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  1. Советские мачо негодуют
  2. Sério que ta chorando sendo barb? Barb é uma das classes mais fortes no PvP, se acha fraco quer dizer que simplesmente nao sabe jogar. :) Ja viu algum guarda a derrotar 20 pessoas sozinho? Pois é. Isso ai não tem nada a ver, é humilhado nao devido a sua classe mas sim devido ao facto de não saber jogar direito com ela paz
  3. GalaxyRekt

    [2018.06.18] Game servers restart

    That's a free name change
  4. GalaxyRekt

    [2018.06.18] Game servers restart

    Characters or accounts?
  5. GalaxyRekt


  6. GalaxyRekt


    You want them to ban people who actually support their company? That sounds retarded xD, even if some players pay less, they are still paying so banning them makes no sense. Also, can you show me the VPN part on the rules section?
  7. GalaxyRekt

    10th Anniversary Rewards

    Free to play kids be like:
  8. GalaxyRekt

    The over powered classes

    Yeah, BD is the only one needing buff. *necro nervously smokes in the corner* *priest nervously smokes in the corner*
  9. GalaxyRekt

    [2018.05.25] Prolonging the Rush of Knowledge!

    And that's why at the last moment i decided to get s9 edge
  10. Извинения в карман не положишь
  11. GalaxyRekt

    Old Nicknames

    That's literally a free name change...