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  1. Does anyone knows when will be guild discount event? It would really help planning on how and when to develop guilds.
  2. Yay more power to top guilds and mcoiners. Lets punish every free player in game for being too poor to pay to win. Because why not? Money rules in this world and why would there be difference in virtual/game world. ( I bet someone will say or think of saying "find a job" or something similar. So yeah... lets all be big businessmans or live with rich parents. Im sure we all can be such.) At least good thing is that there is new hotkey and updated xp/ap guild buffs. But unfortunately this is the only two good things in this update.
  3. Well I'd say game where earning stuff is actually much better and more fun than game where you can buy everything. Good side is that game would be much more interesting, addictive and probably popular. But then again game would probably not even exist since those rich people are the ones who's money carries game, server where it's working and of course developers (even if they are greedy). But yeah... as a free player i agree that warspear is petty much pay to win game which makes it boring and unfair for free players to fight those who use mcoins.
  4. The thing is that using 2 devices is not allowed (as I know) so I just wanted to make sure does it really is or isn't allowed. Reason of this is that i have seen many people using this style in PvP, War, Farming, Etc. but today it was some way off limits for me. Story is simple. I'm was having fun near PvP cave. Then showed up lvl28 BD who was killing random people. I decided to kill him. And there starts everything. He instead was killing me but then I noticed that he clearly sees me even if I'm stealthed (I'm Rogue lvl28). I also noticed that there's another lvl16 rogue standing near him (probably afk or something) but then he started to follow me same as BD. Of course i instantly get it — hes a spy watching my movements. To make sure I was right I pm him and he answered that he is. We made a short chat about it and he ignored me. He continued using he's rogue to spy my movements and to kill me as he's BD. And now I'm here writing this thing to ask gm to do something about this 2 device using. Fair or not? Allowed or not? Ban him or not (hope he will be xD)? Anyway hope I'll get answer and sorry I put this topic here because I didn't know where to put it (I'm new to forum and this is my first topic).
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