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  1. all im sayin is if they are going to holding it this long it better be ducking good , i dont care about waiting but to be waiting this long this shit better knock my socks off . Is that a lot to ask from ws, yes but ive been surprised by them before
  2. lol you are a up and coming cree no doubt there form what ive seen. i agree with the whole this gen relying on amps an dont know how to use their class, ive seen many druids who are higher ampped than me an kite and will still lose, then i go to pvp standing still an will kick ass , i know im not the best druid but when your a meele class losing to a durid (not EVEN IN HIS FINAL FORM ) [/size]tells me im doin something right i guess
  3. chosen island is tooooo bright, i agree
  4. that last pic is so funny
  5. I think ima move to Eu, so many people to pvp its beautiful
  6. thats a long ass way for a pvp, id just end up hunting
  7. I always tell them to take my labtop an phone when i drink
  8. I wish i could pvp you , have yet to meet any good necros in a long time
  9. lol dont know ur own leader?
  10. timeuss


    man fairies were a bitc.h hated those things for so long
  11. no way ull ever convince me a class that can spit so much damage in 1-2 skills, takes skill to use
  12. always put a face an a voice to everyone. idk why just do, ment no offense by it. your beautiful .
  13. agree with this, what the npcs need all that gold for anyway, to supply their underground drug cartel?
  14. u look and sound way different than i thought u did
  15. so when the other classes subjects coming , any ranger can be good in my eyes, this class takes no skill at all whatsoever, any ranger can become good, just my opinion, "Ths Skilless Class"
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