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  1. nobody buys it at that price bro! not even 30k!
  2. a lot better than spending a lot of time reaching kota!
  3. Ouch! That's so unfortunate bro! Hope that the devs do help ya out quickly!
  4. Its still worth 30k! Its a 1k cc costume!! Don't destroy the economy!! I really need those catalysts but don't have the gold!
  5. Hey all US SAPPHIRE mcsaken! I need 15 pieces of ethereal catalysts. Please pm me in-game: Moonzwrath, lvl24 shaman. I offer an EXTERMINATOR'S HAT costume in exchange for 15 ethereal catalysts. Please accept my offer.
  6. yeah unfortunately missed it! though i'm never lucky!
  7. ummm what lottery competition roland? I don't remember seeing one lol! Please tell.
  8. I just want someone to give me 35k in exchange for that costume....i'm willing to reduce price till 33k. I need urgent gold!
  9. Hey bro pm me in-game on saturdays after 2 pm IST [indian Standard Time] if u r free to login then...I can help u with the kronus part too, if u don't mind, as we'd done the b8 and b9 part earlier.
  10. Yes!! That b8 and b9 ss has my lvl24 shaman! This is best guide for lab!
  11. I'm trying to sell a 1k cc event costume at the regular price of 35k (MOST PPL SELL AT THAT PRICE EVEN NOW) and a player offers me 20k. Another player offers me 15k! I really want to know what do u all get by doing such unfair treatment. I REQUEST THAT PLEASE, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T DESTROY THE GAME ECONOMY BY USING SUCH LOW TACTICS. ITS MY HUMBLEST REQUEST TO YA'LL. THANK YOU. P.S.: Not meaning to offend anyone, just posting my experience. Plz approve it, dear mods. Really want to let other players know that this type of treatment to other sellers is not right.
  12. Artamiel

    Hey all

    I know that many won't like this topic, but I really need some help, with three things. One, its RG Hard dungeon. Second, I'd really like it if someone could loan me 150k gold. Third, plz sell me a super cheap +9 lvl19 or +0 lvl21 stun staff on mc side. I really have very bad luck in farming. The gold loan is for buying the above mentioned stun weapons. If someone with a big heart can help me then I'd be really grateful. I'll try my best to pay back the loan by the next horror/christmas event as possible. I think this kind of help is well within the rules. To prove my honesty, I'll let it be known that I'd asked one more player to help me in similar manner (he bought me GT vestments last year when they were quite expensive) and I'd paid him full price two months later. TO THE RESPECTED MODS: PLZ DON'T CANCEL THIS POST, I REALLY NEED HELP IN-GAME, ATLEAST WITH THE RG HARD DUNGEON SO THAT I CAN START AYVONDIL T2 QUESTS. Thanking you, Artamiel.
  13. Jellybean has a slight issue, coz the game does crash sometimes.
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