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  1. GalaxyRekt

    Remove axes from Bladedancers

    BD is ok right now
  2. GalaxyRekt

    Lvl 6/16 accessories come back!

    1) and 3) would be very nice. I have 2 chars almost full greatness...
  3. Shame on you 😂. You trade and sell accounts. I am writing an e-mail to support with proves. Good luck bud
  4. bruh, the amount of points you get per tour is disgusting Can you make every tour 14 days? That would be 100% fair👌😍
  5. Резервы были слишком жирными😂
  6. There are no acessories lv6-16. 😐
  7. can u tell about new arena awards on lv6-16 please? My barb needs 1 more ring to be full greatness at lv6. Will there be a way to get it??
  8. Wait.... will there be a way get lv6-16 greatness acessorioes now? I don't see them in the shop.
  9. GalaxyRekt

    New greatness set bonus

    Then you can't say they will change attributes on current greatness sets. They introduced 2 types of lv27 arena sets, why not do the same with greatness set?
  10. GalaxyRekt

    New greatness set bonus

    Where did you get that?
  11. when will you release info about imperials of greatness?