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  1. We must do something about the chinese

    just stop playing this game xD. 1. they will do nothing about mcoin prices, not in china nor in russia 2. they will do nothing about chinese playing on eu-us servers. Good luck and enjoy the game !!!
  2. Event minions in arena

    + they dodge like charmer's dog
  3. Event minions in arena

    Lvl6 bd and lvl6 priest vs low lvl9 ranger and lvl6 necros. Ranger and necro use minions and run. Nice
  4. Event minions in arena

    Can you pleeeeeeeease remove this bullshit from arena? There is no way a melee char can win ranged char.
  5. arena demand time on new season

    But it is easier for everyone if each arena season had its own rating. I'm pretty sure next season without losing pt i will get no battle at random 2x2 with ~9 people demanding
  6. arena demand time on new season

    Will the arena win/lose rating reset this season? Because of winning almost all arenas in last season this one took 3-4 mins to get a battle... On my other acc same level it took about 20 secs
  7. Steam disconnect

    Accidentally connected my main warspear account on wrong steam account so now I can't use it on my main Steam account xD Any way to solve it? Actually solved it by myself, need to create new profile on the wrong account.
  8. Tentando comprar acc

    Se ódio fosse uma pessoa, mas vc nem pessoa pode ser considerado Que doença, tentar fazer o pior para os outros...
  9. We Want Counterattack Back (at least for PvM)!

    not because locks can kill you bds should be more op
  10. We Want Counterattack Back (at least for PvM)!

    All people who say bd is not OP, well im so sad about your life... BDS have OP hp, OP DMG, OP DEFENCE, they can run, they have shield, WHAT DO U WANT MORE? -.-
  11. Where can I get Dragonslayer's Cloak

    This cloak had all types of defence xd i have print