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  1. I have had this question for a while, and though I do not have any arena focused characters myself, I do plan on making one in the next few weeks. My problem is the fero resilience stats. My question is do they cancel each other out? For example if a ranger had 46% fero and a paladin had 46% resilience, will they cancel each out to be 0%, then after only pure damage matters? If anyone can answer this please do I would be very grateful as I have had this question for a while.
  2. This if gonna be pretty cool! Especially since my lvl 4 guild can join.
  3. Hi there man, thanks so much for this guild, this is actually what I really wanted a detailed answer with honest opinions so I thank you for that. I checked the build and to me this is actually good as some hunters I spoke gave me similiar builds if not exactly the same so I appreciate you actually putting the time and effort. Also if I can solo Danny Hook and Spiders, I am happy since those were the ones I want anyways xd. Mnay Thanks for reply I really do appreciate it, I have saved the build I think I prefer this one over the one I initially though, again Many Thanks.
  4. Should I make Hunter? I've been debating this question for a long time mostly because of the fact this will be the last character I will level, If I do. I always was a mage fan, mostly because of the fact that they could solo everything solo easy and yes I know that Hunter can too but mage has been my favourite. However I wanting to move to MC side as it was the first faction I ever chose back in 2012. I wanted to know if Hunter is worth to make? What's the best skill build for solo T5 (lvl30) and pvp? Also what equip should I get to fulfil the question before? My budget is not much for this build, its 1m gold for equip, accessories and weapon at lvl 30 (excluding vamp rune and amplification), is it even possible to get the right equip for a balance of solo and pvp? Now I did go to the warspear online, "character maker", it allows you to basically to build your character with being able to look at stats etc. Here is a link to that, https://wsdb.xyz/calc/en , as it does have a map and some other useful features. I also want to address the issue we have here in the US Server. I did a month of experimenting, seeing what equip are available on market and trade chat on both sides to see which one has them all quickest, here are my results: Sentinels US: Found all equip for Hunter (for a build which I am currently thinking is decent) in exactly 4 days. MC Side US: Much harder found found 4/12 equip in the month. This is a bit of a problem, I dont know if its the unbalance of players in each sides, but I just wanted to address this issue as just statistics. If any of you guys dont mind sending me the best equip and are wondering what I am looking for its basically these main things: 1st would attack speed, I need this as a priority 2ndI believe crit is important 3rd I also believe pene to be important too 4th Might be contradictory but I think 25% or above accu is good enough for hunter, but I might be mistaken Thank you for listening to me rambling on, I would be very grateful if any could help me with this rather long question, Many thanks.
  5. Exactly that's why I love this game and I would love if they made a VR version of it (would pay alot if they did also) but look even though 7 out of 10 times in DG I die maybe not lose the drop just die then gotta go back up and that takes time, I'm not saying GM is doing a bad job they just need to improve it a little like for eg respawn points near the DG area but that's my opinion, thanks for hearing me out.
  6. That's my point if u want to do the DG in 1 stam it's impossible u need at least 2 stam regardless how high amped ur pt or how good they are, it's just ridiculous.
  7. I suppose and I have done that and it helps but still with the lack of respawn statues in the near the dg, it takes me 4 min just to get back there, which means I am wasting stamina and time, though yes that is good advice.
  8. To some people it's hard because of team relation so if you know each other in the team it'll be fine but if it's random ones it will alot harder bro because you don't know how each other play etc.
  9. I must say GM you've done it this time, no offense guys but you messed up this is the worst Halloween update ever to date, the best one in my opinion was the one in 2017 that was the best but this one is quite frankly disgusting, I've been through DG it's boring and incredibly hard even for a 9+ team we struggled to even finish it, in fact I didn't get to finish any of my DG, s only once and I've done 10 runs, the mechanics are stupid the DG is hard and annoying the map is long and one last thing. Why didnt you guys make a respawn point at each DG? I'm doing DG 32 and whenever I die my pt don't wait for me because the map is so long that it takes me ages to walk back up and that's is a MC gang don't murder me. Anyways really disgusted by this years even works not having a go at you GM just stating the facts and problems in this one, Many Thanks for hearing me rambling.
  10. Server closed now but this is link I used: http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/8.0.0-test/warspear-newsdk.apk No it’s open again go check
  11. Guys when I downloaded test server and entered my account it says password incorrect even though it isn’t, I even changed it on my PC and still doesn’t work help pls
  12. Ok here it is, try and beat this lol, Gl to everyone else, btw when does this event end? 304E2AB1-D87E-447E-B8F7-4B89D2D94339.MP4
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