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  1. Vla your friends are really naughty
  2. @Cardinal it is started again
  3. Yes it works but when the level of mobs increases, the armor of them also increase,so you can notice low damage on high level mobs.
  4. I think you didn't get me... I was trying to say that the guild level requirement thing in Nadir dg(previously guild tour winners) is permanent or just for 2 month event only.
  5. Our dear Devs are busy in designing costumes and skins and other pay-to-win aspects....who needs skill description when you have books to spend ( make your own study on skills ) ..it's been 10 years and this problem still remains (language isn't an issue whatever you say)
  6. Lol boss nerfed ...stop bragging and flooding drama in forum
  7. I agree with you ... We need a complete chart (official) about all % based parameters. That isn't needed to be in-game, just be in forum so that curious players can see.
  8. the new event is currently going on with new dg equips, so don't expect such things in next 2 months as the event duration is 2 months
  9. Warden are there where they should be...there is no need to nerf them P.S. - I am not elf player
  10. Not getting much time for play ..otherwise I already asked waheed 5 times for inviting in berserk
  11. Lol...he wanted to say more than 100 quests were edited in newbie islands so that newcomers can do them easily.
  12. Dodge actually work for bd as usual other characters too
  13. Yes, we are lucky that we are in EU otherwise we had to face that attitude problem
  14. Walking for hours and doing repeating quests isn't challenging
  15. Didn't know that akires was you
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