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    Yes so I can use stealth and run 100% speed
  2. Not what I meant lol I should've word it differently.
  3. Gotta remember dk op passive skill too.
  4. Chance to miss, I agree. Seeker and rogues can miss on their skill also and that can affect both pve and pvp.
  5. New class expert skill update too? Sadly that's the only thing I care about..
  6. It was nerf because it recharged super fast with 3 stack of 100% dodge. But it's still a really good skill if you have dodge set
  7. Is it a free for all thing? Is there a guild castle alliance?
  8. Charmer is main is magic but if they get to pick, then pala and do should also
  9. Fighter class always want tank abilities.
  10. Dang so charmer can get more block than any other tank. Who's gonna be the sucker to replace magic stats with block stats.
  11. Yea you right. Just really hope seeker don't get other class skills again for the last 2 expert. Charmer already running over us
  12. Eh you gonna have to wait on that since new classes waiting on the last 2 expert skills to make the build they actually want.
  13. Cant really give seeker magic dmg on harad shield and all other skill is physical, including expert.
  14. I wasn't saying to do that build. I just trying to get a random convo.
  15. So it's what you want from your pala. But sacred shield only good for pve(barely). Highly don't recommend you waisting 40K
  16. Light is really good. 40% defense for 60sec at 4/4. 90sec cd.. Pretty much 30sec cd using the skill. Plus, that skill can stack with Druid. Imagine having a pala to support for pve on strong boss with Warden as tank. Warden will have their full def build with, banner buff, both aura buff(priest and pala), bare skin from druid. If there's a mage, why dragon eye lol. Pro defense warden will only get scratch. That sounds sexy
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