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  1. Will the spring event go alive in March or is in April? I bet will be a new story on it 🥰
  2. Ok!! sorry but i was mad as hell because i like to plat this game 🤢
  3. The crash still going on Linux laptops "Can't connect to server".
  4. If i didn't have a smartphone i couldn't play. In Linux (debian based) i can't play and its all because Aigrind don't want to spend money in the improvement of the servers capacity.
  5. The most needed change is this "ManCat" in other word Caps letters in the name.
  6. So many players complaining about WD but i support the new changes. These will make game more fair and there are too many wd in the game.
  7. Another issue that haven't been correct: Some times stealth don't work around monsters.
  8. But the skill cost is still very higher. It should be 22-26-28-32 and lower the cooldown.
  9. How about lower the dmg that seeker do?? That you would do right?? Seeker has become stronger that any class.
  10. Always the same 🤬 Better erase the Charmer class because you developers are making it weaker and weaker on every update. I am serious thinking of leaving this game because developers are partial and in favor of the Sentinels side. REALLY LOWER THE HP OF CHAOS HELPER FROM 1200 TO 320. WHY IS ONLY THE CHARMER THAT HAVE ALL SKILL COST INCREASE?? WHY?? ONCE THE SKYLORE IS RELEASE I AM OFF.
  11. Yay!!! The horror event this year seams better than the last years 🤩 I love u devs 🥰
  12. Hmmm!!! Skylore i just saw the trailer and if is like that sure i will install it in my smartphone 🤩 Can any one tell me if it will be available to Linux debian like WS is??
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