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  1. Zurp's post in Parameters: Evasion and Narrowing was marked as the answer   
    Dodge works exactly same with magic than it does with any other attack.
    If enemy has 30% dodge and you have 20% accuracy, you have 10% change to miss your attack.
    Most magic attacks are projectiles and you can always move and dodge them that way if that makes any sense. But since in this game you don't need to aim most of the attacks the dodge parameter is needed.
  2. Zurp's post in I have a question with parameter "Attack Speed" was marked as the answer   
    3.9 x (1 - 0.7) = 1.17 secs between hits.
    copypaste from my old post.
    Weapon base speed X (daggers have base speed of 1.7)
    Attack Speed = Y%
    Time between attacks = X*(1-Y%) (this is for any weapon)
    When you use 2 weapons the time between attacks is 1,5x higher.
    For example using one dagger with 40% speed: (Use this for 2 handed weapons as well)
    1.7*(1-0.40 )= 1.02 sec
    Two daggers with 40% speed:
    (1.02+1.02)/1.5 = 1.36
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