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  1. So what equipment should i use and what skills to lvlup for lvl10 arena?
  2. equipment sold in the Market for lvl18 Rouge, are asking a lot of gold ... other Classes Mc lvl18 equipment are cheap .... much to explore that a light armor KW are asking 480k [...] want to get rich? let us unite and be strong class in order to fight, no more asking other players worth exploring rivers of gold.
  3. What is Best eq for 13 bd??
  4. hey guys, i just made a druid awhile ago and i just wanna ask, whats the best setup for druid lvl6 for arena? and i also equip druid recruit outfit pls feel free to give ur advice/ opinion PS : i think lighting bolt 2, heal 2, and root 2, what do u think?
  5. Like to thank people who agreed with my last thready for the joker card. New problemo. Cc costumes are lretty expensive and you only just told us that we can cc costumes when you announced update and not many people can get them unless they have been doing cc quests which inthink barely anyone was doing. Now there are people whobhave just started doing cc quests and all know they wont get enough in time because of the limited time we have. I think you should either extend the time of the sam hain festival or keep the cc costumes selling for a longer period so others who started late get
  6. I get 2 Harad"s Gloves in my Necro . And this in personal Is this a bug or is it?
  7. Themady

    Shadows quest

    guys we have 2 chars pala and priest needs shadows. we need ranger druid to do that quest. if u have a druid or ranger please send message to diiadora or dobermannn in game. thx
  8. So what now you guys just took out google play and now we cant purchase through there? Why and was it too hard to atleast let us know?
  9. Themady

    Tanker costume

    Hi, I wanted to know if there are any costumes that suit the class as a tanker (e.g full armor costumes) and if yes if some one can put up a link so i can them and also where to get them. Thanks.
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