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  1. Stun Shaman needs improvements

    Shaman - one of the best classes (at least at lvl6-14), asks for buff xD
  2. Server Change

    I bet I know what is their "technical limitation" . Anyway, it would be nice to have a new server
  3. Server Change

    "It is very complicated" (test server)
  4. Event minions in arena

    Yeah but it is unfair against some classes on low lvl arena.
  5. Event minions in arena

    Well, on emerald PvE set is never a problem, PvP is easy if you spam 5x5. The hardest part is amplifying weapon.
  6. Event minions in arena

    Sorry i think auto correct kinda screwed you over, lemme help you there bud. Me? Banned? I dont think mcoin users get banned..
  7. Event minions in arena

    You got banned for "no reason" huh. Imagine if there was a reason
  8. Event minions in arena

    Why can we use event minions in arena? Arena loses all fun during these events
  9. Phishing sites!

    Is this even legit xd?
  10. What it's your Best bd set up?

    If you spam 5x5 you will get everything for free, literally
  11. About Arena 3x3...

    That would be awesoooooooome. Just like 2x2 before they stopped 3x3. No one demanded 2x2, everyone was on 3x3
  12. About Arena 3x3...

    nehh Lvl14-20 on server I play is pretty active But of course if you are still playing on "dead" servers like US/EU where sign set is around 8k it is normal you won't find many people playing actively on arena
  13. E acha isso mal? rsrs Dog e passaro não estão usando os equipes do charmer. Nao faz sentido algum eles terem ferocidade/roubo de vida Se ferocidade funcionasse para dog e passaro seria mais que injusto
  14. Thanks Servercrash

    Same xD, crashed three times at the boss phase. "fixed the bug that led server to crash"