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  1. I was pvping a chieftien with lower amp than me, (no pvp set) and it can withstand 70% of my damage even though I have 901 magic damage and 34% pene?? Nahhh Devs, you need to change that ASAP @Akasha
  2. But i am lmao im giving u 2 options, 1: pvp me with 9+ 2: OR pvp me with 4+ if u cant handle my 9+ Simple in my book, so yes you are dodging the question and going against ur own word
  3. What do you mean? Yeah, gvg can break neutrality. Though again I respect you for not taking it further.
  4. Fair enough I respect that outlook, but like I said before Im only challenging him based on what he is saying and his views on what a 'coward' really is.
  5. To some extent yes, lets just say I had an 'issue' 2 years ago with a specific 'guild'. That doesn't make sense, he has the balls to call us cowards? Very well then he must have the balls to fight anyone of those cowards correct? I only say what is fair, and I am actually surprised you are backing him. But if thats what you want then why not? I will use 4+ full gears instead of 9+, plus 4+ staff if it makes everyone feel better. My problem is when people make drama online without a solid reason for, I'm here to simply put those people back into reality.
  6. Funny you should say that Morgana tbf, and 'that person' joined for specific reason that apply to them only, never assume they were in the wrong. Exactly what I am saying, this post is just some guy who got pissed that he is too low amp to do anything. You are dodging my question, kinda makes you a coward dont it? Im merely asking if you would like to pvp my 9+ mage as apprently 'all of potato are cowards'.
  7. Lmao you one of them lot aren't you? Well as previously said, make a pt, get the server involved, However if you think we are all 'cowards' how about you vs my Lvl 31 mage 1v1 since Im from potato? Then we can decide who is a coward? P. S. Mage is fully 9+
  8. Yes I am complied to agree with you there as I myself have been a player since 2011 and my mage is 9+ from hard work only I only ever bought mc coins twice in my life but its a choice for people, GM isn't forcing anyone to become bro by getting mc coins. If you want to do it without paying, well you need patience and ready to grind.
  9. I agree with most of what you said there apart from the greatness part, getting greatness equip is extremely difficult and time consuming, so unless you know what people are doing (such as work, family or school) instead of grinding hours a day for greatness, I suggest you don't comment
  10. Lmao ignore what that guy said ofc we need as much info I actually like what they did this time with the side notes. As a 'side note' during the test server if alot of people complain about a skill being too nerfed, is there a chance of devs changing it again or not.
  11. Well I mean you say that yet you buff the most overpowered class (blade dancer) who was previously able to solo easily. Every class can solo if it has the right build and high amp. But the two skills that enable mage to do this are now pretty much useless so regardless what amp a mage is now it will be very difficult or impossible to solo any boss like it did previously. And yes I get the whole thing about partys, but some of us want to just play alone or sometimes there isn't anyone willing to make a party at that specific time, that is why I invested time and money into amping and making the perfect build to solo most if not all bosses.
  12. Lmao shhh, every class can solo if high amp enough and anyways lock has many features that mage doesnt but mage makes up for that in terms of easy solo, till now that is.
  13. Yet in pve they are still one of the best healers in my opinion, my problem now is that Mages are getting too nerfed yet something overpowered like Bd is getting buffed like wtf lmao.
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