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  1. GalaxyRekt

    Boos mapa1

    Muito complicado, mas é possivel. Tem de focar no HP (lv13 da para pegar uns 2.8k), no dano (450+) e na regen de mana.
  2. GalaxyRekt


    I can do that job for free
  3. GalaxyRekt


    you guys should remove lv10 arena items, just to troll buudbd👌 (dont touch lv6 pls)
  4. Finally... hope next time you won't add those minions into arena 😒 that thing ruins low lvl arena
  5. GalaxyRekt

    How is this possible?

    low hp.... git gud
  6. Não sabia desse vídeo, vlw Esperando a info do shaman
  7. Tem como mostrar as %% da classe caçador?
  8. GalaxyRekt


    You should calcule without active buffs. With 10% you have 783 damage so your pure damage is around 712 When you use a skill your total buff % becomes 25. 712*1.25 (890)
  9. GalaxyRekt

    II. Conselhos do Mentor para o guerreiro amador «14-20»

    A missão das seis sombras deixou de ser obrigatória no update em que também adicionaram como recompensa uma bolsa. Agora, para desbloquear o mapa 4 é preciso ganhar reputaçao liga para fazer BG facil,media e dificil
  10. GalaxyRekt


    Are you in a guild with 10% bonus?
  11. GalaxyRekt

    [Extra pocket]

    Also they should increase the number of tickets you can have per slot 100 would be so much better
  12. GalaxyRekt

    Belts in arena shops

    There must be a reason for them to do that. I mean, at low levels there isn't a lot of PvE content. If you had complete PvP set on arena dealer, no one would buy PvE items that are dropped in event dungeons, that would make them useless xD Everyone would use full arena set (just like before the Ferocity update) bcz it has good stats and it is easy to get at lower levels.
  13. GalaxyRekt

    Stun skill for shaman/stun with earthquake

    Or make earthquake 5x5 or even 6x6 9 in 10 earthquakes fail because of those visual bugs👎👎
  14. GalaxyRekt

    II. Conselhos do Mentor para o guerreiro amador «14-20»

    Nunca funcionou decentemente