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  1. Post some cool pics of stupidest weapon amp on world chat, like I saw some guy amped abys stafg on +10, 2 days ago, and some cool and weird pics that u got also Also post pics of some.cool drops that u got
  2. I never said 1 bad thing about religions, nationalitys, so that ain't that... I think I deserver anwser for 3 day ban from everything, this ain't only chat ban, I said, u can't chat, can't inv other ppls in pt, can't do exchange, its basically fcking nonsense
  3. Wtf is this, and why ppl getting it
  4. I makibg this post on general so ppl can see what kind of fcking sh*ts happening here, I will post it in questions also, so noobs don't tell me that I am in wrong section, share your mind, but f*ck off with sh*ts that I already know...tnx I can't chat, I can't inv ppls in pt, I can't do exchanges so dafuq is this... what a duck*ng sh*t is this u retards...at least tell me why dafuq I did to get thia sh*t what ever it is u morons Ban my duck*ng acc on forum for 20 days cos of swearing, but tell me why I got this? Make some duck*ng post on game or redirection to forum for reason why ppl get ban or fcking sh*t like this...before u ban my forum acc for couple of days anwser me roland or who dafuq is in charge
  5. Why gms don't play on us server :-P
  6. Great update,but aigrind pls give litle more informations for example special items that are needed for crafting. U said they can be gathered from powerfull bosses, what are that bosses,lab,hydra or irselnort bosses?
  7. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  8. Man u are stupid or u just act stupid, rogues will never beat bds, that was before update, and it stay after update...but u cant say elf new skills are too op lmao -Nobody can run from rogue now in arena. -Shaman new skill is too op, it "dont" work every time, but in 90% of cases, everyone kiss floor only cos that skill Other mc skills are prety much useless, but at elf side it isnt nothing better. Only priests, bds, rangers and maybe mages got good skills, other class skills sucks... Peace madafaka :pleasantry:
  9. Post highest magic def u got,1 on magic set and other on psy set...see who have most :blush: Just for a recod, i am on arena gear and have this "much", on gt i would have more then 7.5k :aggressive:
  10. Depends do u want high magic def for tanking shamans and locks in arena, if u want u definitely choose mage, coz mages can have 8-10k magic def with +5 shield, if u want best class for 1v1 then choose priest, nobody can beat priest if u set.up skills good, like this: +1 tear +3 mana burn +1 arm +5 shield +5 heal and +3 aura, if u get enemy only once with +3 tear, he is f*ckd up ;)
  11. Depends what u amping, u can't compare weapons and gear, I think amping weapon's from +9-+10 is like 0.1%-1%, and gear amping from +9-+10 is more like 5%-10%. And yea, its true, admins don't wanna tell us success rate bcs it would scare sh*t out of players. Amping system is main way of admin earnings, so its probably super low.
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