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  1. 1 & 3 are nice , 2& 4 compicated same sex marriage??? i dont think it looks good. if marriage is meant for buff n rewards .........then why cant that buff be added to a party of friends who do dailies,dungeons etc. to gether?. marriage system complicates the game
  2. hey it was just a suggestion. i dont think it needs to be argued upon . imagine u drink an arena points booster pot and wait and wait , yet u dont find opponent , do u like it ? you waste ur money on pot and time too waiting long for opponents. is it justified?
  3. And one more thing here, only the winners of duel gets points. losers get none.
  4. it may not be a problem because if we take example of minions ,they auto heal themselves or the owners. and regarding dark circle, its something similar to how bosses fight ( auto attack us with all their skills )
  5. no . what i suggested was the method of auto pairing people of similar strengths ,i.e pro WILL be paired against pro and should he win that match, he gets 15 points. Similarly average player will be paired against average plalers ( but not with pro or noobs) ,if he wins ,he gets 10 points, same applies for pairing of noob amped players ,where they play against only noobs and get 5 points only if they win.
  6. Yes ..... why cant such system be made?? let warspear create 3 basic fields 1. PRO 2.AVERAGE 3.NEWBIE let overall player population be divided within these 3 fields now ... let the computer play (autoplay ) with ALL CHARACTERS without depending on players' presence ONLINE OR OFFLINE example : I AM A PRO . I CLIKED " DEMAND ARENA" . THE COMPUTER AUTO PAIRS ME AGAINST PRO PLAYER IN ITS DATABASE AND THE COMPUTER AUTO PLAYS WITH THAT OPPONENT PLAYER'S TOON. so actually i am not playing against any player in reality in arena , but i m playing against his/her toon played by warspear computer. advantage : 1. no need waiting hours for opponent players.. victory points can be awarded based on the expert level i.e pros can get + 15 if they win , average guys get +10, noobs get +5
  7. stats can be amplified in smaller ratios like lvl 1 rune = 1%, lvl 2 = 1.25, lvl 3 = 1.4 % and so on ... overall bonuses that we get from runes or crystals can be made to 50% max
  8. stat bonuses cant be amplified. but what about amplifying a rune or crystal and then inserting into weapon? max rune , crystal amplification can be +10 amplification can be done by combining 2 runes or crystals of same lvl example : 2 x lvl 1 runes = lvl 2 rune , 2x lvl 2 runes = lvl 3 and so on also it would be nice if we were given chance to unsocket runes n crystals
  9. yes i like names with symbols , numbers and uppercase alphabets too, with limit being 16 characters . its present in many other online games toooo
  10. 5.0.3 is the NEXT UPDATE??? if yes ..... i didnt get any chest
  11. PH = physically handicapped or country code (philippines)
  12. the amping system is better as its now. asking for signs price to be reduced may not happen because signs hold the biggest share of revenue for warspear. and more over the the game is free to play game. we are not being charged a single buck for playing & we must be thankful to game management for that. and regarding signs deciding NOOB to be PRO : whats wrong with that? one who dont play for money waste their time to be PRO, similarly one who dont want to waste time .. waste their money to be PRO . so both players are pro . this is not a total new concept becos u see this in many online games where u pay to get strong or you play looooonnggg to get strong.
  13. fairies in which dungeon ??
  14. just spawn mobs? i wish if devs could apply this for other mobs too
  15. Mobs give players just a trickle of gold . Farming mobs for gold would be boredom and frustration to many. In my view it would be nice to make BARS as drops from mobs too just like bosses or norlant. It would give players play with more hope . the bar drops can be made rare like sphere drops from mobs . this reduces player traffic at bosses too . Please give a consideration . thank you
  16. yes ! minions make the game play cool and smooth . Easy for levelling up and in dungeons. In my opinion ,minions must be a permanent attachment to character once it reaches lvl 18 . and minion can start with level 1 and noob. We can feed something like gold + experience points + special signs of empowerment for levelling up. Also the minion can be managed with a seperate interface button . Where it gives us chance to gear it up ,dress it up and weapon it according to the player's choice . And what about a seperate arena for minions alone ? . Let there come a time when minions rule arenar as players .
  17. ignore such low offers . and prices actually come down when sellers start selling items for lesser price. not because of the buyers who bargain for less
  18. above creatures are those which we find as mobs in warspear. YEA of course could be made into classes/factions if game developers wanted to. blood elves can be made as VAMPIRE class. NAGAS can be made as serpent class who are experts in poison skills. and with GOBLINS a new faction itself can be created with classes like GOBLIN ROGUE , GOBLIN ARCHER , GOBLIN SHAMAN . JUST 1 OR 2 MORE classes for sentinels and legions would be nice 8+8 classes. not to forget maintaining l balance between them
  19. How on earth does one get karma?? this forum seems friendly to older members . new comers opinions are limited to 3 posts and that tooooo........... Moderators dont approve what we post . then how can this forum be newbie friendly ?
  20. by the way.... how can one get this KARMA ?
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