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  1. Not a big deal, just please add a note under the description of it: " won't work with enemies with HP value less than 80% of their maximum"
  2. Charmer class get neft a lot. However Energy Manipulation get nefted is not reasonable, the skill doesnt work in PvP, it's the energy regeneration that matters not the amount of energy the enemies have, they even don't care about energy parameter in equipments, recent released gears almost give energy regeneration in all kinds of boots, also the bonus energy regeneration from gear set. => Energy regeneration >> Energy amount!!! In PvE, i see bosses don't care how much energy you drain from them, they have 300-1000 mana(their skills costs equal energy to player skills), they
  3. I dont know exactly the number, but im pretty sure it is limited since we have relic that increases number of victims for this skill( i forgot relic name)
  4. Does this relate to my not-come-to-the-pocket gold when my stuff in dealer is sold? It has just happened!!!!
  5. My IOS version is 7.1.0, but i cant update latest version of warspear. As updating going on in the future i cannot play anymore without earning a new phone!
  6. Is it over? We dont have x2 drop chance for equipment?
  7. We need more skil slots, some classes are out of space, or else they should only add passive skills.
  8. One more thing, why bosses only resist the stun of Oppression(Charmer), but they resist both damage n stun of Exhalation of Darkness(unless it is successful, we waste about 1,5 sec for the animation)
  9. It is Icy relic of ruthlessness which allows the DK do critical hit on lower-than-20%-health enemy by using Exhalation of darkness. Seriously? This skill never ever crits in forever. I dont play DK so I didn't have a chance to test. Does anybody claim this to be true?
  10. It seems that Deathly eyes wont deal X% health as damage if the target already lost that X% health. For example, lvl5 Deathly eyes skill reduces up to 14% health, but the target only have 80% HP, so keep spamming this skill is just to reduce Magic defence n take advantage of Poison spittle. Is that true? Why should i upgrade Nightmare to high lvl? I dont like Arena or Hunting people, so should i ignore it? I dont Think it is good except making one of the monsters sleep in high lvl dgs.
  11. Skill Flurry of steel: you are able to throw a knife at the enemy which deals some physical damage. Range: 5 Cooldown:4s This skill looks good with its CD and being able to throw knife is really cool. The problem is that this skill is quite simple n doesnt deal much damage, if there is a choice, people will choose Ricochet rather than choose this skill, because Recochet deals better damage n works well with steal health parameter. Therefore, i have 3 ideas to improve Flurry of steel: 1) Throw a knife that deals some physical damage n the target recieve a debuff that lo
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