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  1. Vou arena diariamente perto da hora do reset (que é quando costuma ter o maior número de jogadores ativos) e raramente encontro personagens AFK. Acredito que seja problema para alguns jogadores mas volto a repetir - se nada foi feito desde que lançaram a 5x5 então o problema não é assim tao grande. Agora, quando fala do bug da bençao, vc não sabe quanto tempo os devs demoraram a corrigir a falha. Os erros não se corrigem de um momento para outro, bugs desse tipo podem demorar semanas/meses a serem resolvidos. Isto são duas situações completamente diferentes.
  2. Então, provavelmente nem é um problema tão grande quanto vcs pensam. Pelo menos no server BR, raramente me deparo com isso.
  3. Se enviar esses prints e vídeos ao suporte eles com certeza vão banir quem loga várias contas, já passei por essa situação múltiplas vezes. Agora, para "corrigir" isso seria necessário um sistema novo de arena.
  4. They don't allow it. Some players get their name changed by the support
  5. That's not really their fault though Warspear's game design has always been bad in many ways (it got way better recently though) when we are talking about competitive game modes such as arena and world events. But that's fine because it is not easy to create game mechanics that will work fine for every server and will be abuse proof. For example, they recently changed the 5x5 and it is awesome now (except for the AFK accounts).
  6. If that's the only thing that you can recall from your game experience then I am pretty sure you only play with a small group of people (maybe your guild) and probably just the PvE content. At least on the servers I play (EU and BR) when things get competitive you can expect literally anything from other players.
  7. Probably you weren't synchronized with the server. A few years ago this happened literally once every 2-3 minutes.
  8. Tbh it is better that way. Arena should be dominated by strong players.
  9. Why would they abuse? Maybe they wouldn't abuse to get a simple costume but they definitely would if instead of grinch costume there was some lv32 item or some amplified weapon. Of course, you can set high price to avoid abuse but then less people will participate...
  10. nah. There are players with dozens (if not hundreds...) of accounts. They would probably abuse it.
  11. It might seem dynamic / complex to you. Arena is just a 2D map with constraints and a list of players. You just take players' positions, buffs, skills' cooldowns and give it to the bot. Any modern model will give an output way better than a human player.
  12. In very specific tasks bots will be way stronger than human players. Of course it is a very bad idea for a MMORPG but it is totally possible (and actually simple) to build a model that will compete with players on arena, for example.
  13. Realmente seria bom. Fazer o mesmo sistema das barras
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