THAN THE OTHER?
  9. Nerf Templar and Druid they are too powerful!! In War in EU 1 Templar and 1 Druid took 6 players at same lvl (Chieftains, Charmers, Death Knights and 1 necro) Templar is too overpowered
  10. What should happen. 1 - Devs give Oblivion Books to each char 2 - Don't just buff one side 3 - Listen to both sides
  11. Necro need stun skill like Charmer and Warden have!! The solution for Dead Soldier problem its becoming a summon skill like Charmer but it creates up to 3 skeletons with dmg equal to necro mdmg!! But still the problem for how long should be the duration of each skeleton and for that i propose 30 seconds because necro have low mdmg when compare with other class.
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